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LeSean McCoy explains late game mistake

Posted on: October 11, 2010 12:32 pm
Posted by Andy Benoit

Eagles second-year running back LeSean McCoy is one of the fastest rising stars in the NFL. An 18-carry, 92-yard performance despite a cracked rib against the 49ers Sunday night augmented his growing reputation. But had the Niners come back and won that game – or had they even forced overtime – we’d be talking about McCoy’s fourth quarter blunder.L. McCoy

Milking the clock and protecting a lead in the final two minutes, McCoy caught a short pass on second-and-13. He had a clear shot at picking up the first down but instead dove after 11 yards. Cris Collinsworth was beside himself (“unbelievable. UN-BEL-IEV-ABLE.”)

So what did McCoy have to say about the play afterwards?

"I should've gotten that [first down],” McCoy said, according to Paul Domowitch of . “That was me overthinking. I thought I had the first down. I wanted to get down there and keep the clock running and close the game out. We can't always put it on our defense.''

Understood. No worries, young fella. Just keep carrying the offense the way you have the last few weeks.

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LeSean McCoy explains late game mistake

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LeSean McCoy explains late game mistake

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LeSean McCoy explains late game mistake

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LeSean McCoy explains late game mistake

I agree that McCoy's mistake was....just that....a mistake.  BUT, he was acting like a "queer"....REALLY?!?!??!  I believe him when he says he thought he had made the First Down and was trying to stay with the ball and run the clock.  You know that ANY SF defender would be trying to hit his ribs AND try for the strip in that situation.  McCoy DID the RIGHT thing....he just needed to move up about 5 yards to do it.  He learned a valuable lesson and the Eagles all but eliminated the Niners from playoff contention......Job Well Done by the entire Eagle team.  No harm, no they say.  McCoy will be back and even better next week against the Falcons....Good Luck, you might need a little since the Dirty Birds are playing pretty well right now.

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Posted on: October 11, 2010 1:13 pm

LeSean McCoy explains late game mistake


And what level of football(higher than high school, if that much) have you ever played?Could you play with a cracked rib? How many other players wouldn't have played at all? He's perhaps the MVP of the team. If he can't play for 2-4 weeks because he re injures his ribs, the Eagle have no chance at the playoffs. He's a top five RB. You armchair athletes kill me. You opinion stinks, and I'm not even and Eagles fan.

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Posted on: October 11, 2010 1:07 pm


hes a great player and a rising star with a lot of potential. heres what really happened though. the player was toughing it out with a broken rib which i commend, but he saw 2 big defenders running full speed at him and he chickened out and slid like a queer to avoid hurting his rib any more. could have cost the eagles the game and a huge drop in the standings, i hope one of the veterans on the squad smacks him around a little and sets him right. im a unbiased fan who happened to be watching the game. just my opinion.

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