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Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

Posted on: September 16, 2010 6:05 pm
Edited on: September 16, 2010 6:06 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

As we had thought, the Eagles will start Michael Vick at quarterback this Sunday.

So writes the Philadelphia Inquirer, which cites a team source for the information.

Philadelphia QB Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion against the Packers last week, and he finally passed the subsequent concussion test he had to take today. But he can’t practice until Friday, and that will be too late for him to get heavily involved in the Eagles game plan for the Lions.

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Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

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Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

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Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

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Posted on: September 19, 2010 2:12 am

Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

----you make some great points there....these are things that I was thinking about elaborating on.  However, and I mean this respectfully, I have to disagree on the assessment of Coach Phillips for the Cowboys. While I and most "boys" fans will admit he is nowhere near ever being a "strong personalty, strike fear and motivation into my players" kinda coach, he really isnt the problem. Just like Rex Ryan, Coach Phillips only handles defense, which I think most people most admit, Cowboys defense is pretty good.  Not the best, but pretty good. At times great, but not all the time. Last year we were known for giving up big plays over the middle. We have not done that so far this year, but its only one game. (i do think we have improved in that area,our defense did not lose us the game,  but we will see)
The biggest problem with the Cowboys is Jason Garrett...he started out great, but thats it. His plays have gotten un-creative, predictable, and easily read-able by defenses.  Watching the games on TV, I can predict most the plays!!!!  Granted I get the birds eye view, but still, its not that hard to figure out what we are doing most plays.  I'm sure a lot of non-cowboys fans have said similar things.  Of coarse I'm going to say this cuz I'm a fan, but I really think we have the highest number of individually talented players on one team.  However, if we cant bring that together to form a winning team, what does that say about us?  Just like General Motors, the problem wasn't the employees, but the management. 
(btw...Jerry is hands off with play calling, has been since Parcells, but a lot if people keep that alive..Jerry is mainly involved with player pickups now, and, quite frankly, pretty good at it....except for having a man crush on Tashard Choice...I still dont get it, neither does anyone else)
Anyways...back onto Kolb and Vick....
I agree that I think Kolb is the future for the franchise*(see below), I also agree with all of Blitzylvania's points about why they got rid of McNabb.  I have always respected McNabb, and I think he is a great QB.  However, after the tenure he had with Philly, it gets to a point where you just KNOW that that person is not going to get you the championship. Its not a knock on his ability, maybe its a chemistry thing, maybe its right person, wrong offensive scheme/right offensive scheme, wrong person...who knows.... There are tons of things that could be it.  I see how other people can see it as being a mistake, as McNabb truly is a franchise QB, but he clearly was also not accomplishing the main goal of winning a championship, and once you make the decision as a coach or owner that this person, while great, simply will not get it done in my organization, you have to trade them while you can get maximum value for him.  They got good value with the picks they got, however the sacrifice they made was trading to a division rival. However, if Philly felt confident that either Washington would go nowhere with McNabb, or, that they (Philly)could take them in the division regardless, then it was a good decision, as the picks they got where worth it. 
*And remember, regardless what happens with Kolb, you have a 3 time pro-bowler that is about to really prove to us all he still has it (if he hasn't proven it yet)......not a bad position to be in.....unless your Andy Reid, and have to go back on your word of backing Kolb....because Vick is blowing up THAT much....Here is where you ALL (even Philly fans) call  me crazy....If Vick can do what I think he are the NY Giants of 2007....and a super-bowl is very possible...nobody will see you coming...get that defense strait, and you are on your way...just all depends on Vick...and Reid.

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Posted on: September 18, 2010 10:40 am

Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

CT, you're being hypocritical.

1.) You say you've seen enough of Kevin Kolb to KNOW he's a bust.


2.) You wonder what I've seen in him for him not to be a bust.

