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Report: Yadier Molina fights with Gerald Laird

Posted on: August 4, 2011 7:44 pm
Edited on: August 4, 2011 8:33 pm
ReddickBy Evan Brunell

Not only did Yadier Molina go off on an umpire and earn a five-game suspension for it, but he reportedly got into a fight with Gerald Laird on Wednesday night, Craig Mish of SiriusXM reports on Twitter.

Laird, Molina's backup at catcher, reportedly called Molina a "cheater," but the context was unclear. That's all that's currently known about the fight at the time.

Tim McKernan of confirmed the fight, saying it occurred after the club arrived in Florida to begin a series against the Marlins. GM John Mozeliak termed the argument as a disagreement, but did not have any details, saying "boys will be boys."

"It was a frustrating day for everybody," he added, refering to playing a day game a day after Tuesday night's 11-inning victory. "It's water under the bridge."

More information will be posted if available, but many teams attempt to keep these types of incidents behind closed doors.

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Report: Yadier Molina fights with Gerald Laird

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Report: Yadier Molina fights with Gerald Laird

I am going to make a couple of comments based on these quotes from jgerk:

  1)  “The Pirates have every bit the history of the Cardinals…”

Pirates World Series Championships: 5
Cardinals World Series Championships: 10
Pirates World Series appearances: 7
Cardinals World Series Championships: 17

The stats don’t lie… The Cardinals have twice as many World Series Championships as the Pirates, and ten more appearances… not quite the same history there.

   2) “Pete Rose can't sniff the hall yet you give standing ovations and laud the ‘accomplishments’ of a cheater.”

Why the heck are we talking about Pete Rose?  Most people who aren’t even baseball fans realize that Pete Rose did not play for the Cardinals… LOL!

   3) “Yadier Molina DOES have a history of being confrontational…”

     a) Yadi vs. Brandon Phillips: Yadi stood up for his team after Phillips bashed them in the media, and then Phillips tired to be buds with Yadi when he came up to the plate.  I give Yadi a lot of credit here for standing up for the Cardinals by making a statement that they are not buds.  I would expect any teammate on any team to do the same. 

     b) Yadi vs. Rob Drake:  Even though that pitch was inside, and Drakes strike zone was inconsistent that night, Yadi was wrong here… he knows it, I know it, and the whole world knows it.  He is suspended, he’s not appealing it; move on.

     c) Yadi vs. Gerald Laird: I am not sure about the background beside Laird called Yadi a cheat, but I’ll be honest; it is quite disturbing when you find out that two of your teammates got it a fight.  At the same time, when you spend every day with your teammates from February through September/October, there is bound to be conflict between teammates.  And I am sure this happens on occasion with all 30 teams, but the media only finds out about a few. 

A history of being confrontational?  I don’t think three times in his career makes him a problem (if I am missing any specific times, let me know). And for his first one, you can thank Brandon Phillips for running his mouth and Yadi standing up for his team.

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Posted on: August 5, 2011 10:51 am

Report: Yadier Molina fights with Gerald Laird

Wow, jgberk, talk about anger management issues. Pittsburgh is a real sports town, huh? Thank god you have the Steelers there. Do the Penuins count? Isnt' that more like a couple of great players instead of a great team? The Pirates haven't done anything in 40 years. I seem to recall that the Yankees were in the cellar in the 80s, the Red Sox hadn't won anything in 80+ years, and the Cardinals have always been up and down in baseball's weakest division. Sure, it's been great beating up on the Bucs most seasons. Maybe if your real sports town knew how to run a baseball team and weren't acting like a farm team for the rest of the league, you wouldn't be so bitter. How did that Jose Bautista transaction work out for you? As far as the Cards and McGwire go, at least McGwire was honest about it. He's never going to make the Hall. Can he swing a bat? He sure can.

To be honest, I was giving up on the Cards this season and was rooting for the underdog, million-to-one-shot Pirates until I read your post. I hope you tack on another losing season to your historical record of futility. I am happy to say that the losing streak of the Pirates is probably safer than DiMaggio's record.   

