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Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

Posted on: November 5, 2010 5:30 pm
Edited on: November 5, 2010 5:43 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

After a two-day vacation to recover from the nightmare that was Randy Moss moving through waivers, what's more exciting than a Friday afternoon report that Zygi Wilf, who's been in Minnesota just hanging out for a few days, was so upset at Brad Childress for circumventing his authority and dumping Moss that the Vikings owner nearly fired his coach and kept his star wideout?

The answer to that rhetorical question is "nothing," so let's break down the noise ESPN's Ed Werder is making -- according to a team source, Wilf was so "irate" that he nearly canned Chilly and retained Moss. This, presumably, is why Moss wasn't actually released on Monday.

Additionally, Werder reports that a Vikings player informed him of individual meetings Wilf held with the players in order to determine "how much support remained for Childress among veteran players."

This is obviously a bombshell, but it's not entirely mind-blowing considering just how things went down with Moss' release.

Childress recently got an extension that doesn't have a buyout clause, so Wilf would probably prefer to avoid throwing a ton of money down the drain by firing him.

That being said, anyone who thinks Chilly's pants aren't a little warm right now is just flat-out delusional.

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Since: Sep 5, 2006
Posted on: November 6, 2010 12:06 am

Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

Moss is the Iverson of the NFL.

Since: Mar 8, 2008
Posted on: November 6, 2010 12:05 am

Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

Moss is only going to give effort for a certain kind of coach...and then only for a certain length of time. Hell, Randy loved Bill Belichick... allegedly...but he was in the process of bailing on the Patriots.

You could see it coming...because Childress isn't "that' coach. Moss wasn't going to work there. And, even changing coaches wouldn't guarantee he would.

Moss is obviously a jerk. He's a diva; a primma donna.

However, Fisher is the kind of coach Moss The Diva will give effort to....for the rest of this year, maybe next year. He can help the Titans...maybe a lot.    

Since: Nov 5, 2010
Posted on: November 5, 2010 11:52 pm

Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

Anyone who thinks Moss would have been anything but a distraction is an idiot. Does any person on the planet think that N.E. would have dumped Moss for Branch if they didn't believe Moss was a loud mouth loser? He's a cancer that afflicts almost everybody that he comes in contact with. Most of the Pats thought he was a spoiled punk who pouted until they finally released him. Did even one team mate say they were adversly affected by his leaving? All he could do was run deep, and when the play wasn't going to him he dogged it. I got to see him play twice and on any running play he never got more than 2 steps from the line of scrimmage and the next time he tries to actually block somebody will be his first. He didn't open up things for Harvin. Percy is glad to see him go. Harvin had to be the receiver to go over the middle to make plays because Moss wouldn't. By his own admission Moss only plays when he feels like it. There is a reason he has been cut by every team that he ever played for, and why only one team out of 32 was willing to sign him off waivers. Childress is a horrible coach, but after Moss's press conference I think he had no choice but to cut him.

Since: Feb 22, 2008
Posted on: November 5, 2010 11:41 pm

Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

Wilf had his window to fire Childress and blew it. 

Since Favre and Moss are taking all the heat for the last few weeks, it would be fair to evaluate the coaching performance too.  Wouldn't ya think?  Let's see:
  1. NFC Championship game:  Too many men on the field... Hmm... whose to blame?  Answer: Childress
  2. Packer game:  Touchdown Packers, questionable touchdown.  No red flag?  Hmm... whose to blame? Answer:  Childress
  3. Packer game:  Press conference; Let's throw our Hall of Fame QB under the bus.  It's his fault, not mine!  whose to blame?  Childress.
  4. Patriot game:  Driving the ball on multiple occasions.  Best back in football Peterson.  Why isn't he on the field?  Toby Gerhart is carrying the ball.  What's up with that?  Hmm... whose making that decision?  Answer:  Childress
  5. Patriot game:  4th and goal, need momentum into half time, visiting team.  What does big ego do?  Answer:  Childress goes for it.
I'm sure there are more examples.  The truth is the Vikings weak spot is the head coach on many occasions that could have put two more wins on the board. 

