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Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

Posted on: December 12, 2011 4:02 pm
Edited on: December 12, 2011 4:18 pm
By Matt Snyder

Albert Pujols signed with the Angels last week in a move that shocked the baseball world. We knew that. But his wife, Deidre (or "Dee Dee") says the people don't know the reality of the situation -- which is that the Cardinals' offer didn't come anywhere close to what has been reported, because it was only for five years. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
“What I’m saying is it wasn’t a guaranteed situation,” she said. “When you have somebody say, ‘We want you to be a Cardinal for life’ and only offer you a five-year deal ... it kind of confused us. ...

“Well, we got over that insult and felt like Albert had given so much of himself to baseball and into the community that he at least deserved the opportunity to have real life-long -- you know, I tell you what -- we didn’t want to go through this again. Free agency, it’s stressful.”
The Post-Dispatch has reported that the Cardinals' initial offer -- what Dee Dee called an "insult" -- was for five years and $130 million. Of course, the Post-Dispatch is also reporting the offer grew to 10 years and $210 through the course of the negotiations -- which was widely reported during the Winter Meetings last week. On the flip-side, they also report that there was a "significant" portion of the deal in deferred, interest-free, money. So while Mrs. Pujols can say this move wasn't about the money, it's pretty evident it was very much about the money (Pujols signed for 10 years, $254 million and none of that is deferred). Not that I'm blaming them one bit, as $44 million is quite a chunk of change to think about turning down.

Deidre also mentioned that she was surprised Cardinals fans turned on Pujols so quickly upon the news of him signing to play elsewhere. I guess she didn't watch The Decision, huh?

In fairness, we must point out that Mrs. Pujols did say, "we still love St. Louis and always will."

Still, it was 20 minutes of justifications on a radio show in an argument she can't win. With Pujols signing, the fans of St. Louis are going to be angry, and nothing she can say will change that. This goes for free agents leaving places for more money in every sport.

The full interview is available on via Joy FM's website.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 12:39 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

Well said, and Cardinals fans dont buy to any front office story they tell you, his age, long contract, this guy is a class act, remember at the begginig of the season he wasnt hitting anything, he was playing third base and there were all this rumors flying around, and than they put him back were he belong, at first base and everything is started clicking, he almost won the national league home run title after not hitting nothing the first two months, this guy is something that we have never seen and his going to be the best baseball plyer EVER, the matter of fact is that the front office  didnt want him back, this is a real offer to Pujols, from the ST. Louis Cardinals, 5 years 150 million and than, he should it move to the American League.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 12:22 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

You're right, I'm wrong. You're not whining at all. Since the Cubs suck so bad, do me a favor and don't make your annual trek up to Chicago this summer. I'd prefer to have one less hillbilly 40 something plus Cardinals fan walking up and down Michigan Avenue in jean shorts, high tops, and a jersey asking me where the nearest Chili's is. Go get your cultural Awesome Blossom fix in one of the other NL central towns this summer. I'll reciprocate by staying out of The Lou.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 12:12 pm

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

smf52:  Great points!!  I made the same point about signing franchise players early to "career" contracts as the Rockies did with Tulo & CarGo.  You can't blame the player for leaving a team that is not TRULY committed to keeping that ICONIC player. 

THE THING ABOUT THE MONEY THAT MOST PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND IS; WHY SHOULD IT BE LEFT IN THE POCKETS OF THE OWNER INSTEAD OF THE PLAYER?  Some fans actually believe that in an us-against-them situation players are with us against the owners.  They think that almost any ridiculous money offer by ownership should be taken by a player without a second to think about it because it's more than we make in a lifetime. 


This is true with any race or culture or whatever!  How can anyone say that a certain race doesn't value money as much as another? 

There are players that perform well on the field and help a team win games and championships.  And there are players that do that and much more.  These rare players also generate profits and give a "winning" public image like very few do.  These don't cost the franchise money, they make the franchise money.

The Cardinals did not want to have Pujols (Dominican) as the face of the franchise, for the team and in the community for the next 10 years.  They might know more than anyone else that Pujols will not perform well, on the field, for too much longer.  But, honestly many Cardinals fans are stupid to think that Pujols is greedy or lacks loyalty.  He is the employee, very well-paid, but not the owner of the business.  He was willing to continue to help the Cardinals make insane loads of money.  But, THEY, were TOO GREEDY to pay him what he is worth.  They were not loyal to him or to the fans that had come to love him for what he did to help the team and for his contributions to the community.  OBVIOUSLY, he was worth a lot more than the Cardinals offered him.  Whether he performs well enough to justify the pay or if he outperforms the salary is yet to be seen.  That's just the way it works.  The players don't get paid at the end of the season based on their performance.  Why?  Because it might cost the team too much if all the players have career years.  Salary is determined before the season begins.  It works both ways & usually to the benefit of the team. 

