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Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

Posted on: January 13, 2012 7:41 pm
Edited on: January 13, 2012 10:39 pm

By C. Trent Rosecrans

So much for that quiet Yankees winter. New York has finally made its move for a pitcher, agreeing to trade for right-hander Michael Pineda from the Mariners in exchange for top prospect Jesus Montero,'s Jon Heyman reports. The Mariners will also get right-hander Hector Noesi, while right-hander Jose Campos goes the Yankees, Heyman reports. The deal is pending physicals.

Yankees' big night

Pineda, 22, went 9-10 with a 3.74 ERA for the Mariners last season, striking out 173 batters in 171 innings. The 6-foot-7 Pineda was an early front-runner for Rookie of the Year, going 8-6 with a 3.03 ERA in 18 starts in the first half of the season, but struggled down the stretch going 1-4 with a 5.12 ERA in 10 starts, despite his walk and strikeout rates remaining relatively steady during those two stretches. He also benefitted from the spacious Safeco Field, putting up a 2.92 ERA in 12 starts at home and a 4.40 ERA in 16 games on the road.

Montero, also 22, played in 18 games for the Yankees last season, hitting .328/.406/.590 with four home runs and 12 RBI in 18 games and 69 plate appearances. He started three games at catcher and 14 as the team's designated hitter. He also appeared in a game of the American League Division Series against the Tigers, hitting two singles in two plate appearances, driving in a run. In Triple-A, he hit .288/.348/.467 with 18 homers at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. 

Montero has been seen as a finished product at the plate, but drew plenty of questions behind it. Many see the right-handed hitter as unable to catch every day in the big leagues and is better suited to being a full-time DH or first baseman.

Noesi will be 25 later this month and went 2-2 with a 4.47 ERA in 30 appearances for the Yankees in 2011, including two starts. Overal the he struck out 45 and walked 22 in 56 1/3 innings.

Campos, 19, went 5-5 with a 2.32 ERA at Low-A Everett, starting 14 games. He struck out 85 and walked 13 in 81 1/3 innings.

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Since: Apr 1, 2009
Posted on: January 14, 2012 11:46 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

Great move for the yanks!! Pineda is one of the best young pitchers in the league and is a future ace. Nice move!!!!

Since: Aug 19, 2006
Posted on: January 14, 2012 11:33 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

nick johnson's bat has never been compared to monteros. johnson wasnt much of an average power guy in the minors. montero has been. johnson didnt have the hype(yes i said it) that montero has. johnson was never the prize prospect of the team. can't really compare the two.
  as far as johnson goes yes he was  older but wouldnt that lead to him being better equipted to handle the pressure of the big lights start after start. how will pineda respond if he starts out struggling.  I agree he has all the tools to be a very good pitcher. My main point behind my approach is that for the longest time montero was untouchable. Not traded for santana. included in the cliff lee talks. I consider Lee a better pitcher than pineda. I know about the age difference and all but most,if not all, would take lee ahead of pineda..
 I though that we might be able to get something more established.. but time will tell. I'm under that idea that the campos kid is one of their better young pitching prospects. I was reading somewhere that there was an AL scout that was very surprised he was involved in deal. So once again time will tell. I do however like the rotation more today than yesterday..

Since: Oct 18, 2007
Posted on: January 14, 2012 11:10 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

Not sure what to expect from this.  As a Yanks fan, we've seen this before.  They throw fire, then get to NY and stink up the joint.   I really liked Montero and am disappointed somewhat, but probably because I don't know enough about Pineda.  I would hope Cashman has something in the works that would get Montero back in pinstripes.  We probably have only a couple of years left in Martin.  Then what- after two decades of having power catchers at the plate, we will be like 2/3 of the leauge with ho-hum hitting percentage?

Since: Jul 22, 2009
Posted on: January 14, 2012 10:33 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

Randy Johnson was WELL past his prime when he pitched for the Yankees...

Nick Johnson's bat was major league ready, too....he didn't have a definitive position....where is he now?

