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Leinart to be released; where will he go?

Posted on: September 4, 2010 2:11 pm
Edited on: September 4, 2010 3:33 pm
Posted by Andy Benoit

Matt Leinart has less than four hours remaining in his disappointing Cardinals career. The Cardinals have released the former No. 10 overall pick. Ken Whisenhunt has decided to go with Max Hall as the backup to Derek Anderson.
M. Leinart
Though not at the JaMarcus Russell level, this puts Leinart in the “biggest bust this decade” discussion. Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic pours some salt into the Bidwell Family’s wounds by pointing out, “The Cardinals don't have to pay Leinart's $2.485 million salary this year, but Leinart has collected about $17.6 million from the club since being the 10th overall pick in the 2006 draft.”

Leinart will be free to join any team, though he’ll have to be willing to do so as a backup. Earlier this week, the Raiders, Giants and Bills were rumored to have interest.

Don’t overlook the Seahawks as a possible destination for the former Heisman Trophy winner. Pete Carroll, we’ll assume, is a Leinart fan. Seattle just parted ways with J.P. Losman. Of course, the Seahawks also invested fairly heavily in Charlie Whitehurst over the offseason. If Leinart were to sign there, he’d likely be settling for zero playing time in 2010 and a mere promise for a chance to compete for the task of replacing Matt Hasselbeck in 2011. (And that’s assuming the Seahawks decide to replace Hasselbeck in 2011.)

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Leinart to be released; where will he go?

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Leinart to be released; where will he go?

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Leinart to be released; where will he go?

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Leinart to be released; where will he go?

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Leinart to be released; where will he go?

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Posted on: September 5, 2010 4:45 pm

Leinart to be released; where will he go?

Leinart has got to find some heart and soul if he is going to have any chance for success outside of Arizona.First of all, I wish people would stop saying that Matt Leinart has been given every opportunity to succeed, mostly because its crap. He got a shot when he started 11 games which was before the Arizona Cardinals were the team they've become over the last 2 years. Now, a QB who pays attention to the field and goes to his check down receiver, should not be penalized for doing so. If he took several shots down the field to try and make a big statement and the passes were dropped or if the receiver gets beat to the ball and its picked they'd be killing him about his judgment. All in all, giving someone the reins is doing what they've done in Detroit and Baltimore, and they're going to do in St. Louis. Give the man the ball and let him play. If he stinks it up then you didn't lose anything because you're expecting to stink if you're going to start journeyman Derek Anderson. You aren't complimenting him with a 100% healthy Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Edge James like Warner was; you're trying to to say you should be able to do just as well without Boldin, 85% healthy Fitzgerald, and a lackluster RB in Hightower and unproven, yet to emerge Beanie Wells. Someone, please tell me how throwing interceptions and being inefficient is taking hold of the QB position? Anyone? I'll be reading...

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Posted on: September 5, 2010 3:13 pm

Leinart to be released; where will he go?

It's a good thing there is an outlet for your rage, otherwise your head just might pop right there on your shoulders.  Too bad about warning everyone about the stock market crashes.  Or the Bidwells about how horrible Leinart would be.  Crap!  We should just let you run everything and we'd all be just fine.  Maybe not the country, but how about being NFL commish?  Maybe the Bidwells will see this post and you could solve all their problems!  As a matter of fact, I have a friend that is going through some rough times right now.  Do you think you could help her out too? 

You need to smoke some really, really, really good weed.  I feel a great deal of pity for you, and people like you.  Perhaps you should switch to a decaf version of the coffee that people need to wake up and smell.  The NFL is what it is.  And it will not change for you, unless you do take that commish job.  Good luck with that.  I will continue to buy jerseys, and pay to watch games because the NFL is an enjoyable product, despite its many flaws.  That will continue to enable these multi-million dollar premadonnas to luck out and have fantastic lives, because that is the way the capitalist system works.  Sounds like you need a nice tall glass of "deal with it".

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Posted on: September 5, 2010 1:48 pm

Leinart to be released; where will he go?

Where will ML go?  Backup until relased. 