What I don't get is how Cardinals fans say that Pujols will decline rapidly, is older than he says, and was/is probably on PEDs.  If he helped the Cardinals get to 3 WS & win 2 and performed like a HOF shouldn't they be grateful for having him for 11 years and be upset at ownership/management for letting him go?  Why, all of a sudden is a he a greedy common player on the verge of breaking down and not worth the money the Cardinals offered him?

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:59 am

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

derek jeter was upset bout his contract negotiations but u didnt see him sell-out the yankees.....

See, therein lies the difference ...

The credit in that statement goes to the New York Yankees, not Derek Jeter.  The Yanks decided to "give" Jeter 15 million per year for 3 years, even though Jeter is arguably over the hill at 37 years of age and nowhere near the player that Pujols is at this time in Pujols career.  Let's face it, Jeter batted .270 with 10 HRs and 68 RBIs in 2010, on his contract walk year.  And yet the Yankees mustered the financial fortitude to give him an additional 3 years at 15 mil per year.  The Cardinals on the other hand could not muster to do any better than 20 mil per year for 10 years.  Now I am not comparing the Yankee organization to the Cardinal organization in regard to earnings power.  I am just clarifying the point.  The credit here goes to the Yankee organization, and not Derek Jeter.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:57 am

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

All quotes below are from JustMyOp.

just because Mrs. Pujols is in alignment with her husband doesn't make it reasonable or right.

No, it doesn't.  Fortunately, I never claimed that the husband-wife alignment alone did make what they were/are saying right.  But the fact that what they're saying about the negotiations has been independently confirmed by multiple news sources does make it much more likely to be right.

 Second, nobody is worth a quarter million dollars especially after their prime.  He probably only has 5 great years left before his body gives out.  Statistics prove it.

So, we praise the Cardinals for making a "sound business decision"...and excoriate Albert Pujols for doing that too?  Sorry.  That dog don't hunt.  And please, spare me the interview quotes saying it wasn't about the money, and that he wanted to be here for the rest of his career.  The organization said the same, more than once. 

St. Louis has a reputation for being a top notch run baseball franchise.  That means the business side if you can't figure it out.  It would be a bad business decision to pay that kind of money.  It would cripple the franchise. 

It would cripple the franchise...if the franchise isn't willing to expand the payroll.  Actually, Bernie Miklasz said a while ago that the Cardinals should do just that.  It's not like it hasn't happened recently (see the Phillies for proof). 

  Since you like talking business, here's a research assignment for you.  Go to, and look up the Cardinals' payrolls from 2006-2011.  (That would be the period since Busch III opened.)  And, remember, Bill DeWitt said they needed a new stadium to bring in more sign players.  When you do that research, come back and lecture some more about business.

   No 1 player is worth that much in baseball.  They just don't make that big of a difference.  He only get 4-5 atbats a game and his defense is average.
Free agency has never seen a player like Pujols.  The market was going to be huge, even without NYY or BOS in the bidding.  Since St. Louis is such a well-run franchise, let's give DeWallet credit for seeing the 2011 offseason coming.  Now, ask yourself why the Cardinals dragged their feet on making even remotely competitive offers until this year. 

Put another way:  the Cardinals caught about every break they could catch - a WS win, Pujols having (for him) an off year, and the two biggest FA spenders in the game already with expensive 1B options installed.  And they still refused to acknowledge market realities......well, either that or they knew going in what the realities were, and made the business decision to make non-competitive offers, knowing it would push their star elsewhere.  Frankly, I think the second is more realistic.   

Since you've been a fan for so long, you know that the fans don't directly pay the players.  Just because you love a player doesn't mean the franchise has to pony up whatever the player says and for how long he says.  5 years was enough.  10 years is greedy.  He is going to make over $20 million when he is 41 years old.  No way he is worth that much in 10 years.  Good business move by the Cardinals. 

And that is why the Cardinals won't ever have another "lifetime player".  Thank 
;goodness free agency didn't exist when Stan Musial played, eh?

When you talk about a once-in-a-generation player, a face-of-the-city player, normal computations go out the window.  Albert Pujols should've been worth more to the Cardinals than any other team.  If you want to know how to handle your true legends, just look at what New York did with Derek Jeter.  They gave him 3 years for $45 million at age 37.  Why?  He wasn't worth half that in the open market.  The team gave Jeter that kind of money because they knew he HAD to retire as a Yankee.  They definitely paid him for past performance - and because, as he approaches various career milestones, he'll pack the stands and sell merchandise.  He'll more than make up in good will what he costs the team in salary as he approaches 40.

I don't like the Yankees.  I believe they just spend their way to titles.  But they sure seem to take care of their own (see:  Jeter, Rivera, Pettitte, Posada) well past the point where the cold sabermetrics say it's a good deal.   

