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Phillies reach agreement with Papelbon

Posted on: November 11, 2011 2:19 pm
Edited on: November 11, 2011 3:44 pm
By Matt Snyder

Jonathan Papelbon is going to be changing organizations for the first time in his professional career. He has agreed in principle to sign with the Phillies for a four-year contract that approaches $50 million, pending a physical, according to Danny Knobler of The deal was first reported by Jim Salisbury of

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the Phillies had agreed to a deal with incumbent closer Ryan Madson, but that situation fell apart, and several reports later this past week indicated the deal was never fully agreed upon and that the earlier reports jumped the gun. And when things started to fall apart, the Phillies shifted their focus to Papelbon.

Papelbon, 30, is a four-time All-Star and a much more established closer, with 219 career saves (to Madson's 52). The two pitchers are very similar in age (Papelbon is just under two months younger), but, again, Papelbon has a lot more experience as the ninth-inning guy.

Last season, Papelbon saved 31 of 34 chances with a 2.94 ERA, 0.93 WHIP and 87 strikeouts in 64 1/3 innings. A move to the NL should help a bit, though the NL East should prove to be pretty tough next season.

As for Madson, he's left looking elsewhere, as he's surely looking for a closer's job and several teams are seeking an established closer. 


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Since: Jan 21, 2009
Posted on: November 12, 2011 12:30 pm

Phillies reach agreement with Papelbon

I was stunned the Phils did not win it all this year with the talent and deep pitching they had but this should put them over the top. The closer is in place for them to make a run at a few titles. I hope the Yankee's make a few moves that make them more competitve and a threat to contend again. 

 Great move by the Phils though. This is a pitching staff of the ages. They best make it happen or that window will close just as quickly. They have already blown it the last couple seasons.  

Since: Aug 21, 2008
Posted on: November 12, 2011 12:29 pm

Phillies reach agreement with Papelbon

Keepitreal:  What do you care, it's not your money????  Ummmm, actually it is.  Do you go to baseball games?  If so, then it is your money.  High contracts = higher ticket prices, among other things, ie. the $10 beer and $6 hot dog.  You say "keep it real."  Well man, THAT'S REALITY!!!!!!!!!!

Since: Sep 13, 2008
Posted on: November 12, 2011 12:22 pm

Phillies reach agreement with Papelbon

As a fan, what the hell do I care what a team spends on thier players?  Its not my money. I believe it is the goal of all major league teams to generate as much revenue possible to get the best players possible and if it isnt then I guess maybe you do have a reason to be jealous and hateful. Kind of funny and in a way to see how it bothers some people. I say spend all you got while you got it...The Phillies are a great team and Citizens Bank Park is a great place to see a game.  5 Division Titles, 2 NL Pennants, and 1 World Championship in the last 5 years.....I'll take it. 

Since: Nov 12, 2011
Posted on: November 12, 2011 11:39 am

Phillies reach agreement with Papelbon

You sound like a very bitter Mets fan.  I'm sure whatever team you are a fan of wishes they went into every season with realistic World Series championship aspirations.  The best part of this offseason is the Phillies just started putting together another amazing team.  Papelbon is a great start.  I expect Cuddyer to be next and then resigning Rolllins after that.  Don't hate, just congratulate!

Since: Feb 3, 2009
Posted on: November 12, 2011 10:39 am

Phillies reach agreement with Papelbon

Too bad every team doesn't have the money to try and buy a pitching staff like the Philly Phailures do every year, but maybe it's better they don't try. Highest payroll in the NL and a first-round exit last year. MONEY WELL SPENT. Paying $20 million to a guy who has never won a big game (Dic Halladay), then watching him get outpitched by Chris Carpenter in the finale. MONEY WELL SPENT. Spending millions on Marys like Oswalt (perennial quitter) and Lee (wife chooses where he plays) only to see them Phail miserably in the playoffs. MONEY WELL SPENT. Paying pansies like little Ms. Utley and all-talk, no show players like Rollins, Victorino, and Mr. Clutch (0.91 ave in playoffs) Chooch in your daily lineup. MONEY WELL SPENT.
Phillies epic Phailure, especially by the Phour Phrauds will go down in infamy for Phillies losers who spent EVERY day on cbssportsline watching their precious phillies phail to get out of the phirst round. MONEY WELL SPENT.

Since: May 25, 2011
Posted on: November 12, 2011 8:22 am

Phillies reach agreement with Papelbon

Gee, NESportsouth, that is pretty scary.  Just think what he might have accomplished in his career if he'd had real stuff, huh?  Who knows, maybe if he'd had good stuff he wouldn't have just a measly 219 saves by age 30.  If he were any good he'd have at least 225 by now, right?  What a darn shame . .

ARGO: Before you lecture me and my opinion, let me explain it further. You keep wishing the Sillies made the right choice by paying him that kind of money.   Red Sox fans watched his entire career . You only read about him. Yes he did a great job for the Red Sox and I hope he continues to succeed. Hopefully someday he will become a pitcher instead of of a thrower. He still tries to blow hitters away with his straight fastball like the early Papelbon. For the first time around, he may succeed with hitters in the NL that never faced him, but eventually they will catch up with his current fastball. Until he learns that he is not an overpowering, "lights out" closer anymore he will struggle. When he becomes a "pitcher". Paps will be tremendous. Maybe the new coaching staff on the Phillies can help him make the transition.

Since: Oct 9, 2006
Posted on: November 12, 2011 8:15 am

Phillies reach agreement with Papelbon

evil empire really ...arent the red sox spending as much or in the top5 team payroll ......

Since: Oct 8, 2008
Posted on: November 12, 2011 7:57 am

Phillies reach agreement with Papelbon

Sad and glad to see him go...there is no way he is worth almost 50 Million!!! Yes he has very good statistics and some major meltdowns, but that's all pitchers and hitters in the game.  The big thing is that the Sox are smart and only sign 1-2 year deals with bullpen pitchers for this reason alone.  He will either get injured or lose his "stuff" when pitching and then they will be out all that wonderful 50 Million. 

Thanks for the years Paps, but good luck with the new spending evil empire, the Phillies.  Clearly they have taken the role over the Yankees.

Since: Aug 3, 2011
Posted on: November 12, 2011 5:58 am
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Since: Aug 3, 2011
Posted on: November 12, 2011 5:48 am
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