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Howard, Hamels to undergo surgery

Posted on: October 8, 2011 9:23 pm
By Matt Snyder

With the Phillies 2011 season coming to a close on a 1-0 loss in Game 5 of the NLCS to the Cardinals, the focus for many players now shifts to getting ready for next season. And for a handful of them, it means having to immediately get some injuries taken care of.

The big one here is first baseman Ryan Howard. He was injured on the final play of Game 5 and an MRI revealed that it's bad news. He has ruptured his left Achilles tendon and will require surgery. He has to wait until the swelling goes down before the surgery and there's no timetable for his recovery until the procedure has been completed. The official line from the Phillies is that "there is no guarantee he will be ready for spring training." A reasonable expectation is about six months, which gets us into April, depending upon when Howard has the surgery. And what if there are setbacks? And whenever Howard's injury is healed enough to allow him to resume baseball activities, he'd then have to work his way into game shape. So this is already an issue for the 2012 season.

Starting pitcher Cole Hamels is also going to go under the knife. Twice. First, he's going to have "loose bodies" removed from his left (throwing) elbow on Oct. 14. Then, a week later, he's going to have surgery to repair a inguinal hernia. Expect Hamels to be ready come mid-February, though, as these aren't serious procedures like Howard is going to have.

There are more, too.

Right fielder Hunter Pence is going to have an MRI on his sports hernia to evaluate the severity of the injury. A course of action will be determined after the results of the MRI are known.

Third baseman Placido Polanco is also going to have an MRI on his sports hernia, and the Phillies report surgery is likely. 

Bench player Ross Gload will have his hip injury examined, but is likely to undergo arthroscopic surgery.

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Howard, Hamels to undergo surgery

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Posted on: October 10, 2011 1:59 pm

Howard, Hamels to undergo surgery

Phillies went into the post season flat 2 years in a row. In 2010 Choley gave them 2 weeks off and rested 2 starting pitchers for 8 days. 2011 an 8 game season ending skid including losing a series to the Astros and being swept by the Nats.  The final week Howard was the only non starter rested and he goes 2 for 18 in the 1st round.  The well oiled machine turned into a rust bucket. Charley Manual can't manage his thoughts let alone a baseball team. It's OK Phils fans, 2012 spring training is only 4 months away.   

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Posted on: October 10, 2011 12:54 pm

Howard, Hamels to undergo surgery

Okay it's time to evaluate the team. I am not looking at how many years they have left on their contract though, just my humble opinion of their skills.
Jimmy Rollins - although he played well in the playoffs it's time for him to go. All too often he is trying for the home run and simply just pops it into the air instead. I give him props for his play in the series but his hitting has deteriorated to the point that investing long term in him doesn't make sense.
Chase Utley - I am not sold on whether he will ever come back from all his injuries. I would give him one more year to prove himself, otherwise he might be done.
Placido Polanco - I sure hope he comes back from his injury. Although I would rather someone who could hit some home runs at third base, this was his one bad year. I definitely would want him back to see if he can rebound.
Ryan Howard - Any way you look at it he drove in 115+ RBI's. I know he strikes out too much. Give him constant one on one instruction to strike out less and go the opposite way. Any way you look at it, he still does produce.
Hunter Pence - Like his play, wish he struck out less but no real complaints here.
Raul Ibanez - I have been thinking he was washed up for the past two years. I think it's time to give his spot to Mayberry. Thank you Raul but I can't see paying you any more money.
Shane Victorino - First error in the outfield came at a real bad time. Okay, I'll look over that one. I like his play. Still a keeper.
Carlos Ruiz - Boy did he come up small this year in the playoffs. But that is uncharacteristic of him. I like what he does with the pitchers. He's a keeper and you hope he bounces back.
Haliday, Lee, Hamels - That's a great future.
Worley - I would have him in the starting lineup all year. I never would have taken him out of it for the playoffs.
Oswalt - I'm not sure if he is not done. If he doesn't win the job out of training camp he should probably retire.
Madson - can we afford him? If we can, I would say make every attempt to keep him.
Bastardo - great year - only faltered near the end. He's a keeper.
Lidge - Looked pretty good but no real need for him to be a setup man. It's time he moved on.
All other arms - not overly impressed.

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Posted on: October 10, 2011 6:56 am

Howard, Hamels to undergo surgery

The Phillies picked a terrible time to have run scoring issues and the Cardinals made the most of their opportunities. Roy Halladay couldn't have pitched much better in game 5, unless of course, he shut them out. The Phillies hitters...mainly Ryan Howard, were under achievers. Howard was dreadful at the plate and he was almost the same in last years NLCS...he strikes out too much, and goes into the tank too often in big games. He's an excellent player, but after this injury, I wonder how much this will affect his game for the 2012 season.

Either way, the dream pitching machine(Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt) didn't produce in the post season. All you can ask of any pitching staff is to get yo to the playoffs, and then the chips fall where they may...again this year the chips didn't fall our way. It's sad because the Phils had a great regular season, but as we all know, it's the post season that counts the most.

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Posted on: October 9, 2011 1:53 pm

Howard, Hamels to undergo surgery

It's not the player's fault that the team rewarded him with a huge salary. He is going thru what every baseball player does. Hitters are in their prime from about 27 - 30 years old. When a guy like howard averages 45 homers in his prime, you will expect to see a drop off to 35 hr per year, shortly thereafter. You dont have to look too hard to see that it happens to all great hitters(Thome, Helton,A-Rod, Chipper Jones, Alfonso Soriano, Utley.

Howard's post season prowess is not too far off his in season stats. (33 rbi's, 259 BA in 46 games translates to about 115 rbi's  in a full season).  

Would the Phillies be better off with Ross Gload at first base? 

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Posted on: October 9, 2011 12:58 pm

Howard, Hamels to undergo surgery

None of this would have ever happened if he just struck out like he usually does....

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Posted on: October 9, 2011 12:46 pm

Howard, Hamels to undergo surgery

Not only did I watch the game , I was at the game. You must not have played the game. The ball is only foul when the umpire calls it foul. You have to run everything out period.

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Posted on: October 9, 2011 11:54 am

Howard, Hamels to undergo surgery

It is why Baseball is is so great.  In the last 21 years the so called "Dream Teams" who finished with the best records in Baseball only won  the World Series THREE times.  the Phillies struggled hitting at times the entire year.  If the other team matches your pitching efforts and then scratches a key run or two, you get these results.  The worry for the Yankees was their inept starting pitching?  the Red Sox were the best team in Baseball from mid May to August, and the Tigers have the Cy Young and supposed MVP and his ERA so far is over 5.  Love  t his game!

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