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Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

Posted on: November 8, 2011 3:56 pm
Lance BerkmanBy C. Trent Rosecrans

Lance Berkman won a World Series with the Cardinals, but he'll still be identified mostly with the Astros, where he spent the first 11-plus years of his career in Houston and in the National League. Berkman, a Houston native, isn't happy with the idea that the Astros could move to the American League.

"I think it's a travesty," Berkman said during a news conference on Tuesday (via the Houston Chronicle). "It's a National League franchise. I think if they were going to do something like that, Milwaukee's the choice to go back to the American League; they're historically an American League franchise.

"It's a shame, I think, that Bud Selig is probably going to make that be sort of a condition of the sale. I don't like it. Even when I retire and live here in Houston, I don't want to go watch American League baseball. I'd like to have a National League team."

There could be an ulterior motive -- Berkman hit .425/.477/.900 with five home runs in 11 games against the Astros in 2011 and .196/.274/.304 with one homer in 15 games against the Brewers.

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Posted on: November 9, 2011 1:25 am

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

First of all, 'Wow!' to !
Second, the Brewers are the obvious choice, but why move a team a third time?  I think it should have been the Pirates.  No reason for a state the size of Penn. to have two franchises in the same league.
Again, , wow. 

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Posted on: November 9, 2011 12:43 am

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

I agree completely with Lance Berkman. Moving the Houston Astros to the American League would be bad for baseball in all senses. For one... how will the people of Houston like it?  Will they turn away from the team completely?  The Astros don't have the best attendence as it is... and something like this can be damaging for the attendence. The true baseball fan may just get so disgusted that they quit going to the games completely.

Like Lance Berkman said... as well as many others on here... the Milwaukee Brewers should be the team moved back to the American League. Though I honestly doubt this will be the case... agreeing again with Berkman in one area... that the sell of the Astros... the buyer must agree to have the team go to the American League. I've felt this from the start when the Astros went up for sale and were mentioned as a possible move to the American League. If the buyer wants to be approved by Major League Baseball... they will have to agree to have the team moved to the American League... without that agreement... they will never be approved... just my opinion.

Now for my true thoughts on why the Milwaukee Brewers will not be going back to the American League... may sound crazy... but most who have been following game for decades may agree with my opinion.

Bud Selig has always been a National League guy. When the Braves left Milwaukee and moved to Atlanta after the 1965 season, the city of Milwaukee wanted a team to replace the Braves. Bud Selig was a big businessman from Milwaukee... and tried to get another team for the city. The city of Milwaukee... as well as Selig were unsuccessful on getting an expansion team... San Diego, Montreal, Kansas City and Seattle were awarded teams to start the 1969 season. The city of Milwaukee and Selig were very unhappy with this outcome. But one thing happen that Selig jumped on when he had the opportunity. The Seattle Pilots did terrible their first year... team wise in their play... attendence... lousy ballpark... pretty much everything. The then one year owners of the Seattle franchise were hurting in everyway due to the first year failure financially... and put the team up for sale. Selig quickly together a deal and bought the team and moved it to Milwaukee to start the 1970 season. Milwaukee now had a Major League Baseball team again to replaced their once beloved Braves. The only thing... they were an American League team... and Milwaukee and Selig considered themselves as National League people. So for years... the Milwaukee Brewers played in the American League until the start of the 1998 season.

In 1998, the Milwaukee Brewers were moved to the National League. Why?  Ask Selig. Major League Baseball had already gone through the divisional changes starting the 1993 season from two divisions per league... West and East... to three divisions... West,East and Central. So after five seasons... what was the big deal to have an American League team go to the National League? It didn't equal out the divisions... in fact actually messed them up. From once was five teams per division... it became four teams in the AL West... one less team than both the AL East and Central divisions. In the National League... it too was messed up... five teams in the West and East divisions... and now six teams in the NL Central. How is that for realignment???  How could this be done in the best interest of the game? Only lame excuses for this change were made by Major League Baseball... who was now being led by Bud Selig.

Selig had already been placed in the role of Baseball Commissioner several years before by the Major League owners. A role that originally was to be temporary... though somehow became permanent. Selig had to give up his personal interest and ownership of the Brewers when he became commissioner... which was simple... he signed his team over to his daughter. Yeah... no conflict of interest there, right?  So the Selig family still owned the Brewers... and Bud was the commissioner of Major League Baseball. Selig now was in a perfect position to make the move many in Milwaukee had had for years... including Selig... to make Milwaukee a National League city again. It took 30 years... but Milwaukee was again a National League city due to Selig's moves.

