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Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

Posted on: August 23, 2010 4:02 pm
J. Walker and B. Favre shown here during happier times (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The scenario Will told you about the other day – the Vikings possibly signing Brett Favre’s old buddy (but not really), WR Javon Walker – seems to be on the verge of occurring.

According to , the Vikings plan to sign Walker, an eight-year veteran who’s spent the past two seasons in Oakland. Or, more accurately, has spent the past two seasons disappearing in Oakland.

Walker had his best success – an 89-catch, 1,482-yard, 12-touchdown year that resulted in Walker’s only Pro Bowl berth – when he was catching passes from Favre in Green Bay during the 2004 season.

But the next year, he held out during training camp. A move that did not sit well with Favre.

"If Javon wants to know what the quarterback thinks, and I would think he might, I'd tell him he's going about this the wrong way,” Favre said at the time. “When his agent tells him not to worry about what his teammates think and all that stuff, I'd tell him I've been around a long time and that stuff will come back to haunt you."

Walker suffered a bad knee injury in Week 1, and the next season, he found himself in Denver. He had a good season there in 2006 (69 catches, 1,084 yards, eight TDs), but since then, Walker has been a shell of his former self, combining for 41 catches and one score in the past three seasons.

I imagine Walker – who said a few months ago he’d be willing to play for the veterans minimum salary – would welcome a chance to play with Favre again, considering he’s been a non-factor four of the past five years he’s played. Besides, six of Favre’s targets caught 25 passes or more from him last season.

Don’t expect Walker (shown at right during happier times with Favre) to hang around too long, though. Right now, the Vikings receiving room is pretty bare without Percy Harvin (migraines) and Sidney Rice (hip). Assuming they return, though, Favre most likely will be throwing to receivers with whom he actually gets along.

And Walker most likely will have to contemplate retirement.

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Posted on: February 1, 2012 2:45 pm

Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

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Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

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Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

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Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

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Posted on: August 25, 2010 9:34 am

Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

As an avid Packer fan, here is one more reason for me to shake my head at Brett's behavior. I'm so glad he's no longer on the team from Wisconsin. Think I can get my hands on the crystal ball the Packers front office must so obviously have?

Since: Dec 13, 2006
Posted on: August 24, 2010 7:22 pm

Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

Dude you are basing your opinion of him based off the "drama" created during his recent off-seasons, which in reality aren't that bad but are blown out of proportion by the media.

I'm basing my opinion off of him based on who he is as a person, OUTSIDE of football. How about all the commentators always telling the fans that most people's view of Favre's ego being out of control is so far from the truth, how about all the players who talk about loving him being on the team because nobody has more fun and enjoys it more than be does, how about all the people who live in brett's town who talk about how he holds the door open for you or asks you how are you doing.

here's a quest i have for you, try finding a video where brett favre comes off as en ego-maniac by what he says, try finding a video of brett favre in an interviewing sounding like an ass-hole, YOU CAN'T! the medis pertrays him as an ego-maniac and you let the media sway your opinions on everything.

Since: Oct 29, 2007
Posted on: August 24, 2010 9:38 am

Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

I think the way Brett Favre talks is cool.  And what quarterback isn't an ego-maniac.  He called one of his players out, so what.  He's as fierce a competitor as the game has ever seen.

Since: Sep 13, 2007
Posted on: August 24, 2010 9:02 am

Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

WOW, what a Viking hater. It seems to me that there should be a few more NFL is "fixed" anyways haters. Nice to be a Viking fan, EVEN though we have to try and live with having Favre after hating him for so many years, have him get them to the NFC Title game, ONLY to have the refs blow it, have the New Fixed League fine him and apologize for a mess of blown calls (not only the late hit by TWO guys on the replay, the ball is PAST the line of scrimmage when he's hit by high one low), and when the announcer even says, (though Visante Shianco (spelling?) caught a pass while completely being pulled by the back of his jersey) "I guess the flag shouldn't be thrown if you make the catch?" meaning the flag SHOULD'VE been thrown, catch or no catch.  

Since: Jan 19, 2007
Posted on: August 24, 2010 8:25 am

Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

This is not a medi-generated perception. The media had been slobbering all over Favre for 16 years. Then, when he started his retire-don't-retire, trade-me-to-a-divisional-opponent nonsense, the media began to expose the drama queen diva side of Favre.

If it were as media-generated thing, then they probably would have done the same thing with other all-time greats. Have they made Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, or Jerry Rice out to be egomaniacal drama queens? Not one bit. Thoise guys ust played hard, showed up on time, and retired with dignity.

Since: Jan 3, 2007
Posted on: August 24, 2010 1:54 am

Vikings close to signing Javon Walker

He told a young star (Javan Walker) not to hold out, but play his way to a new contract. How does that compare with resting a few weeks of training camp as an eighteen year veteran?

Who cares if he is an egomaniac? A jerk? Whatever. How does he play when he is given the ball? Favre has measured up with the best quarterbacks ever. The rest is everyone playing TMZ or whatever that celebrity news show my wife watches. "Did you hear what he said?"

I laugh at all of the Packers fan who bad-mouth Favre. How many years ago was it when they worshipped him? I think the fact that he wanted to go to Minnesota, specifically to defeat the Packers, is why. He was 2-0 last year and it hurt them deeply. I respected him as a Packer, he was really good. He made me angry many times. I wanted my Vikings to knock him out of the game. But he was tough.

But to suggest that Favre is the entire Vikings' team is also silly. Minnesota is deep across the board. They have elite talent at RB with Adrian Peterson. Receivers like Visanthe Shiancoe, Sidney Rice, and Percy Harvin. A great running offensive line. A defensive front that is as good as any, including Kevin and Pat Williams, Jared Allen, and Ray Edwards. Decent linebackers. Some talent in the secondary. And of course, Favre. But Tarvaris Jackson has proven he can lead the team to a division title, too (2008).

This team went to OT in the NFC Champioship with the Super Bowl winning Saints on their home field despite five turnovers. it is a good team.

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