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Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

Posted on: December 12, 2011 4:02 pm
Edited on: December 12, 2011 4:18 pm
By Matt Snyder

Albert Pujols signed with the Angels last week in a move that shocked the baseball world. We knew that. But his wife, Deidre (or "Dee Dee") says the people don't know the reality of the situation -- which is that the Cardinals' offer didn't come anywhere close to what has been reported, because it was only for five years. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
“What I’m saying is it wasn’t a guaranteed situation,” she said. “When you have somebody say, ‘We want you to be a Cardinal for life’ and only offer you a five-year deal ... it kind of confused us. ...

“Well, we got over that insult and felt like Albert had given so much of himself to baseball and into the community that he at least deserved the opportunity to have real life-long -- you know, I tell you what -- we didn’t want to go through this again. Free agency, it’s stressful.”
The Post-Dispatch has reported that the Cardinals' initial offer -- what Dee Dee called an "insult" -- was for five years and $130 million. Of course, the Post-Dispatch is also reporting the offer grew to 10 years and $210 through the course of the negotiations -- which was widely reported during the Winter Meetings last week. On the flip-side, they also report that there was a "significant" portion of the deal in deferred, interest-free, money. So while Mrs. Pujols can say this move wasn't about the money, it's pretty evident it was very much about the money (Pujols signed for 10 years, $254 million and none of that is deferred). Not that I'm blaming them one bit, as $44 million is quite a chunk of change to think about turning down.

Deidre also mentioned that she was surprised Cardinals fans turned on Pujols so quickly upon the news of him signing to play elsewhere. I guess she didn't watch The Decision, huh?

In fairness, we must point out that Mrs. Pujols did say, "we still love St. Louis and always will."

Still, it was 20 minutes of justifications on a radio show in an argument she can't win. With Pujols signing, the fans of St. Louis are going to be angry, and nothing she can say will change that. This goes for free agents leaving places for more money in every sport.

The full interview is available on via Joy FM's website.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 10:06 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

My buddy, who is a lifetime Cardinals fan, used to go home and beat his wife, kids, and dog if anyone even as much as alluded to Albert Pujols taking peds.

Yesterday he said Pujols head looked as if it had grown quite a bit since the end of the season.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 9:57 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

What is there to defend

Cardinals fans think Albert Pujols owes them something.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 8:36 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

What is there to defend

Angels: Mr. Pujols, we will give you $254,000,000 over 10 years to play a game until you are 40 some years old.
Albert:  Tell me more.
Angels: Mr. Pujols we will give you a no-trade clause so even if we want to get rid of you, you can veto it and pick and choose your     &
nbsp;   next employer or if we are determined to trade you to someone you do not like, we will have to do something to make it more to your liking.
Albert:  Cool! Tell me more!
Angels: Mr. Pujols, in your later years, you may only have to get off the bench 4 or 5 times and swing a bat and run between 90     &nb
sp;      and 360 feet.  If you put it out of the park, it is more like jogging than running. 
Albert:  Where do I sign. 

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 7:02 pm
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Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

Hey Everyone...

Mrs. Pujols in my opinion is innocent and should not be under attack..Innocent

The Cards fans should be attacking the Cards management for losing out on him..They had the ball in their court and turned it over.

I thought now is as good a time as any to inject some "Food for Thought" into the thread...
I say we all head out to Anaheim to enjoy The Albert Pujols "Machine Burger". Tongue out

Not sure if it is available in St. Louis...

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 6:47 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

REDWINGS1969:  Ok then.  So why do teams sign players to long-term ?  They want to control the player's salary for a set number of years.  ALL CONTRACTS ARE SET TO THE AMOUNT THAT THE ORGANIZATION BELIEVES WILL WORK OUT TO THEIR BENEFIT!!!!  They want to pay the least amount that they possibly can. 

This was not your typical free agent or typical player or typical negotiations, we are talking about possibly the best player to ever wear a Cardinal uniform.  We are talking about the best overall hitter in MLB overall in the last 10 years.  And we are talking about a guy that's still only 31 years old with not only plenty to give but at least 2 other teams that were dying to sign him to a 10 year deal.  

So although you're right and teams usually want to sign a player to the least amount they can, that doesn't work for a 31 year old mega superstar and future hall of famer like Pujols.  

If the Cards REALLY wanted him to stay, they shouldn't have taken the risks they did allowing him to become an UFA.  A year ago the Cards offered Pujols 200 million and he supposedly asked for 300 million for 10 years.  The Cards should have split the difference and offered him at least 250 million.  Had they done that Pujols would probably still be in St Louis....

Instead, the Cardinals helped an Angels team get a lot better really fast.... 

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 6:11 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

Ok I've read pages and pages of articles and replies today since I've been sitting in the airport.

First off, both parties were at fault for letting it get to this point. Albert is one of a kind baseball player that doesn't come along for every generation to watch, admire in awe, and make the game enjoyable. The STL Organiazation has the reputataion of being one of the best in baseball. Yet both sides let "pride and ego" get in the way. (After all there has been plenty of money made by both sides since Albert's arrival).

Second, both parties were right in their repective decision to part ways. If everybody is being honest, Albert left for more money, which he earned, and STL could not afford to tie up 220 million for ten years (we are not a large money market with lucrative TV money deals). And Albert was smart because he loves the game and the AL is the only league that can allow him to continue to enjoy his passion during his declining years because of the DH.

All of that being said, the Cardinals are going to be weaker for 1-2 years while they grow their players or land a free agent. However we weren't picked to even be competitive in this division this year, once we lost Wainwright and Al got hurt early. But as a TEAM, not just Albert, they came together at the right time and won the damn thing. The Cardinals have history of building and being competitve.

Al, I wish you luck and hope you get a few more chances at winning the World Series and hopefully at least once your Angels are playing your (our) Cardinals in the World Series............and may the best TEAM win.

I'll still wear your black "All Star" Jersey that I bought at that game with pride and say thanks for the memories.

STL, I'll still come to games and wear the "red and white" (the true red and white not some red and white from a team thats only been around 50 years or so) as I know you will continue to look to field the best team a mid-market organization can. Especially the "homegrown" players.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 6:00 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

Totally agree here. 

I believe that STL made an honest effort to retain AP.   I also believe that AP made a decision that was best for him.  Both sides will eventually be better for it in the long run. 

Also might add, that this is a game of emotions.  Fans will get emotionally attached to the players and STL is known for that committment and loyalty.   So to tell a fanbase to not react when face of the franchise for leaving is not that realistic.  

Cardinal nation will get over it, but to expect everyone just to move on with out emotion is unfair.  

I think the point of this article is calling BS to the fact that AP and family's claim that money was not the factor in this decision.  

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 5:54 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

That last post was in response to torresterrors

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 5:50 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

Some points were good points but let's not go to the "race card". I dont think anybody in STL gave a damn that his heritage includes the Dominican Republic!

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