Sure a guy might be able to get away with riding pine for 10 years without a snap.  But barring that, I think it's CFL or Arena for him.  Except I don't think Hollywood would like that. 

My guess, is he'll hook on to his last team, not do enough, (probably even expect more of a chance than he'll get...because whatever shot he had this year will be 10x more than any shot in future years).

So I say he goes to one of the first two or three teams that lose a QB or backup (during practice) to injury.  Where he'll stay on that team for this year, perhaps next, and be gone from the NFL.

Don't let the door hit your behind on the way out.   I hear various rec leagues around the country are looking for a limp armed QB.  You'll bring the beer bong and laid back attitude.  Now THAT'S MATT's PERFECT situation.

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Posted on: September 5, 2010 1:39 pm

Leinart to be released; where will he go?

Stupid argument.  He wasn't cut for money.  He was cut because he SUCKS.

You see the money you play for isn't the main deal.  It's THE FOOTBALL PLAYER YOU ARE.

The cardinals basically paid almost 20 million dollars for someone who sucked big balls almost every time he was in.  (a rookie contract, that was dictated by draft positioning...which they will change next CBA)

You must be one of the Lebron idiots who thinks what he did was right.  (LeNero, master of the idiots)

Oh so it's about Revis.  Yeah, your man is a d-bag.  Just like V. Jackson.

The one thing you forget is that rookie players, are getting 10x the amount they should (perhaps 5x) on their rookie contract.  SO you talk about how much the cards were forced to pay ML and how that's THEIR fault. 

Revis signed his contract, a very favorable one.  But you see favorable then, and favorable now are light years apart.  Boo hoo. He's still rich. (for now)

Besides when the economy tanks because of idiot Obama (being bush #3, or Reagan #6 or Nixon #8), no millionaire will be able to live like middle class, so its not like any of these guys WILL be rich later.  They'll ALL be broke.  So we're kinda missing the point right?   What the difference between 40 million and 40 billion, when it'll take 40 trillion to wipe your butt with toilet paper. 

When you see the true reality, it makes you chuckle that these guys are holding out for NOTHING.  Because 40 million will be worth NOTHING.  Revis and all the other d-bags are just acting like how they are, d-bags.

Besides, teams cut poor players.  If your job was to answer phones, and you couldn't answer the phone, should your employer keep you around?  No.  ML sucks.  I've been saying it for years exactly why I think or thought he was going to suck.   Time always proves me right.  Like 12 dollar oil, or 200 dollar gold.  Or seeing the 2000-2001 crash coming.  Or the 2007-2008 one coming, and seeing ALL THE STUFF WE NEED TO TAKE US OUT OF THIS MESS ON THE TABLE BEFORE THE CRISIS EVEN STARTED. 

People just need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Revis is a d-bag, ML sucks and is a d-bag. 

You ARE defending millionare panzy players, and your ego can't handle that.  Revis may be good, may be a part of your team in the future (or not), but he definitely is a d-bag. It's not just a case of either/or, it's a case of and/or and is tearing your up.  Grow a pair.  You'll feel better. Your star athletes don't need to be perfect.  You can still like a guy, and be pro jets, and still THINK, and KNOW Revis is a d-bag.  Get over it.  It's and/or, not either/or.

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Posted on: September 5, 2010 12:25 am

Leinart to be released; where will he go?

I agree that it was something beyond the numbers, etc.  But I don't believe it was just personal between the coach and Leinart.  You said yourself, Kurt Warner was a bit lukewarm about him and Boldin wasn't surprised either.  There's a lot more to being the QB than just making a few throws.  You have to be able to inspire and LEAD. I don't think that was the case with Leinart.  That, plus reacting to a bit of competition by making a plea to the media rather than working harder and trying to enlist the support of his teammates was his downfall.  It's well known that teams often enlist another player to "push" their current one in his position.  Leinart didn't understand this and seemed to think he just won the job by showing up and playing.  It's telling that none of the Cardinal players ever seemed to say anything real positive or supportive about Leinart and have been conspicuously silent during this whole "controversy."  No, Matt needs to mature a little perhaps and if nothing else, he apparently needs to learn how to LEAD in his play.

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