You're less viewing time of Kolb than my own is more valuble?  Hypocrite.  And a double standard.  No double standards here. we have enough of them with fake Philly fan Angelo Citaldi (more on this fool later).

The Eagles franchise made a huge mistake in trading McNabb away especially to a NFC East division team.  They will be paying for it for a while.

Ok, let me ask you this (than answer)  Are the Redskins going to go win a Super Bowl now?  Are they going to prevent the Eagles from ever winning a Super Bowl?  Was McNabb going to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory? 

The answer, to all 3, is a resounding NO!

So how are they exactly going to be paying for it.  Don't make a statement like that, without explaining WHY.

You people have been trying to get rid of McNabb since the day he was drafted. 
Didn't I tell you to stop telling me what you thought the Eagles fanbase thought?  Because you obviously don't, so why you even pretending that you do?

First off, a small minority of fans have been wanting to get rid of McNabb since he was drafted.  In fact, that small consortium was a group organized by Angelo Citaldi, a sports radio personality in Philly who is from New York.  He's not really a Philly fan, he's a hater and detractor that pretends to be a fan.  He's a fraud.  And it's unfortunate the small group he leads believes so much in him. 

The fact?  The MAJORITY of Eagles fans have supported McNabb from day 1.  And supported him until Trade Day.  And I'm one of those people.  Don't believe me?  Ask me how many different Eagles jerseys I've worn since 1999.  I'll give you one guess, than I'll give you the answer...

Got your guess?


Just One.  Now who was on that jersey?  I'll give you one guess.

Got your guess?


#5, Donovan McNabb.  THE MOST POPULAR JERSEY FOR THE EAGLES, EVERY YEAR, SINCE HE WAS DRAFTED.  Over half the jerseys sold, were his.

So you know apparently NOTHING of what the Eagles fanbase thought or felt.  All you know is what the talking heads on ESPN told you, and they feed off of stereotypes more than pigs feed off of slop.

I'm not saying you specifically just Eagles fans in general.
Than what you say, is wrong.

McNabb is only 1 year older then Tom Brady, you think New England is going to get rid of him? Don't think so. 

While I can't speak for all New Englanders, I do happen to live with one, and talk frequently with a lot of his family.  And yes, there were grumblings, and from my understanding from what they told me of their Patriots brethren, there were some grumblings up until he got the fat contract extension.  Like Eagles fans, the Patriots fans trust the franchise.  Some don't, just like here, some don't. 

Patriots fans don't make decisions or influence the Patriots, just like Eagles fans don't make decisions or influence the Eagles.  If they did, the Eagles would have had every single premier Wide Receiver from FA on their team every year for the past 5 years, and every premier FA defensive end. 

You don't trade one when you have it.  Just ask the Denver Broncos fans in a few years.  Jay Cutler was a steal for the Bears.
There's a bit of a difference between Jay Cutler, and Donovan McNabb. 

One is young, and can still be molded into a champion.  The other isn't.  I doubt the first ever becomes a champion.  The second, never will.  So if a "franchise QB" is not going to help further your team to a championship, and you need to rebuild...why not trade him?  He gave the Eagles valuble pieces to help them win something.  More of a chance if they had kept him. 

If the Eagles had the 2000 Ravens or the 1985 Bears defense then maybe Kolb would be ok, maybe.  But they don't.
Well, their defense in my opinion is going to become very good.  CB's need some work, but other than that, most of the positions have quality-to-great players.  Though nobody is going to be like Singletary or Lewis.  Than again, one of the 3 best defenses of all time didn't have that great middle linebacker.  Though they had Seth Joyner.  Though that guy eventually went on to win a Super Bowl.

I really don't care who the Eagles got in the trade, they don't have a franchise QB and therefore will be at the bottom of the NFC east for a long time. The Cowboys, Redskins and Giants all do.
Good, don't care.  I really don't care that you don't care. 

