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Edwards and then Fitzpatrick; where's Brohm?

Posted on: September 24, 2010 12:11 am
B. Brohm will not be Buffalo's next starting QB. That honor goes to R. Fitzpatrick (Getty). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

When the Bills announced Ryan Fitzpatrick would take over the Buffalo starting quarterback duties away from Trent Edwards, I wondered why they hadn’t turned to the youngest quarterback on the roster. The one we know the least about. The one who, for all we know, could be the best of the bunch.

I wondered why coach Chan Gailey hasn’t given Brian Brohm a shot.

We know what Edwards can do – a 60.9 career completion percentage to go with 25 TDs and 27 INTs and a guy who’s closer to a .500 record as a starter than you might think (14-18). We also know he’s been utterly unreliable this season. In effect, a disaster.

We know what Fitzpatrick can do – a 57.8 career completion percentage to go with 21 TDs and 27 INTs and a guy who’s not very close at all to a .500 record as a starter (8-14-1).

Neither has been a great NFL quarterback. Neither gives Buffalo fans much hope. So, I wondered, why not just start Brohm?

I talked with Bills Rapid Reporter Mark Ludwiczak about this, and here’s what we determined.

Edwards is struggling mentally right now – yep, that’s what happens when you lose your first two games by a combined score of 49-17 – and he’s not throwing the ball vertically down the field, settling for checkdown after checkdown. Fitzpatrick sees the field better than Edwards, but he’s got less arm strength. Still, at this point, Gailey wants at least to try to get the ball to receivers down the field, and Fitzpatrick’s athleticism and smarts give him two other checkmarks.

Basically, it’s come down to the lesser of two evils. And for now, that’s Fitzpatrick.

But what about Brohm? Well, basically, it comes down to this: Brohm hasn’t performed well enough to win the coaching staff’s confidence. He wasn’t consistent enough at training camp – against the second- and third-string defenses, no less – and though we might see Brohm eventually (especially if Fitzpatrick plays like he’s played his entire career), he’s not ready to take over quite yet.

So for now, Buffalo gets Fitzpatrick. Maybe, we’ll see Brohm later in the year. Maybe, Edwards will regain the staff’s trust.

Either way, Buffalo will be experimenting in the basement of the AFC East.

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Edwards and then Fitzpatrick; where's Brohm?

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Edwards and then Fitzpatrick; where's Brohm?

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Edwards and then Fitzpatrick; where's Brohm?

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Posted on: September 24, 2010 11:55 am

Edwards and then Fitzpatrick; where's Brohm?

Incredibly good point. Brohm was a potential top overall pick and stayed at Louisville. He should still have, at the least, raw talent to play. We'll see him once Fitzpatrick gets hurt from one too many defensive linemen hitting him thanks to our Swiss cheese o-line.

But, if Edwards was the starter and played that bad, then what DOES that say about Brohm? I hate thinking too much...

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Posted on: September 24, 2010 6:33 am

Edwards and then Fitzpatrick; where's Brohm?

people often forget that after brohm's junior season at louisville many believed he had a realistic shot at being a top 10 or even top 5 pick in the draft, yet he elected to return for his senior season and now appears to be on the fast track to being a career backup. I find it hard to believe the talent that led so many to think so highly of him as a junior has essentially abandoned him, so why not give him a shot, tell him its his job to lose and see how he performs where little is necessary to exceed expectations.

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