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2012 free agent predictions

Posted on: November 2, 2011 10:05 pm
Edited on: November 3, 2011 1:49 pm
By Evan Brunell

Which free agents will end up where?

That's the burning question facing the experts, who have submitted predictions for where some top free agents on the market will go.

Eye on Baseball's Evan Brunell further explains his predictions here, while Larry Dobrow thinks that Prince Fielder will stay in the NL Central, but move a bit south and join Theo Epstein in Chicago. Meanwhile, Gregg Doyel cheekily predicts New York and Boston will open up their wallets and dominate the market. One question, Gregg: With Derek Jeter, Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins all Yankees, where do they play!?

2012 Free Agency
Position rankings
Resident baseball columnists Danny Knobler and Scott Miller agree that Pujols will return to St. Louis and Rollins to Philadelphia, but past that it's a free-for-all. The biggest surprises? Knobler has Jose Reyes joining the Tigers, presumably shoving Jhonny Peralta to third. Scott Miller likes Reyes to the Giants, while calling for Carlos Beltran to join the Pittsburgh Pirates. Yes, really. Knobler, on the other hand, tabs Beltran to the Marlins.

Eye on Baseball's C. Trent Rosecrans and Matt Snyder have their own surprise picks. For one, Rosecrans has Albert Pujols to the Marlins. Can you imagine? Snyder, meanwhile, is the only person to predict a shortstop heading to Seattle with Rollins apparently headed northwest. Brunell was the only other person to believe Seattle will play in the free-agent market, as Fielder heads to Seattle in his predictions.

Speaking of Fielder, no one could agree on his landing spot. He could be headed virtually anywhere in the United States. It will be a major surprise if he doesn't land at one of the places projected, but with Fielder, anything goes. The person with the biggest consensus as to his destination is closer Jonathan Papelbon, with five of seven experts predicting he'll return to Boston.

Oh, and that guy named Pujols? Most see him back in St. Louis.

2012 MLB free agent predictions
C. Trent
Albert Pujols
Prince Fielder
Jose Reyes
C.J. Wilson
Jonathan Papelbon
Carlos Beltran
Heath Bell
Jimmy Rollins
Ryan Madson
Mark Buehrle

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Since: Sep 21, 2006
Posted on: November 5, 2011 6:41 pm

2012 free agent predictions

Dobrow is a clueless Red Sox fan.

Since: Jun 4, 2010
Posted on: November 5, 2011 2:26 pm

2012 free agent predictions

Pujols -- Cubs
Fielder -- Brewers
Reyes -- Giants
Wilson -- Yankees
Paplebon -- Red Sox
Beltran -- Red Sox
Bell -- Padres
Rollins -- Phillies
Madson -- Orioles
Buehrle -- Yankees

Since: Aug 21, 2006
Posted on: November 5, 2011 12:54 pm

2012 free agent predictions

Doyel is an idiot.  Unless the Yanks are going to play 3 SS, I can't see this happening  Maybe they are going to have a split squad with Mo a closer and Bell for the other team.

Since: Oct 3, 2011
Posted on: November 5, 2011 9:35 am

2012 free agent predictions

Give Doyel a break.  Truth is, he's gonna have more correct picks than anyone else.

Larry Dobrow on the other hand will end up with the fewest correct picks.  He's by far the bottom of the barrel in the CBS staff.

Since: Mar 3, 2008
Posted on: November 5, 2011 8:13 am

2012 free agent predictions

Hey! Doyel can the other teams play.

Since: Dec 18, 2006
Posted on: November 5, 2011 7:55 am

2012 free agent predictions

I see Greg Doyel isnt taking this serious ! Stop being a Joke Greg.

Since: Sep 7, 2006
Posted on: November 5, 2011 5:28 am

2012 free agent predictions

As long as Gregg Doyel is around dumb assery will live on...

Since: Dec 29, 2006
Posted on: November 5, 2011 3:19 am

2012 free agent predictions

There are too many commentors on these blogs that add zip zero nada to the subject at hand. Who cares what Doyel predicts, or any one else. So so many start badmouthing Doyel as an idiot, or worse. If Doyel is dumb in his predictions, if they were made as predictions, or if some tongue in cheek was involved, just to lambast him adds nothing to the subject. Instead of getting on Doyel's case, get out in front and make your own predictions. Or is it easier to find fault than set yourself up as a fool? Where do you think Albert is going and why. And how about Prince? Add some logic like Albert stays home unless overwhelmed by a bid by the Cubs or the Red Sox. Who on the list looks like a Yankee target? Buehrle? Why might Boston pass on Papelbon and go harder after X. If you can't add to the subject, why waste everybody's time with inane remarks.

Since: Feb 18, 2011
Posted on: November 4, 2011 11:17 pm

2012 free agent predictions

After glancing at this for about 5 seconds I know realize why ESPN charges you for thei expert picks with IN, and why CBS doesn't charge you.  These "predictions" look like a bum off the street made them.  Doyle is a complete fool.  The Yanks will have 2 1B men in Pujols and Tex or one could DH I guess.  Then he has the Yanks owning 3 SS.  I guess he thinks the yanks will use Rollins and Jeter off the bench? That's like 30 million if not more sitting on the bench.  The Red Sox will also have about 3 closers according to Doyle. Doyle, you're an a$$.  Brunell, how on earth are the Mariners going to afford Fielder?  I have yet to here them as even a candidate to go after him.  Then whoever (everybody except Doyle and Snyder, but Doyle is an idiot already) has the Marlins signing a big name FA has apparently not followed baseball the last decade.  The Marlins unload talent via trades of FA.  They don't sign FA especially ones asking for 25+ mill a season like Fielder and Pujols (I'm looking at you Miller and Rosecrans).  the only one who has mostly sane predictions is Snyder.  I doubt the Orioles will be able to lure Fielder though.  Nobody wants to play for the Orioles and who can blame them.  Of the teams in the East they are the only ones who seem stumped on how to be competitive in that division now that both the Jays and Rays are pretty solid teams.  I'm surprised no one has the Mets or Dodgers as one of their destinations seeing as how they are strapped for cash.  It makes no sense so I figured I'd see a couple of these clowns pick them as destinations.

Since: Nov 1, 2011
Posted on: November 4, 2011 10:21 pm

2012 free agent predictions

Seriously Doyle has every free agent going to the Yankees and / or the Red Sox - talk about phoning it in!!!!!!!!!!!!

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