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R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

Posted on: September 28, 2010 12:12 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Richard Tillman joined Real Talk With Bill Maher this past weekend and dropped some comments that are quickly making the rounds of controversial discussion (the YouTube below, which has NSFW language, has nearly 50,000 views already).

On the show Maher discusses The Tillman Story and quickly points out that the way Pat died was "so fishy" and then asks if Richard thinks that his brother was "deliberately attacked by his fellow troops."

Tillman declines to opine specifically on that point, but does state that the situation is "gross negligence" and "it's criminal, for sure." Then he really lets loose, stating that, "I wish he would've just lit these f***ing idiots up with his own gun. 'Cause he knew that they were shooting at him. I wish he didn't have so much character, and he would've shot his own guys."

Richard also gets into the discussion of religion and his speech at Pat's memorial service. Richard said, in response to John McCain's comment that Pat was "with God," "Make no mistake, he'd want me to say this -- he's not with God. He's f***ing dead, he's not religious. Thanks for your thoughts, but he's f***ing dead."

At the 5:20 mark below, Maher runs that clip and asks Richard about the speech. More bleepy symbols follow, per above (and again, the video below is NSFW if your bosses don't like tons of f-bombs). Now is neither the time (lunch calls for me as does a heavy discussion of where Trent Edwards could end up!) nor the place (a blog about football) to get into any sort of discussion about religion and politics. However, the interview is very good (and, again, very riddled with swear words) and worth watching.


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R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

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R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

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R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

Your a idiot.  Your one of those zombies that think that because this guy gave up millions he deserves more attention.  PLEASE get a clue.  I served and I guarantee what I did has far higher purpose and is way more valuable than 1 person who got wayyyy overpaid to play a game.  If your curious google AGM-86-B.  I doubt someone as ignorant as you has the intelligence to understand it but maybe a little research will enlighten you a little

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 4:34 pm

R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

, I have heard your argument a thousand times before and it one of the many flawed arguments that feed my doubt that there is any god of conventional understanding. 1, Why would a supreme being want to force belief in themselves? Are they insecure? 2, Is living out a moral life driven by fear of going to hell a healthy way to live? Shouldn't we live that way because it helps our development as a species, forms bonds, strengthens commitment, and ensures we survive? You know, like we did before the invention of god? 3, There are many possibilities as to what may happen to us after death. It is not limited to only three possibilities. To think that only strengthens the point of christian blindness. 

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Posted on: September 30, 2010 3:28 pm

R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

To everyone here, no matter atheist or God-fearing. When we die, there are two options that most people believe: 1) Our body will be placed into a box and buried and forever or 2) our  body may be placed in a box, but our soul will either go to Heaven or Hell.

For the atheist out there, who believe that there is no Heaven or Hell, you are very much entitled to your opinion and thoughts. But if for any reason your wrong, there is an alternate path and that would be Hell (which in most religions is a pretty horrible place). For believers, worst case scenario is we die and peacefully lie in a box.

It sounds like an awfully big gamble to me. Why not humble ourselves and seek God, again worst case is you were right all along. But on the chance, however slim it may seem, that He does touch your life, maybe you will get a new perspective on life. Or maybe not, but it may prove worth the gamble.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 6:11 pm

R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 4:43 pm

R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

jbartdavis, again you appear clueless as to how a few words from you say so much about what you believe.

Unlike steam and bill, who as God's spokesmen on earth tell others their fate, you wish to turn you back on fairness and justice for others on earth because of their thoughts that your god does nor exist.

As to your 1st post let me make it as simple as possible. If the views of someone who does not believe as you are to be have no weight, that is the first sign of religious intolerance. Even the lack of belief in God or Allah is a choice given to the by your god. Never have I read that God forces humans to believe.

As to your simple points, lets go back to

1.That your seek to impose your beliefs on others. This is not some "world view" but the view of the found fathers of this country.
 You should read the papers of Thomas Payne and then come back.