I agree it's a risk....pitchers can be very injury prone and Pineda can have more arm problems, especially with pitching more innings this year and next, etc....but it was a trade that needed to happen.

Pitching wins games and The Yanks need it in a big way!  The hitting is already there and Russell Martin is solid behind the plate defensively and offensively (BA will hopefully come back).

Since: Dec 28, 2006
Posted on: January 14, 2012 10:31 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

You Yanks should be jumping up and down right now.  Pineda WILL BE A STUD.  I watched him pitch all year, I watched him flat out dominate.  Yes, he did slow down in the second half, all rookie pitchers do.  Talent like Pineda doesn't come around often.  Besides, you can always buy a bat.  

The real concern is for us Mariner fans.  We traded away a stud pitcher who will have no problem going 200 innings and 200K's for a RIGHT HANDED unproven bat.  

Yanks got an all star, Mariners got an unproven DH.    

Since: Aug 19, 2006
Posted on: January 14, 2012 10:23 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

first off i didnt crawl out from under a rock so someone needs to get a grip. your top prospect for a pitcher who has had arm trouble in the past(due to poor mechanics). I realize all pitchers are prone to injury due to the force, torque put on their arms used in their throwing motions. I'm a die hard yankee fan who holds season tickets and dont believe that this is a move that needed to be made. Monteros bat will/is major league ready. so he's a dh so what he's a hitter it doesnt matter that right now he doesnt have a position. Pineda might be the real deal but he migiht not be . i remember established major league pitcher who struggled to  pitch in ny(randy johnson) anybody remember his struggles in the big city??
  I applaud the patience the yankees exhibited this off season not spending huge amounts of money on marginal prospects. as of last year montero was untouchable, now he goes for a SP who has one year experience? His upside is huge but potential gets managers fired..
  and one of the killer b's(betances) will be traded for a bat around the all-star game or trade deadline. banuelos is the real deal no doubt. just not happy about the trading of our best prospect for someone who hasnt established himself. although the same can be said about montero, but his september was pretty impressive(especially in crunch time). jmho

Since: Jan 20, 2008
Posted on: January 14, 2012 10:15 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

John Heyman acts like he disvcovered America when he report's these things.  I just want everyone to take notice that there wasn't any news of this deal before it was finalized.  I'm so sick of this time of year how sports writers let agents use these types of sites to posture their client's position knowing full well that everything is simply made up out of thin air.  I know we're all starving for information this time of year but it's really a bunch of garbage generated by people who need to invent things to write about this time of year. 

Since: Jan 9, 2009
Posted on: January 14, 2012 10:07 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

this is a great trade if your a yankee

Since: Apr 21, 2007
Posted on: January 14, 2012 9:59 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

People need to get a grip with all of the "Pineda doesn't have the mental makeup to pitch in NY" and "Pineda tired out in the second half" and "this could cost Cashman his job."
Amen, brother.  No matter what the Yankees do, we all know that a bunch of bashers have got to crawl out from under their rocks to swipe.  They can't bash here about "buying" players, so now it's all about Cashman from an incompetency point of view.  It get's so ridiculous it's laughable.  

I like Montero, but I think you've got to look for more than a DH from your "top prospect".  Like the article said, many BB insiders don't see him panning out as a catcher and the Yanks have Tex as 1st base.  They get a 22-year old major league pitcher with some good upside, and hold on the their two other pitching "Killer-B" prospects.

All-in-all, a good move by Cashman in my opinion. 

Since: Dec 23, 2008
Posted on: January 14, 2012 9:55 am

Yankees agree to trade Montero for Pineda

I think it's a win, win deal. The Yankees don't need Montero's bat but they need to shore up their pitching. Getting a young pitcher with this much potential is terrific. They are creating a young core of quality pitchers with Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes, they have talent in the minors to replace the players in the field that are getting older and other quality young catchers. This move is not just about this season but the future of the club as well. Montero gives Seattle a future superstar bat who can either be their DH or First baseman. Great trade. Go Yankees!!!!

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