Sure all of this wasn't done solely by Selig himself... he needed a majority of the owners to allow it... but they gave him their blessings because he was a "good ol' buddy" with most all of the owners. As long as Selig is commissioner... the Milwaukee franchise will NEVER go back to the American League. And to fix his screw up of the misaligned divisions... he's using the Houston franchise to even the divisions out. It's a franchise up for sale... and as has been mentioned... buyer must agree to have it moved to the American League.

I know to some this may sound far fetched... but to some they would agree completely. Why didn't the Montreal Expos go to the American League?  Because Selig didn't have the votes or power at that time to do it. It was a franchise already struggling... owned by Major League Baseball... and looking for an ownership to take control of the oganization. They didn't want to screw anything up... and all the owners and Major League Baseball wanted to get out from under the costs of supporting the Washington franchise financially. Most buyers want a strong traditional team. Montreal/Washington had no such tradition. Most buyers would love the National League... it's more of the old tradition of baseball... no DH. True traditional baseball fans hate the DH... and want tradition when they spend millions on the team. Some want a story franchise... Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, etc. They sell fast. Montreal/Washington... it had a hard time finding a serious buyer and one who could actually support the team financially for more than a couple years. Washington was a franchise that had to prove itself first... being a losing old Montreal franchise in a new location... a location that had twice before lost francises due to teams leaving... Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers. Major League Baseball... or Bud Selig couldn't be picky with that franchise like they can be with the Houston Astros. The Houston owner is the only one picking up the expenses of the francise... not all or the other owners and Major League Baseball. And if a new owner wants the Houston franchise bad enough... they must agree to move the team to the American League.

If you happen to take the time to read this long opinion of mine... I ask you this... Is this a far fetch thought?  I'd like to know just why it is if you think so. And I'd like to know how MLB could get so messed up with its divisional allignment that now needs to be addressed. Only one person basically messed it all up... Bud Selig... with the other owners allowing. Selig got what he wanted... to have his name etched in his city's history forever. 

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Posted on: November 9, 2011 12:36 am

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

He's's like the NHL, when they religned they took Detroit out of the East and shoved them into the West with an understanding that they would be returned to the East one day....Milwaukee should return to the AL, makes sense.  However Selig probably thinks the Brewers will have an easier time getting to the post season in the NL.

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 11:15 pm

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'


No, but it's the writers that just gush about a relatively rare occurance: an  All Star caliber player and overall good guy who's willing to speak his mind and fuel their copy weeks on end, who then create pure insuation to create controversy that isn't even there.  It turns my stomach.

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 10:49 pm

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

@Willie McGrapp Lighten up, sport. It's just an article. You act like the guy just raped your daughter.

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 10:18 pm

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

@Willie McGrapp ... I`m pretty sure that was tongue in cheek about the `ulterior motives` bit.  If we want to talk about ulterior motives, Berkman is a former Astro so I`m sure he just wants to see his old team stay in place.

Personally, I agree.  If anyone should move, it`s the Brewers back to the AL where they originally came from.  Besides, it`s really dumb in my opinion to have a 16-team league and a 14-team league, so make it 15-15 or contract two teams to make it 14 teams each.  Contract the Pirates and Royals as they`ve sucked for so long and are non-competitive.

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 9:30 pm

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

"Ulterior motive"

What a laugh.  There isn't a more genuine player in the MLB than Lance Berkman and the moronic writer here thinks he has strong convictions  over 15 games a year?  

Couldn't POSSIBLY more have to do with him being correct?  The Brewers should go back if any team in the NL Central does.  Berkman, as he usually does, hits the nail on the head while a sports writer puts out drivel.

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 8:58 pm

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

While I am a Milwaukee guy and huge Selig fan, moving Houston to the AL is a terrible move.  It guarantees that NL v AL games are going on in September which is dumb at best.  If MLB wants balance leagues, expand by a team in each league.  That will make them more money than a few extra playoff games.  They could go back to two divisions in each league with 1st and 2nd in each division playing a real divisional championship series at the end of the season. 

I'm not a fan of adding a playoff team either.  And since I'm on Selig decisions I don't like, why wasn't Barry Bonds suspended before he broke Aaron's record for the good of the game.  I like inter-league play, 4 playoff teams and most of what Selig has accomplished, but a few things are wrong and its time for other voices to speak up.

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 8:31 pm

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

I agree with Berkman as far as moving a historically national league team out of one league and into another.  The easiest thing to do is make baseball return to its glory years and its roots, eliminate the DH!  Eliminate the DH and it doesn't matter where you put the teams.  The only reason people argue about what league they are in is the DH.


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Posted on: November 8, 2011 8:30 pm

Berkman: Astros' move to AL 'a travesty'

Stick to fantasy league baseball dude!

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