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Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

Posted on: October 23, 2011 2:37 pm
Edited on: October 23, 2011 2:38 pm
By Evan Brunell

Theo Epstein, the outgoing Red Sox GM, took out a full-page ad in the Boston Globe to thank the Red Sox and its fans for his 10 years in town.

After nine seasons as GM, Epstein is moving on to take over the Cubs job, becoming president and luring former assistant Jed Hoyer from his GM job in San Diego to fill the same position in Chicago. You can read more about the Theo-to-Cubs madness here. Despite leaving, Epstein's reputation hasn't suffered in Boston as many have come out with favorable reviews for his time in Boston. He doesn't appear to be getting much flak for leaving, especially after Boston's 7-20 September dropped them out of the playoffs and sparked a firestorm largely centered around pitchers drinking beer during games.

Below is Epstein's advertisement, as seen on the Boston Globe:

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Since: May 10, 2007
Posted on: October 23, 2011 9:00 pm

Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

Classy statement by a person that made several great moves to a Red Sox Club that needed it. Now that Theo is in Chicago, I think he will do the same things, pending the "freedom" he receives from the ownership of the Cubs. I would bet that the Cubs win their division in 4 years & the World Series by 2016. Good luck to the Red Sox for letting Epstein go & good luck to the Cubs for what they will be enduring over the next decade.

Since: Oct 23, 2011
Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:49 pm

Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

Apparently the Cubs do not have a good farm system, based on the compensation issue.   The Cubs system is depleted.  The Red Sox should take the Cubs top talent, which I am sure they will do.

Since: Jul 22, 2007
Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:43 pm

Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

"Depleated the farm system"
Are you F'n serious!? Will Middlebrooks is at Pawtucket and ready to take over at third base, Jose Iglesias is also at Pawtucket and needs half a season at most at Pawtucket before he's ready to take over at SS.
Josh Reddick is ready to take over in right, Ryan Kalish is ready for the bigs also or if you want you can leave him at Pawtucket before you throw him to the big league pitchers, Ryan Lavarnway could stay at Pawtucket but really he's shown he's ready for the bigs as a hitter, he does need to work on his defense as a catcher.
Shall I go on? How about the abundance of pitching they have at the high level A to double A right now?
You might want to do some reading at and educate yourself a little bit about the "depleated farm system" the Sox have and while you're at it look at the countless articles that say the Sox have a top 5 farm system in MLB AND look at the organization of scouts, cross checkers, managers, coaches & organizational people in place who  make sure the farm system runs smoothly THEN you tell me who has a "depleated farm system".
As for the Bedard move, the Mariners wanted 3 top prospects for Doug Fister I know this because I live here in Seattle and read it both in the papers and on the SSmariner site, they wanted way too much and sure it would have gotten the Sox a good pitcher for years to come but the price was too high.
If the Sox had a "depleated farm system" as you claim than the price COULDN'T have been too steep at all and the Fister deal would have happened - BTW Fister went 8-1 for the Tigers with a sub 2 ERA, he was lights out ALL year with the M's but had ZERO run support which was why his record wasn't that great when the Tigers traded for him.
The Tigers gave up Casper Wells - who hit awesomely for the M's and will be a starter for them and who would have been a starter for them, they also gave up INF. Francisco Martinez, LHP pitcher Charlie Furbush and if that weren't enough the Mariners also received the famous player to nbe named later.
THAT is a TON to give up for a guy who is a solid # 3, maybe #2 starter & suffice to say the Sox were NOT about to give up anything matching that at all and nor should they have which was why they picked up Bedard.
They thought Bedard would come in, be a solid #3 or 4, receive run support, have a veteran presence and do well, unfortunately the bats got cold, Bedard didn't pitch well either and the Sox did give up Tim Federowicz who played well in 25 games for the Dodgers AAA club in Albuquerque but the jury is still way out on him, Stephen Fife went 11-4 with a 3.50 ERA in AA and Juan Rodriguez went 2-4 with a 5.35 ERA at low A ball so really they didn't give up a ton for him.
Do some research before you go and use a blanket statement like "he depleated the farm system" in this age of the internet it's NOT difficult to do!
Theo left the Sopx minor league system in spectacular shape!