Maybe no player is worth $250MM (though Fangraphs says that Pujols has actually delivered MORE than that, statistically speaking, over the life of his last STL contract).  But, given his total value to the team, factoring in his remarkable career to date, and the added value he would have brought to the team as he approached various career milestones (2000 RBIs, 3000 hits, 500-600-700(?) HRs), no one should have valued Albert Pujols more than the Cardinals.  The fact that their offer was only the fourth highest out there - and the added fact that that offer was only made after it was clear there was a market for 10-year deals for him - is pretty clear.     
;     &nbs

I want to know where the Angels are getting all this money all of a sudden.
They have this newfangled invention called television.  And broadcasters actually pay teams to show their games!

The Angels were getting $50MM/year from Fox for their rights.  Moreno just closed a new deal for 20 years @ $150MM/year.  Plus, the Angels draw over 3 million fans every year, and have very little debt, even with the silly contracts (Vernon Wells) they have on the books right now.  So, that's where the money comes from.  Sorry, no conspiracies here.    

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:49 am

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

Correction ...

You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Although it does bare repeating.

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:46 am

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

I don't get these fans making it seem like that the St. Louis Cards organization is a victim in this matter.  This is not Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, or Kansas City people.  This is a very financially successful organization with a long storied history.  They have won the second most world series championships in the history of baseball behind the Yankees and they have a strong and loyal fan base.  The St. Louis Cards averaged over 38,000 fans per home game in 2011 for a total attendance of 3,093,954.  That was the sixth highest attendance total in MLB.  Before Albert Pujols is done, he may not only be the best baseball player to have every graced the St. Louis Cardinals roster, he will be amongst the very top of the cream in regard to all baseball players to have ever played the sport.  And yet this organization could not muster the financial fortitude to secure the long term services of perhaps the greatest ball player to ever don their uniform. Yet and still, there are a good number of St. Louis fans who have the gall to place the blame on one man against this very successful and wealthy organization.

You all should be ashamed of yourself.


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Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:39 am

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

albert pujols is the lebron james of baseball. heres a suggestion albert, why dont u defend yourself instead of being a coward and sending your wife to do the dirty work???  what a FRAUD! u have shown your true colors. im sure tony larussa and albert had a conversation sometime over the summer behind closed doors letting each other know that this is it. yet u came out in the public and said u wanted to be here. what a way to treat the fans who pay your salary, buy your merchandise, and eat at your restaurant. i spent over 100 bucks on a albert pujols jersey a few years ago and now i will never wear it again. i curse u coward pujols and may u never win another world series for the rest of your life! and all this time i thought u were bout winning and not the money. angels going nowhere fast and i think of 5 other teams immediatley that have a better chance to win than the angels. bye-bye pujols and dont be jealous when the cardinals keep producing world champions w/ out u. so u hit 3 home runs in a world series game that was completly outa hand and over. so where were u the other 6 games? i tell u....u were in the dug-out watching david freese win it for us. the bottom line is this...u had to chance to win more titles in st. louis and go down in history as 1 of the greatest players in history, and your legacy would have been the greatest cardinal ever. now your face has been removed from the cardinal mount rushmore and will only be remembered as a sell-out. derek jeter was upset bout his contract negotiations but u didnt see him sell-out the yankees.....

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:37 am

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

May have been answered already...but, Pujols would have had no trade clause in contract based off MLBPA/MLB argeement.  Believe they call it the 10/5, if player has been in league for 10 years and 5 years with current team then no trade clause is automatic.  

I for one and happy the Cards didn't give more money, I didn't like the 10 for 220M that was reported.  I believe the 5 for 130m was very smart from the Cards.  At most your only going to get 5 years of solid performance from him.  His #'s have declined the last 3 years, yet are still very good.  But lets fast forward in 3 years, is any team or fan base going to be happy with somebody hitting .285-.290, 25-30 hr, and 80-90rbis while paying him $25,000,000 per season?  I don't think so,  in 7 years he could very well be hitting .270, 15, 70 and thats assuming he is playing a full season and that his knees, feet, elbow, and back havent made him miss some games.  

I very grateful for what Pujols did for STL and the Cardinals.  However, his accomplishments aren't worth 5-7 years of sub .500 ball either.  I believe that is exactly where the Cards would be if they had signed him to a 10 yr 220+m contract.  Good teams for next couple of years, but after that nothing.  Wouldn't be able to afford pitching or anything else for that matter.   

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Posted on: December 13, 2011 11:29 am

Pujols' wife defends husband on St. Louis radio

come on, St. louis, this was not a shocking news, since the bigginning of the season everybody knew that the Cardinals were not going to offer Pujols what he wanted and you know, and everybody knows youre going to miss Pujols, Pujols is going to be the best hitting baseball player ever seen, hes going to break Bonds home run record, with out the steroids, so dont blame Pujols for making a 254 million dicission, you know deep down inside whos to blame, FRONT OFFICE.

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