Tony Romo can't win when it matters.  At least McNabb could with a good team.  Just couldn't do it when it mattered most (SB39)

Eli Manning is a franchise QB?  Yeh ok.  Why?  Because the Giants won a Super Bowl when he was on the team?  They only won because they had a GREAT defense.  If that defense didn't play like they did, to shut down the most productive offense of all time, Eli Manning would be considered by everyone, for what he really is.  An overhyped, slightly better than average QB.  I see it, if the Giants can win with Eli, the Eagles could win with Kevin Kolb.

And the Redskins have a franchise QB?  For how long?  Think he wants to stay there?  They have the band-aid crew for the RB's, their WR's are a crap core, and their defense is holier than the pope.  They're frauds.

So why are they going to be at the bottom for a long time?  Only two teams in the NFC East are building themselves for sustained success.  One is already there, taking advantage of the down couple of years of the other franchise.  The Cowboys and the Eagles.  The Cowboys though have all the pieces in place practically (except the head coach, who is a complete moron).  Though that took time to create.  Took how many of Parcells years, than a few under Phillips with JJ running the show to build that contender.  However, they've shown nothing that they can win consistantly at the higher level that is the playoffs.  Only one NFC East team has done that in recent years.  And that team, is revamping themselves for future success.  And it's not the Giants, and it's not the Redskins (laff). 

So hear me clearly on this:  I've long ago accepted that this season is not a year to make a run.  This is a development year.  Figure out what you got, and tweak it.  I trust the franchise to make the right decisions based on what we all see.  You can't though figure out what you got, until you see it all work together.  And right now, everybody is realizing, that the offensive line is crap.  And no matter who the QB is, the offense won't be successful in the long run without that being addressed. 

So I'm going to stop posting to you now.  And won't reply to you, until you get some seriously misinformed concepts out of your head, and want to discuss something, with an open mind, and realize that some people, know more about the situation because they've observed it, much more than you.

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Posted on: September 17, 2010 11:41 pm

Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

Blitzlvania, Because I have have watched him play and am not an Eagles fan.  I look at him as just another guy.  Kevin Kolb is Kyle Boller, just a little bit younger.  The Eagles franchise made a huge mistake in trading McNabb away especially to a NFC East division team.  They will be paying for it for a while.  I don't have to know what you Eagles fans are thinking, I said if I were a Eagles fan which thank god I a am not.  You people have been trying to get rid of McNabb since the day he was drafted.  I'm not saying you specifically just Eagles fans in general. McNabb is only 1 year older then Tom Brady, you think New England is going to get rid of him? Don't think so.  My team the Chicago Bears have not had a franchise QB since Jim McMahon(questionable) in the late 1980's.  You don't trade one when you have it.  Just ask the Denver Broncos fans in a few years.  Jay Cutler was a steal for the Bears.  If the Eagles had the 2000 Ravens or the 1985 Bears defense then maybe Kolb would be ok, maybe.  But they don't.  I really don't care who the Eagles got in the trade, they don't have a franchise QB and therefore will be at the bottom of the NFC east for a long time. The Cowboys, Redskins and Giants all do.

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Posted on: September 17, 2010 4:21 pm

Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

Blitzlvania, What makes you think that Kevin Kolb is not Kyle Boller?

Better mechanics, stronger arm, better accuracy....he just has better overall talent at QB. 

I know your an Eagles fan and support your players, but what has Kolb done to make you think he is going to be a good NFL QB?

First off, because I'm an Eagles fan I support the players on the Eagles?  Are we going to devolve ourselves into misinformed stereotypes? 

To answer your question: Nothing.  Did I ever say he's going to be a good QB?  I just said he won't be Kyle Boller, and I use the reasons above.

I have seen 4 TD's and 3 picks last year in 2 blowout games.  In the previous 2 years he did nothing.
Why do you think he did nothing in the previous two years?  Might have something to do with that guy who was always starting for the Eagles.  You know, prenenial Pro-Bowler, and possible HOFer who could win games for the team?  You remember that guy?

