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Does Cundiff plan on losing Ravens kick contest?

Posted on: August 30, 2010 9:24 am

Posted by Andy Benoit

Have you ever heard the story about the samurai who lost a sword fight before it even started? The samurai, in a fit of rage, ripped out his sword, threw his holster away and charged his foe. The foe, calm and collected, easily defeated the rattled samurai. Afterwards, it was suggested that, subconsciously, the samurai planned on losing all along. After all, if he’d planned on winning, he would have needed a place to put his sword, and therefore, would not have discarded his holster before charging.

This in mind, does it seem a little odd that Billy Cundiff, who is neck and neck with Shayne Graham in the battle for the Ravens kicking job, has already booked a flight home to Phoenix for this Saturday? Saturday is when the Ravens make final cuts to form their 53-man roster.

Sure, Cundiff, the incumbent kicker, isn’t verbally ruling himself out of the competition. In fact, he might be leading it. "They'll let me know whether I'm coming back," Cundiff told the Baltimore Sun. But residents of Baltimore don’t generally take a weekend getaway to Phoenix. Why even test fate?

The Baltimore Sun says that Cundiff has been slightly better than Graham in preseason and training camp. And Cundiff seemingly has a stronger leg. But the Ravens would never have signed Graham to begin with if they were entirely confident in Cundiff.

Graham, a 32-year-old ex-Bengal, is the fourth most accurate kicker in NFL history (85.2 percent). Cundiff, 30, is on his ninth NFL team.
It’s possible Cundiff can pull off the upset. He is 3/3 in the preseason, making field goals from 26, 42 and 25 yards. Graham is 2/3, connecting from 32 and 24 yards, and missing from 50. But if Cundiff does win the job, deep down, it sounds like he might be more surprised than anyone.

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Does Cundiff plan on losing Ravens kick contest?

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Does Cundiff plan on losing Ravens kick contest?

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