Since: Dec 21, 2009
Posted on: November 5, 2010 11:39 pm

Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

I'm shocked Chilly still has a job.  Did he watch his offense perform prior to Mosses arrival?  I'm not defending what Moss did, but there were better ways of handling it.  He should have waited until after the season, or at least until Sydney Rice was ready to take the field.  Don't worry Vikings fans, he will be gone by the end of the season.  They should consider tanking the rest of the season to get as good as a draft position as possible, so that they can draft a QB high in the 1st round.

Since: Mar 2, 2008
Posted on: November 5, 2010 11:20 pm

Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

Not really shocking.  When you have an emo coach like Childress making bad decisions all over the place in the only non-salary-cap season you have a big problem.

You don't need your coaches being emo and non-communative with his bosses when the GM is trying to do his job.  Being emo in Minnesota is not going to get Childress an NFL gig after this contract.  Instead everytime his name pops up we can all reference him as the guy that went over Randy Moss's statements. 

The .500 NFL coach thinks he is the smart one in charge of the Vikings, LOL.  .500 and acting like a smart-ass, you earn the right to act like a smart-ass in the NFL by having a .600+ record like coach Belichick & winning a actual Super Bowl.  Moss certainly had a right to his attitude, he is the popular one and the one getting the bucks.  Not this loser .500 NFL coach resting on the laurels of Brett Favre's success these days.  Terrible coach.

Since: Nov 1, 2006
Posted on: November 5, 2010 11:02 pm

Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

Next time Milf, go with your gut.  You should have cut "Mr. Noodle" and kept Moss. MN WR's: Moss, Rice, Harvin w/Shancoe at TE, not a  bad group of receivers-- even T. Jack could put up some big production with that bunch assuming ole grand dad isn't playing.

Chilly is one of the worst Head Coaches (lump Wade P in the conversation). I think Chilly was trying to get fired like when George Costanza towed the World Series trophy behind his car in the Yankee stadium parking lot  to get Steinbrenner to fire him. Moss for a third rounder & he's waived after three weeks without running it by his boss or anyone on the team first ? Are you kidding me?! That's has to be a coach trying to get himself fired in the worst way!

Since: Oct 26, 2009
Posted on: November 5, 2010 11:00 pm

Wilf should have fired Childress long ago!

I am baffled by Wilf getting mad at this point?!  After all the questionable moves that Childress has made in the last year why would Wilf just now be thinking about firing Childress.  Firing Childress should have been running through Wilf's mind months ago when Childress continued to court Favre.  Childress has made many bad moves this season.  This Randy Moss debacle is only the most recent.  I would dump Childress now for someone with some common sense and the foresight to see the importance of developing a young quarterback.  Favre needs to go away as well.  Love Favre, one of the greatest at the position but his time has come and gone.

Since: Nov 5, 2010
Posted on: November 5, 2010 10:53 pm

Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

Remember, that this is a team and not to blame it all on the qb. How about that offensive line and their pass blocking. One of the offensive lineman actually makes a trip to Mississippi to convince Favre to comeback. That offensive line is terrible when it comes to pass blocking. I have not seen Favre get hit so much since he was in his third year with the Packers. There defense is average at best. They have alot of holes on this team and it is easy to blame the captain of a sinking ship, but remember it's a team that is not working together and it starts with Childress. He is clueless. With the talent available on offense, he sure knows how to screw things up. As a Packers fan, I wish they would replace Childress. The Packers/Vikings game would actually be a challenge for the Packers if anyone had half a brain to call plays to stretch the defense. All that speed on offense, fourth and one and the Vikings run sweeps. Way to go Childress. Way to hold your offensive coordinator accountable.

Since: Aug 7, 2007
Posted on: November 5, 2010 10:27 pm

Report: Wilf nearly fired Childress, kept Moss

That's the problem. The Vikings at this point shouldn't be thinking playoffs, because the truth is that they wouldn't go anywhere even if they got there. Last year was the only shot the Vikings had of going winning a ring. They should have just cut their losses and started looking for someone to develop and become part of the team. Quarterback is the most important position on the team and that is where you need stability. Favre is hardly that.  He won't last the rest of the season hobbling around on a fractured ankle. It's not going to get better as the weather gets colder, so it's time to sit him and let Jackson run out the string.

If Jackson shows improvement, then he's worth keeping around. If not, then at least you'll know and can start looking towards the draft for a good, young leader.

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