You'll probably enjoy this while you worship the Pirates:

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Posted on: August 5, 2011 9:36 am

Report: Yadier Molina fights with Gerald Laird

Hey Darrow...

Lets get a few things clear...

If a little commentary about one of your precious Cardinals makes you jump to defend to indefensible, you have lost all perspective and therefore, you should probably just shut your mouth. Yadier Molina DOES have a history of being confrontational, specifically with other players, and I doubt he needs you to defend him either way.  He may not have been suspended multiple times or anything, since you basically have to practically kill someone in MLB for that happen, but I have observed him on different occasions losing his cool, and not always be in the right when he's done it...

Two, I know people in places like St Louis, Boston, New York, and of late Philadelphia, think you patented the game, but news flash, you did not.  The system in place makes fools like you pump your chest and think your team is special, all because you can get the players you need and win.  So yeah, you put on your Cardinals hat and put down a real sports city like Pittsburgh.  The Pirates have every bit the history of the Cardinals and lets face it, lets go a little easy on the getting up on the sports pedastal my friend.  Your hitting coach is the biggest hypocrite and is worm.  Pete Rose can't sniff the hall yet you give standing ovations and laud the "accomplishments" of a cheater.  Oh yeah, and your manager is egomaniac who is not nearly as good as he thinks he is.  Lets give him a 40 million dollar payroll and THEN, watch the genius do work.

There are a lot of Pirates fans out there that have suffered through it all, and know just as much about the game and its history and a blowhard like you, probably a lot more.  You should feel lucky, it must be nice to be one of the "haves" in MLB you can count on two hands.  The ones who can grab a Matt Holliday or Rafael Furcal at the deadline, hope that whole free agency deal works out for you with your precious Albert Pujols, I don't think all the steroids in the world could get Mark McGwire out of retirement now...

Either way, I stand by my comments regarding Molina.  He has some anger issues to work out.  5 games was a gift, he should have got double digits for that episode, and not because he is a Cardinal, I could care less, like most people outside of St. Louis... 

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Posted on: August 5, 2011 12:58 am

Report: Yadier Molina fights with Gerald Laird

I would definitely say that if one catcher accused another of cheating, especially if they're on the same squad, it's because he's stealing signs. Certainly not cheating, but yeah, not appreciated. However, Molina is a guy who has thrived off of opposite field hitting. I just can't buy it. Perhaps he's very well studied and has a little more insight into pitchers taking signs, because if he's stealing them, I've certainly never noticed.

Regardless, Yadi is still a young guy. He came into the league as a kid, basically, and now he's trying to define himself as not just being one of the Molina brothers. He's a good guy, though working through some ego issues that many influential people in their mid-20s deal with. I certainly know he's a fan favorite, and there's a reason for it aside from his play.

As far as Gerald Laird is concerned, I have no idea why he's still on the roster. Some jealousy issues he's dealing with, perhaps.  

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 10:57 pm

Report: Yadier Molina fights with Gerald Laird

Molina doesn't have a history of anything. This was an isolated event and there hasn't been anything else in Molinas past, wouldn't expect a Pirates fan to know that tho. They stop watching baseball by May most years.

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 9:37 pm

Report: Yadier Molina fights with Gerald Laird

Yadier Molina is a terrific player, but I will say he has some anger management issues and he needs to figure it out.  Guy seems like real fricking jerk to be honest, and this is not the first example of him being overzealous and confrontational, just the worst example...

As for being called a cheater, interesting.  Have heard some insinuations, maybe right, maybe not, that he is a big time sign stealer.  Not exactly cheating, but also frowned upon.  I think 5 games was the least he should get, I might have even considered a harsher punishment, he really took it too far... 

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 9:33 pm

Report: Yadier Molina fights with Gerald Laird

He's like School on Easter Sunday. Noooo Classsss!
-Fat Albert

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