Since: Jul 22, 2007
Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:24 pm

Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

As a lifelong Red Sox fan I'll always be grateful for the incredible job Theo did for the Sox.
There are going to be ups and downs, you're not always going to be correct about every player but when you are classy, treat people with respect and put everything you have into the job you'll be successful and that's exactly what Theo did!
No one can say that he didn't put everything he had into that job, he lived and died by what the Sox did, her rebuilt the minor league system not just from drafting players standpoint but also from the people who run the organization and keep it productive year after year.
Let's also remember that Larry Lucchino in particular is VERY difficult to work with, he is petty, vindictive and that's just a couple of his "good" points based upon the stories we've all read, and yet Theo still worked hard & did a great job despite having Lucchino looking over his shoulder all the time.
We all know that managers & GM's are hired to be fired, that long gone are the days of the 20 or 30 year long career at one team for a manager or GM, for most the shelf life is 10 years.
Theo knew the time was right to move on, he's not leaving the Sox in shambils, he's leaving very capable people to pick up where he left off, he's leaving a farm system that's stonger than when he took over and is moving on to a new project, a daunting one but one he's embracing wholeheartedly.
Thank you Theo, from this Red Sox fan and I am sure I am not the only one who feels the same way, we'll miss you & wish you well unless you play the Sox in the series then it's nothing personal it's just loyalty.
best of luck Theo! GO SOX!!!! 

Since: Dec 19, 2006
Posted on: October 23, 2011 7:41 pm

Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

There are way too many ignorant, fairweather, idiot Red Sox fans.  Take RickyP640, for example.  This mouth breather couldn't deal with his lonely, sad, and miserable existence without Theo Epstein. So, he decided to spit in the GM's face with classless stupidity that makes him sound like a whiny, dribbling child.  It's probably time for mommy and daddy to tuck you into bed or maybe just shove your face into a blender.

This is why Boston Red Sox fans suck. They are totally ungrateful. They would prefer to mock the players that brought them titles and countless playoff appearances than defend their own owners and players who play their hearts out on a daily basis to represent an amazing city. This is also why I quit rooting for the Red Sox. The Bruins, Pats, B's, Celtics; all good, extremely knowledgable fans who watch the games. Red Sox fans; coddled, absurdly rich PNC level pricks, alcoholic south shore / southie ingrates who beat their wives, red neck hicks from Maine who throw up all over the green line or dumb, pink hat 19 year old chicks who get so sloppy they'd screw a beer vendor face down before the second inning. Oh and trust me, none of these inbreds EVER watch the game.

How could you idiots hate on a GM like Epstein? The same guy who brought the Red Sox two championships; the first in 86 years. The same GM who always defended his players and coaches under every circumstance. The same GM who grew up in Brookline, probably a lot closer to Boston than most of the drunken Landsdowne horde that descend on Fenway Park every day between May and September.

This bad half of Red Sox fans; please do everyone in Boston a favor, leave.  Boston doesn't want you.  To every real Red Sox fan or Bostonian, sorry if I offended you.  You're cool.  And if you don't know which group you fall into, it's probably the first one, so please jump face first off the John Hancock building.

PS: Southie; most of you are still cool, just make sure your 14 year old kid quits drinking at Murphy's Law or L Street during the school day.

PPS: RickyP640; why are you still dribbling all over yourself and not tucked in bed?  Put the Jameson down slowly and pronounce your R's.

Since: Oct 8, 2008
Posted on: October 23, 2011 7:41 pm

Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

He's frankly getting out while the getting is good.  He depleted the farm system to get Victor Martinez and Adrian Gonzalez.  Victor leaves so in turn they got rid of I think 9 players for Adrian Gonzelez.    They have a bunch of bad deals on the book, JD Drew, John Lackey, Dice_k, Marco Scutaro, Carl Crawford, Denks.    They went 7-20 in September because they lack DEPTH, not because they drink in the clubhouse.   Not only that anyone who thinks a average manager like Francona (at least he was when in Philly) became a genius overnight is fooling themself.   Theo was pulling all the strings upstairs, Terry was just the puppet.    So even the bad moves you saw were Theo's.   Oh Yeah gotta love the Eric Bedard move.   Let's see I can't keep my starters healthy so let me trade for a pitcher that can't stay healthy.    NICE MOVE.    

The Cubs don't have a great farm system for him to trade away, have a bunch of bad contracts that I don't think he can dump, and they need pitching.    &n
bsp; This is how he can prove to me if he is the genius everyone says he is.

Since: Feb 10, 2010
Posted on: October 23, 2011 6:32 pm

Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

I shouldn't stoop to such a low level as to even respond to this last post, but this is tasteless and totally unnecessary.

However, my appreciation goes to Theo for his demonstration of class by taking out his ad.  Best of luck in Chicago, and we'll see you in the World Series in a few years.

Since: Aug 18, 2008
Posted on: October 23, 2011 5:53 pm

two tainted championships, countless syringes,

and infinite bandwagon fairweather fans.

sorry, folks, someone HAD to say it!  Wink 

Since: Feb 26, 2008
Posted on: October 23, 2011 4:47 pm

Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

Classy move by Epstein!!  As a life long Cub fan...I can't believe this guy is coming to town!!!  Go Cubs Go!!

Since: Aug 23, 2007
Posted on: October 23, 2011 4:46 pm

Ex-Red Sox GM Epstein thanks team, fans in ad

RICKY P640 :  What a classy guy you must be !  The response doesn't surprise me at all coming from a Red Sucks fan. 

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