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Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

Posted on: January 10, 2012 10:58 pm
Edited on: January 11, 2012 1:43 pm

By Matt Snyder

Free agent closer Ryan Madson has agreed to sign a one-year, $8.5 million deal with the Cincinnati Reds, insider Jon Heyman has learned.

Madson, 31, was reportedly very close to signing a four-year deal worth over $40 million to stay in Philadelphia a few months ago and the deal apparently fell through, with the Phillies instead landing Jonathan Papelbon. Since then, the market for closers completely eroded to the point where a team like the Reds -- who didn't have much money at all to spend in free agency this season -- were able to jump into the bidding late and grab what appears to be a huge bargain.

Madson to Reds
Madson successfully converted 32 of his 34 save attempts in 2011 for the Phillies with a 2.37 ERA, 1.15 WHIP and 62 strikeouts in 60 2/3 innings.

He most certainly moves into the closer role for the Reds, who will now allow free agent Francisco Cordero to walk via free agency. Newly-acquired left-hander Sean Marshall will serve as a setup man, along with Bill Bray and Nick Masset. The plan with hard-throwing Aroldis Chapman is reportedly to convert him into a starter. Still, with Marshall and Madson being added, the Reds appear to have a strong back-end.

The fallout for two free agent pitchers is very evident here. First of all, as alluded to above, Cordero is now not going to remain in Cincinnati, so he'll have to look elsewhere. Also, the Reds had been connected to Kerry Wood in rumors this week, but that is no longer an option. So Wood is down to the Phillies and Cubs, using past reports as a guide.

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Since: Aug 27, 2010
Posted on: January 11, 2012 2:12 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

"the problem", my friend, is the one sitting in the dugout, one johnnie b. baker. i could count 15 games last season that the reds lost entirely due to baker's poor decisions/directions. give him the best lineup a gm can acquire and he'll find a way to screw it up. there's your answer.

Since: Jun 7, 2010
Posted on: January 11, 2012 2:10 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

Good luck Ryan, as much as Howard frustrates us when he is "not" clutch you would give up the long ball in the most inopportune moments.  I think you are a couple years away from learning spots and control but it is sad to see a home grown star in the making go elsewhere. 

Since: Jul 26, 2009
Posted on: January 11, 2012 1:59 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

Congrats to the Reds for getting Madson. I don't believe for one minute that the Phillies "blew" anything by not offering enough money for him to stay with them.  I believe that like most cases, his agent filled his head with bigger money dreams.  In the short term, Ryan will get 8.5 million for one yearrs work. And if his upcoming year is a sucessful one, he might get some long term offers from other clubs.

But I could see him coming back to the Phillies next year after he dumps that turd of an agent!

Since: Jul 9, 2009
Posted on: January 11, 2012 12:46 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

His wife hated Philly because of our  negative things fans say when people dont do well. She needs to grow a pair seriously.

Uh, a pair of what, specifically, lfs sportsnut?

According to the article I read, she was actually complaining not about negativity but just about those pesky Phans who would come up to them and ask for autographs, etc. Can't have that, right? Since Madson's only been in one organization up till now, his wife has yet to learn that that stuff will happen anywhere you play in the majors. It's when they stop coming up to you and asking for autographs that you should start to worry.

Since: Apr 4, 2007
Posted on: January 11, 2012 12:43 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

Throws 96 with a change and a splitter. He's got plenty.

Since: Apr 4, 2007
Posted on: January 11, 2012 12:41 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

1 year for a quality closer in his proime like Madson tells you more about who is agent is rather than what he's worth.

Since: Sep 4, 2006
Posted on: January 11, 2012 12:29 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

i agree with most of you coments and im a huge red fan but i think leake will work out he has had 2 good yrs to start with but the true ? will be how chapman works as a starter because if we can roll into the playoff with 3 (cueto latos leake chapman)of these guys fireing watch out. That is if we can get there

Since: Jun 29, 2011
Posted on: January 11, 2012 12:28 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

I think the Reds have made some good acquisitions this off season. They can have the best pitching rotation in the league but without a manager who can correctly direct them they will again be questionable. Keeping Dusty Baker is the biggest problem with the team. He has shown time and time again he can't manage a pitching staff. Secondly, cutting down on strikeouts with Stubbs will be a challenge that needs to be corrected. Hitting coach problem? - perhaps. Thirdly, they need a proven and consistent left fielder. Other questions - will Scott Rolen at third return to his form of a year ago? The Reds will contend in the Central thanks to weakened Cardinal and Brewers teams from the loss of their "big guns". At least Dusty won't have Cordero for a scapegoat each game.

Since: Jul 9, 2009
Posted on: January 11, 2012 12:26 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

I guess he just loves those red and white colors . . .

Oh, he's a good pitcher, all right.  But just hope his foot's aim isn't better than his arm's.  There's a certain chair in the San Francisco visitors' clubhouse that could testify about that--with the support of plenty of medical records in the months following that incident. 

Since: Apr 23, 2009
Posted on: January 11, 2012 12:22 pm

Reds to sign Madson to one-year contract

First, I'll admit I might cry a bit after bitchin' about the Phils Papelbon deal for a month, this is just too much. Good lord, I don't even know what to say other than Papelbon better be the next Hoffman....

Second, I'm still not buying the Reds until they show us something, I can't identify what their problem is, I guess it's chemistry because they seem to have plenty of talent? Not saying the Reds fans here shouldn't be excited, I certainly would be. I guess I just don't see Latos ever being more than a capable 3, especially not at Great American, if he continues to refuse to change his approach from throwing 120 pitches as hard as possible in 4.2 innings. And I think it's hard to say they didn't overpay for him, but maybe new, good coaching can get through to him?

Cueto is looking like a true horse, but after that I mean you literally have all question marks. Arroyo is too inconsistent, he is what he is, and that's a SP that will win you as many games as he single handedly loses for you. I think Homer Bailey could be a great relief pitcher, but his arm can't handle the starting role.

Then you come to Mike Leake and I think that's really where your season lies, if he breaks out or even just matches last year as a 200 inning guy the Reds can definitely contend, given the offensive chemistry comes back together.

Good luck Reds fans, all the offseason moves have me itching for spring training already.

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