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Yanks' Cashman faked interest in Crawford

Posted on: September 23, 2011 12:10 pm
Edited on: September 23, 2011 1:19 pm
Brian CashmanBy C. Trent Rosecrans

Not only did Brian Cashman get an iPad for pretending to want Carl Crawford, he also got the Red Sox to (in retrospect) overpay.

Speaking to, the Yankees general manager admitted he didn't really have any interest in the left fielder, instead, he just wanted his rivals to have to shell out more money. In the end, Crawford signed a seven-year, $142 million contract with the Red Sox.

"I actually had dinner with the agent to pretend that we were actually involved and drive the price up," Cashman told "The outfield wasn't an area of need, but everybody kept writing Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford. And I was like, 'I feel like we've got Carl Crawford in Brett Gardner, except he costs more than $100 million less, with less experience."

For the $14 million that Crawford is making in 2011, he's hit .259/.295/.410 with 11 home runs, 55 RBI, 18 stolen bases and scored 63 runs. Gardner, two years younger than Crawford, made $530,000 this season and is arbitration-eligible after the season. He's hit .261/.347/.374 with seven home runs, 36 RBI, 46 stolen bases and 83 runs scored. He's also the better defensive player, so it's obvious Cashman made the right choice -- at least for this season.

Cashman said the team's pursuit of Cliff Lee, on the other hand, was very much real. Cashman also said he was ready to send catching prospect Jesus Montero to Seattle to get Lee at midseason.

"You take all the players traded when Lee went to Cleveland to Philly, Philly to Seattle, and Seattle to Texas, and Montero would've been by far the best player moved in any of those deals," Cashman told the website.

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 2:18 pm

Yanks' Cashman faked interest in Crawford

Cashman is the only GM in the history of sports to shell out $2 billion (with a B) over 8 years (2001-2008) and not win a championship over that time.  2 freaking billion.  The only reason he still has a job is, as Frank points out, he really is just a figurehead and he doesn't have much real authority inside that organization. 

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 2:03 pm

Yanks' Cashman faked interest in Crawford

Cashman is a joke - he would have said the same thing if the SOX had ponied up the money for Texeira...  The truth of the matter is, Cashman is GM in title only.  He has never had final say on any free agent contracts.  Before the Yankee fans jump all over me, I'm not saying you don't have a great team.  I'm just saying that Cashman is irrelevant in the big scheme of things.  Hey Cashman, instead of patting yourself on the back, explain the ARod contract to us again...

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 1:52 pm

Yanks' Cashman faked interest in Crawford

Convenient for Cashman to bring this up now, when in hindsight it makes him look super smart and badass.  Why don't you explain to us why you overpaid against nobody for Burnett?  Also, admitting you wasted everybody's time by having a fake dinner with an agent kind of makes you look like a douche.  The all important Yankees really need to waste their time having fake dinners just to cost some other billionaire a couple extra million?  Weak sauce.

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 1:44 pm

Yanks' Cashman faked interest in Crawford

Ok!  Like I really believe this BS.  Just like The Redsox met with Mariano Rivera's agent just to jack up the price for The Yankees.  Money is never an issue with these two cash cows.  In saying that money and payroll is an issue for JNew York and Boston is a joke!  Hey Brian, don't you have a bridge to sell us?

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