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Cubs GM ready to call Zambrano's retirement bluff

Posted on: August 13, 2011 11:34 am
Edited on: August 13, 2011 2:03 pm
Carlos ZambranoBy C. Trent Rosecrans

Carlos Zambrano is again threatening retirement, and apparently the Cubs hope he follows through.

"We will respect his wishes and honor them and move forward," general manager Jim Hendry told Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times.

It's a wonder he could get that out with a straight face and without giggling -- Zambrano leaving under his own accord could allow Hendry to have done what he couldn't do himself, get rid of the albatross in his clubhouse and on his payroll.

The Cubs have been in contact with Zambrano's agent, Barry Praver, according to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. Sullivan reports Zambrano has not yet filed retirement papers, but if the matter isn't resolved by this afternoon, the team will place Zambrano on the restricted list. 

Manager Mike Quade was also unhappy with Zambrano, who cleaned out his locker and talked about retirement after being ejected in the fifth inning of Friday's loss to the Braves for throwing at Chipper Jones.

By the time the media was allowed in the clubhouse, not only was Zambrano and his stuff gone, so too was even the nameplate on his locker.

"He walked out on 24 guys that are battling their ass off for him," Quade told reporters after the game, including Wittenmyer. "I don't know where he's gone or what he's doing. I heard he's talking about retiring. I can't have a guy walking out on 24 guys, that's for damn sure."

Zambrano has one year worth $18 million left on his contract and a no-trade clause.

Last year the Cubs stood by Zambrano (in no small part because of the amount of money left on his contract) after he started a fight in the dugout with Derrek Lee and was sent to anger-management counseling and even welcomed back. This season he'd pitched better, but still grumbled about the team this year, calling it a "Triple-A team," but at least including himself in that rant.

On Friday, though, he may have burned his last bridge. Or, with the thought of giving up more than $20 million left for this season and next, he'll come back and the Cubs will accept him because they have very little choice not to. Either way, it's going to be interesting this afternoon when Cubs players start filing into the clubhouse at Turner Field for the 7:10 p.m. game against the Braves. There will certainly be a few people hoping Zambrano doesn't walk through the door and isn't in the dugout come gametime.

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Since: Jun 18, 2010
Posted on: August 13, 2011 12:22 pm

Cubs GM ready to call Zambrano's retirement bluff

Carlos Zambrano has been a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. I knew he wasnt done after earlier this year he called his team a "triple-A team". I know Big Z is a very emotional guy but i am not 100 percent sure he is not being serious about this thing. For years he has talked about retiring when his contract ended and that he wanted to end his baseball career early. I dont see how he can comeback from this whole situation though. Im sure he can come back and apologize after this and the other incidents that have happened. If the Cubs don't accept him back i think he may have to retire. Maybe a contender will want to take a chance but i really dont see that happening.

Since: Dec 1, 2008
Posted on: August 13, 2011 12:07 pm

Cubs GM ready to call Zambrano's retirement bluff

Carlos Zambrano is all about Carlos Zambrano. He is a selfish child who in my opinion should not be allowed back into MLB if he follows through with this little stunt. His immaturity and temper have been his downfall for the past few years. I understand that being on a losing franchise can be tough, but other players have also went through that and perservered until they could be traded or sign with a different team. The Cubs would love it if you follow through with this. It means they can void your contract. Good luck ever finding someone stupid enough to sign you for that much money again. I don't even think that the Yankees or Red Sox are desparate enough to sign you to a contract worth even half of that. The other 27 teams would probably have a hard time even signing you to a league minimum contract, due to your actions. Mr. Zambrano, I think that if you continue with this course, you will NEVER pitch in MLB again. PERIOD! If so, good luck in your future endeavors, because you have at the very least been somewhat entertaining with your actions and antics on the field.

Since: Aug 13, 2011
Posted on: August 13, 2011 12:06 pm

Cubs GM ready to call Zambrano's retirement bluff

What he should be calling is a press conference to get rid of this overpaid ,overrated ,whiney jackass that is a complete embarresment to baseball and sports in general. If a player walked out on my team i would do everything possible to hinder his joining another one. What a waste of Chicago fans time and money to have to watch this jerk put on a jersey.  This guy makes John Rocker look iike the Pope.

Since: Aug 20, 2006
Posted on: August 13, 2011 11:49 am

Cubs GM ready to call Zambrano's retirement bluff

He should lose his job.  In the REAL world, if an employee walked out the door during work hours, he'd better be sure it's for good because there's no chance he or she would be "welcomed" back.  I hope the Cubs part ways with this overpaid waste of roster.

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