2. You state that your belief that ideas of right , wrong , justice (ect) can only come from God. Yet democracy is idea from the greeks and runs counter to the bible. So you can understand: king of kings. Yet, for some foolish dogmatic reason, you try to claim I am making some statement about if God is there. Go back and read again. Just as the ignorant label Darwin (a man of god in mind and deed, by his own words) as a non-believer, thus you seek to tar me. At least get your billions right and know something of what you condemn.

3. no "higher standard" is needed for fairness or justice. And truth is just that: truth. Fairness is not always the way of god in the bible. Or should you not know of the brother who stole the rightful hiers place but was yet a favorite of God. Or King David. And "the rest of the world"? Now you speak for the world.

4. Justice can only be judged by man on earth (for deeds on earth) and man does not know the mind of god. While this concept is in the bible, man can only judge for this earth. If you believe in God, then you must understand God made Doubting Thomas and Judas I. to serve his will and purpose and without them playing their given roles Jesus could not move to his next steps. Yet, you seek to condemn the doubters of this age.  You can only know the purpose you feel you should serve with God, and not with his wish for others.

5. World view? Again with that slight attemp at a slur. In the USA you are free to think what you wish. But in the bible, are you free to condemn or is that reserved for God? Again not your place. To say that you are right can only be be right for you. You have no clue of the purpose in life any god has for any person. Yes, you are very narrow minded.

6. Still clueless. But as a bigot toward those who believe differently, does not all bigotry stand as one. One can't find racial jokes wrong but polish jokes fair game. Don't know how the Georgia bigot got into this but I, for one, find any use of that word by any one of any race or color wrong.

7. I also find excluding you a step too far. Just because you do fit the definition of dogmatism does not mean you could not learn. Learn to not judge from the afterlife you have not reached. And to judge from there? That will always be the right of God and never yours.

I only hope the format error in preview does not post that way.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 3:03 pm

R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

Bill and Jbart, man I've tried but I just keep coming back to this stupid post. But this is it, I mean it. If I come back after this, I'll join a 12 step group. I'm not going to argue over religious beliefs or beliefs period. I will not assume to know what you 2 believe in, but I have a pretty good idea based on your comments, but to assume is wrong, and against my principles. For that I apologize. Your opinions are just that, opinions. I will leave it at that, their face value. Jbart, lets not pretend that you are unaware of the way most religions are structured. There is a sacred law, site, book, figure, events, and holidays for all religions that dominate the civilized world. So I am not lumping them together, just pointing out a very recognizable theme. And yes, Jbart, I did not read your post before I replied and still haven't read it, and probably won't. I've read it or heard it before. Sucks to be pre-judged, huh? I'm done, lost interest in you two, and will continue to hope we can put all this behind us in the next couple of centuries.  

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 2:38 pm

R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'


I thought you were through with this thread? You didn't want to waste anymore time on the "dummies"? To Bill's point, you are really the only one on here spreading hate and intolerance, the virtues you hold in such esteem. For example, your continuing reliance on ad hominem attacks to promote whatever it is you are arguing speaks to a blatant amateurism (see post where you ridicule my "anthem to Christ", which obviously you didn't read; See following response to Bill where he made statements in which he was nor more declaratory or matter of fact than you have been throughout this thread: "
Nor am I going to pretend to be an expert on history as you seem to think you are"). 

Your insistance that God is a myth and your hostility and arrogance towards anyone who believes is the exact representation of the fanaticism and intolerance you credit to all religious institutions (and apparently anyone who believes in a supernatural power in the universe).

"It isn't veiled in supernatural powers, sacred books, imaginary hierarchy of higher beings and powers, and sacred laws that people must live by to avoid eternal punishment. Politics are tangible and in most cases transparent, religion is veiled in smoke and imagination based on fear to govern a fledgeling early society."

Not to say that some religions do not focus primarily on the adherence to sacred laws to avoid eternal punishment, mine does not. Your lumping all things religious together in such a way is another fallacious line of thinking on your part. You may as well say that all political regimes commit genocide because Nazi Germany did.

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Posted on: September 29, 2010 2:00 pm

R Tillman wishes Pat 'would've shot his own guys'

Point proven

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