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Jay Cutler understands dangers of his own arm

Posted on: July 25, 2010 7:26 pm
Mike Martz and Jay Cutler will, theoretically, decide the fate of the Chicago Bears in 2010. Sure, other stuff (Matt Forte not sophomore slumping, the offensive line not slumping, period) matters too, but Cutler and Martz wlll, ahem, bear the brunt of the focus for both blame and kudos.

Of course, Martz' system will ask Cutler to do the precise opposite of what we've seen him do in the pros thus far: throw to a spot, not an open receiver. In fact, one could argue that Cutler's cannon arm might actually pose a problem for him in this system.
"I totally agree with that,'' Cutler said in an exclusive interview with the Sun-Times . "In the West Coast [offense], you can see it and let it fly. But this system is total trust. You have to trust the receivers. You have to trust the call. You have to trust the spots. If you don't, if you don't let it fly when it's supposed to, it's going to be an interception." So, the good news is that Cutler understands his own limitations as a quarterback.

The bad news is that, according to the same Sun-Times interview, he hasn't found success throwing to spots thus far in his experience with Martz' system. And, of course, there's always the problem that Cutler has a strong propensity for making bad decisions in the heat of the moment during games.

To solve this potential problem, Cutler says he'll talk with former Martz quarterback and new retiree Kurt Warner. That's nice and all, but all the talking that Warner can do about "trusting the system" and "giving things over" probably won't be enough to salvage the 2010 experiment in Chicago.

-- Will Brinson

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Jay Cutler understands dangers of his own arm

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