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Alex Barron isn't the only one who holds

Posted on: September 13, 2010 2:21 pm

Posted by Andy Benoit

Apparently, it’s Dump-On-Alex-Barron Day today. So we’ll tell you that, with three holding calls in the final 31 minutes against the Redskins Sunday Night (including the game-loser), the former Ram and now current Cowboy offensive tackles ranks second amongst all NFL players in holding penalties over the last five years. C. Rabach (US Presswire)

Mike Sando of was kind enough to publish the top five (numbers through last season):

1. Casey Rabach, 23

2. Mike Gandy, 20 (now out of the league)

3. Alex Barron, 19 (again, prior to last night)

4. Jammal Browns, 19

5t. Robert Gallery, 16 (impressive considering he’s missed some games)

5t. Richie Incognito, 16 (imagine if we were counting personal fouls, huh?)

5t. Jeff Backus, 16

5t. Ben Hamilton, 16

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Alex Barron isn't the only one who holds

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Alex Barron isn't the only one who holds

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Alex Barron isn't the only one who holds

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Posted on: September 13, 2010 4:25 pm

Alex Barron isn't the only one who holds

I'm less concerned about the aggregate number of holding penalites he has, as I am his seemingly unaffected attitude following the game.  The dude just LITERALLY lost the game and he's smiling and hugging up on Skins players and teammates like he won the lottery.  Oh wait, I guess he did, because getting paid as much money as his fat, untalented arse gets is about the same as winning the lottery.  I really miss the days when guys played because they loved the game and competition, and a loss made them angry and ready to fight.  Now these two supposed "rivals" don't give a crap about the score... they're all about getting a nice paycheck and hanging out with their fellow millionaires after the "game"... 
Barron is just the poster boy for how lazy play will land you on a top 5 list like this one, and any team that plays a donkey like him deserves to lose games because of his play.

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Posted on: September 13, 2010 3:09 pm

Alex Barron isn't the only one who holds

boy, it sure is nice to see 2 FORMER rams on this list. Incognito and Barron are both overpaid, under talent, turds. At least Barron isnt a mental case like richie, he just doesnt care. he shows up to work, puts forth pretend effort, and collects a paycheck. rams were so lucky that we were able to get a practice squad LB for this garbage player. Rams were also smart enough to put carpenter on practice squad, and not make him a starter! nice move there Jerry, maybe you should remove your bicep from wade phillip's rear, im sure he will be just as good of a puppet if you are only elbow deep. 

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