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2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

Posted on: January 9, 2012 3:19 pm
Edited on: January 9, 2012 4:34 pm

By Matt Snyder

Barry Larkin was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame with 86.4 percent of the vote. The results of the BBWAA votes were revealed Monday afternoon, and Larkin was the only player garnering the required 75 percent of the vote for enshrinement.

There were 573 total ballots, but nine were left blank. Players may remain on the ballot for 15 years, unless they fall below the five percent barrier in voting. Those who get less than five percent of the vote will be removed from the ballot prior to next year's vote.

Here's a total breakdown of how the voting went for the other 26 candidates. First, these guys will remain on the ballot moving forward:

Jack Morris - 382 votes (66.7 percent)
Jeff Bagwell - 321 (56)
Lee Smith - 290 (50.6)
Tim Raines - 279 (48.7)
Edgar Martinez - 209 (36.5)
Alan Trammell - 211 (36.8)
Fred McGriff - 137 (23.9)
Larry Walker - 131 (22.9)
Mark McGwire - 112 (19.5)
Don Mattingly - 102 (17.8)
Dale Murphy - 83 (14.5)
Rafael Palmeiro - 72 (12.6)
Bernie Williams - 55 (9.6)

Hall of Fame ballot
Now, the following players will be removed from the ballot, as they didn't get five percent of the vote:

Juan Gonzalez - 23 votes (four percent)
Vinny Castilla - 6 (1)
Tim Salmon - 5 (0.9)
Bill Mueller - 4 (0.5)
Brad Radke - 2 (0.3)
Javy Lopez - 1 (0.2)
Eric Young - 1 (0.2)
Jeromy Burnitz - 0
Brian Jordan - 0
Terry Mulholland - 0
Phil Nevin - 0
Ruben Sierra - 0
Tony Womack - 0

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Since: Nov 25, 2010
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:27 pm

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

When did Steve Garvey get these "5 MVP's"?  He was the NL MVP once.  Did he win some college/high school MVP's, too?  Oh, Larkin is a shortstop - Garvey was mostly a first baseman.  Garvey's offensive production was expected to be higher than Larkin's.  I don't begrudge either Larkin OR Garvey a place in the HoF based on current membership - but I do begrudge them not voting Dale Murphy in.  He was the Class of the Ballot this year and STILL didn't get elected.  He compares more favorably to his peers than any of the others up for election outside of Lee Smith - who should definitely be in, also.  Jack Morris was a big-game pitcher.  Should he be in?  Maybe.  I'd vote for him based on current membership.  You can't let some in and then say others who were better or more dominant don't belong.

Since: Oct 19, 2006
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:17 pm

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

Very well said! Right on, agree 100% Best post I have ever seen on CBS! 

Since: Jul 22, 2011
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:16 pm

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

I thinks some of these writers had their kids draw the names out of a hat. Just a thoery.

Since: Jun 10, 2011
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:15 pm

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

Bandit - I couldnt agree more about Murphy. Dude was dominant during the 80s and deserves to be in. Same goes for Mattingly.

Since: Oct 15, 2010
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:12 pm

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

For the 9 ballots left blank, take away thier right to vote in this process.  Give it to someone who understands what they are doing.  Too many sports writers, columnists, etc... have never played the games they cover, at a high enough level.  I also think that Lee Smith, Edgar Martinez, Jack Morris, and Alan Trammel should be looked at more.
I was fortunate to be able to watch the people on this list play.  Anyone that voted for Vinny Castillo thru Eric Young deserve to have thier credentials revokes as well.  It's the HOF you idiots.  These are the best players ever.

Since: Nov 25, 2010
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:10 pm

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

Of the 60 Hall of Fame outfielders, Dale Murphy ranks 32nd in games played, 16th in Home Runs, 31st in RBI's, 59th in batting average (yes, he's ahead of Reggie Jackson, who also struck out more than Murph), tied for 4th in MVP awards, 20th in All-Star selections, 1st in Silver Sluggers, 1st in Gold Gloves and one of 4 to win the Lou Gehrig Award and one of 6 to win the Roberto Clemente Award. He's a member of the 30/30 club (back when it wasn't commonplace), he DOMINATED the 80's both offensively AND defensively. He had a consecutive games played streak that ranks 13th All-Time, was intentionally walked 159 times (leading the league with 29 one season) and, in playing for a woeful team, he had stats that were probably diminished by at least 10% due to no protection in the batting order. His career average would probably have been around .290 had he played for a stronger team. But why does it seem to be all about batting average? Lack of spectacular years? If you're going to throw that out there, kick half the members of the HoF out. Seriously. Any argument people make against Murphy should also be applied to everyone else that's in the Hall or going to be elected. They aren't, for some reason. He played at a time when you didn't have a plethora of .350 hitters or 50 home run hitters. He was arguably the BEST player of the 1980's. Period. That deserves enshrinement.

Since: Jun 10, 2011
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:09 pm

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

Really, Dan5? You're blaming the lack of support for Morris and Martinez on east-coast bias??? You do realize that Mattingly probably has a better case to be in than Martinez, right? Do you remember which team Mattingly played for? Hmmmm? Mattingly had a much better peak than Martinez and played gold-glove defense. He was a leader, a class act, and a true superstar for much of the 80s. He's much like Murphy, whom I also think should be in (along with Mattingly). Martinez had little impact, horrible defense, and was at best a 2-tool player.

Morris isn't in because Morris was mediocre, just as his 3.90 ERA indicates. It had nothing to do with bias - it had everything to do with his own suckiness.

Since: Feb 9, 2008
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:07 pm

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

Alan Trammell, Mark McGuire, Don Mattingly and Jack Morris all deserve to be in the baseball HOF. Comparing shortstops to the other positions and demanding that they hit as well is not realistic or fair. Compare shortstops to shortstops and Alan Trammell really shines. Mark McGuire admitted to using PED's that were not banned while he was using them, let that rest. Don Mattingly had a shortened career due to injuries, but he still has enough in his career for the minimum 10 years required to distinguish himself. Jack Morris may not have been a dominate pitcher, but he was a winner.

Since: Jan 9, 2012
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:05 pm

HOW is Larkin in HOF and Garvey not?

Garvey beats Larkin in almost every category.    Hits , Homeruns, RBI's, etc.....  add in 5 MVP's , consecutive game streak and multiple world series......  ITS A CRIME STEVE GARVEY IS NOT IN THE HALL OF FAME.

Since: Dec 12, 2007
Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:03 pm

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame voting breakdown

Do you guys remember an article on CBS a few weeks back that said something like "Williams and Mueller lead 2012 Hall of Fame Class".  I'm glad to see that some of the voters have much more sense than the CBS writer that put up a ridiculous headline like that.  I can't justify the voters that vote for Javy Lopez, Brad Radke, Eric Young, etc.  But at least some of them got the vote correct.  I've been hearing Yankee fans touting Williams as the next Hall of Famer.  Thank goodness he was worth less than 10%.

The Hall of Fame is slowly becoming the Hall of Above Average.

Kudos to Ron Santo getting in but that is a shame he didn't live long enough to see it.

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