If I were and Eagles fan I would wish that they had not traded Donovan McNabb away.

You wouldn't be the only person who had that sentiment.  I personally loved McNabb and fully appreciate everything he did for the team, and honestly, whether or not he was traded made little difference for me.  I do see the benefit though of trading him.  And those reasons are clearly stated.

1.) Brandon Graham
2.) Nate Allen

Without trading McNabb, the Eagles never would have had the draft pick to get Nate Allen, nor would they have made the trades to move up in the draft to get Brandon Graham.  Both have shown they are going to be solid-to-excellent NFL players, and they both fill holes the Eagles desperately needed to fill on defense.

Since they did you better hope Michael Vick can revert to his pre prison days otherwise it's going to be a long season in Philadelphia.  Sorry, but I think Kolb will be a complete bust and it has nothing to do with the 1st half of the Green Bay Packers game.
Well, if you knew me, you would have known I've already prepared for a "long season".  Trust me, nobody expects them to win the Super Bowl, and making the playoffs is an outside possibility.  Why?  Rebuilding.  Duh.  And it's not really rebuilding, it's more so developing.  The Eagles practically skipped the rebuilding stage and are developing their young talent.  And there's a lot of good talent there.  It just needs to develop and culminate into something better.  This year is all about getting the youth to develop with each other, to make runs in the future. 

And why do you think Kolb will be a complete bust?  Does he not throw the ball well?  Does he not have a strong arm?  Does he not know how to run an offense with receivers crossing everywhere?  What is it?  Because I really can't see any of those reasons above. 

You sir, have a strong misconception of what Eagles fans are thinking.  Until you get a better idea, please don't act like you know what we're all thinking.

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Posted on: September 17, 2010 1:33 pm

Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

BTW..while we all knew Vick was going to start, when this thread was started, it was technically not official.  10 minutes ago, the Eagles officially announced Vick as the starter...go Mike!

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Posted on: September 17, 2010 12:54 pm

Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

one more reason to hate the eagles.

nice to see a dog killer get a second chance though the dogs didn't.

what a piece of crap, a perfect match for eagle fans.

the nfl should be ashamed.

Says the guy who is a fan of the Cowboays and Gators. WOW!

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Posted on: September 17, 2010 12:41 pm

Report: Vick will start at QB Sunday

WhoisWhoaint----that was by far the smartest response I have read yet!!  Thank you for showing intelligence when
there seems to be very little here.

For those that want to talk about dog fighting, start a new thread for it, because it has no place here.  This thread is about if Vick is starting, and what we think he will do.....ON THE FIELD!!
Im a Cowboys fan, so this has nothing to do with "team love" for me.  Is Vick better than Kolb? Is Kolb better than Vick?  No to both answers.  Each QB brings is own skill set and playing style to the table.  I honestly believe that one is not better than the other on the surface, but instead, the real question is: Which QB is the best option for what the team is right now?  This is a "show me what you got right this second league"---what you can do next week, next month, next year is useless garbage.  Teams, owners, fans, the NFL itself wants immediate, right now results..thats the way its been, way its always going to be..Right this second, especially with the O-line the way it is,,,yes, VICK gives the better opportunity to win..specifically BECAUSE of his running ability.

And besides, everyone acts like all Vick can do is run...did anyone even watch the game?  He made 4-5 passes in a row that were 100% perfect..I mean perfect..Manning, Brady, Brees could not have thrown some of those balls better.  He hit the 3 keys things when it comes to passing:  On time, On Target, and in a place only HIS receiver could catch it....few QBs can truly make that statement, and the ones that can, will never run like VICK..  I truly believe his arm is better than its EVER been, and if we was the full on starter all year, I think its very safe to say top 5, even top3 FANTASY QB...not real QB, but Fantasy...and thats the real reason we are all here, so its all that should matter.

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