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Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

Posted on: November 15, 2010 11:59 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Brett Favre self-diagnosed, um, himself with a shoulder injury following a season-killing loss to Chicago on Sunday. There was some concern that Favre informed everyone except his coach Brad Childress about the injury, but as it turns out (according to Chilly anyway!) Favre's just "sore."

Favre was expected to undergo an MRI on the shoulder this week and wanted to talk to Dr. James Andrews about the injury before proceeding, but Chilly's words seem to indicate that he'll be just fine without any more time missed or medical concerns, thank you very much.

Of course, Childress spoke to trainers about the shoulder issue, so it's not like he's out there making rogue calls on what to do with players (that's not his style, duh), but this shoulder injury, which popped up after the Vikings loss to the Bears, certainly has some people skeptical that Favre might be willing to find a way to gracefully bow out of the limelight and let the season continue on without him.

Again, that's just one theory -- and if Chilly believes that's what's going on, it's clear he's not gonna sit on the sinking ship alone.

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Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

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Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

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Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

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Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

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Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 1:23 pm

Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

Rodgers would not have stayed in Green Bay when his contract was up.  Also look at Favre's past performances in big games,  he chokes them away he won 1 of 2 Superbowls and how many NFC championships did he lose?  Two I can think of right off the top of my end.  Favre had the talent around him to win and he would always find a way to lose it.  He can't follow a game plan he tries to improvise to often and it ends bad.   

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 12:48 pm

Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

Actually, Ted Thompson looks VERY SMART.

The only thing I can imagine if we still had watching him throw yet ANOTHER pick to end a playoff game, let alone an NFC championship game.

I would much rather have an Aaron Rogers who played fantastic against Arizona...he just didn't have a defense at that time to stop the Cardinals and Kurt Warner.

Gunslingers are entertaining...and just as heartbreaking...easier to watch when they play for someone else.  I would rather have a Rogers or Brady or Manning running my team.

I appreciate what Brett did for Green Bay...but it wasn't just Brett that took us to the SuperBowl was Reggie White and Desmond Howard and Dorsey Levens.  Go watch that game again.  Favre was good but it took a team to win it.

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 12:41 pm

Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

We'll see how this next weekend goes, but it's not like Favre is saying, "we lost because I'm injured." So i dont really know why everyone is calling these excuses. He and everyone has known he was injured since the Saint's game. No one thought he was 100%. It took three teamates to get him to return this year. I have thought all along, yes he wants to win a SB, yes he wants to get more stats, wins and glory, but no one remembers that he said before the season that his body might not be able to do it. In all reality he has (relative to how he has been) been straight forward about himself this season. If he is injure enough taht he can't perform, he should sit and he shouldnt let anyone, especially Childress (who really hasn't accomplished anything btw) tell him otherwise. It's not Favre's responsibility to save Childress's job.
As for the point that Thompson screwed up....No. not true, Im a GB fan and Favre fan and I was ready to let him go after that season. And to say we had a SB ready team if we signed Tony Gonzalez and a DB?? did you even watch our defense the next year? Or Favre? if i remember, he had a better win record than Rodgers, but it was only 8-8, not great, not PO or SB. and he got injured. To say GB had chances at the SB if brett stayed, I think, is pretty ridiculous, sure anything could have happened, but going off of the season that resulted with Rodger's, GB's, and Favre's, GB was far from SB ready that year. And in case you hadn't noticed, Rodgers, like any QB will have growing pains and is on target to make the PO's for the second straight year. We have a bright future with rodgers, if we kept favre we'd be two years behind what we are at now with the team

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 10:59 am

Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

Is there a bigger oxymoron than Favre and MRI...well yes, besides Favre and retirement. 

When it comes to oxymorons, Coach Childress leaps to mind.

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Posted on: November 16, 2010 10:11 am

Childress: Favre 'sore' but no MRI for shoulder

Seems like after each Viking loss, there is another excuse. I wonder what it will be after this weeks loss to Green Bay. Perhaps Favre will develop a tooth ache midway through the 2nd Quarter which will result in an interception or fumbled snap. Good news is that he was able to play through the pain and finish with 140 yards passing and 3 INT's.

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