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NFL Sound Off Week 11 Pats-Colts

Posted on: November 20, 2010 5:18 pm

Posted by Andy Benoit

This week, we asked our social media followers this question: If Manning were a Patriot and Brady were a Colt, how would history and today's NFL be different?

Here were the best responses....

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  Manning would have 6 rings and Brady none.

@SteveFerr  The Patriots would have 10 superbowl rings... Peyton with that defense in their prime would win every game.


Mike Gameover football is a team sport and overall the pats and brady had better teams than manning especially in the defense dept. had u put peyton on all those good teams he too would have had as many rings or more than brady. the biggest difference is peyton MAKES great players out of noone, brady makes himself great with other good players around him

Bob Swallow With the Pats system,I would say the Pats history would be pretty much the same. Who knows about the SB against the Giants if we had Manning instead of Brady? On the flip side,I think the Colts would have done better in the post season with Brady at QB. I agree that Brady has done so well due to the Pats system,but I also think he would be a legit top 5 QB outside the system.

Jon C. Myslivy   name a single Patriot offensive player that left the team and did better then when they Had Brady as a QB... Ill give you the answer - NONE. Branch, Givens, Gaffney, Watson, Glenn, etc - none of these players ever had the stats after they left New England.

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NFL Sound Off Week 11 Pats-Colts

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NFL Sound Off Week 11 Pats-Colts

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NFL Sound Off Week 11 Pats-Colts

Everyone keeping saying "give Manning that defense Brady used to have and he would have all those rings". Well gentleman, the same can be said about Tom Brady having the explosive offense Peyton has always commanded. Up until 2007, Brady was throwing to guys that were good, not great, and even calling them "good" is only possible because of Brady. Terry Glenn was washed up when Brady got there, Troy Brown was solid but not spectacular, the list goes on and on. The Moss-Welker factor didn't come in until 2007, and that was the single greatest season of offense any team has EVER put together. Give Brady Marvin Harrison, Edge James, Reggie Wayne etc. from Day 1 and flip those stats.

Another point that gets brought up but not enough, is the fact that Peyton plays 1/2 his games indoors at home, plus indoors at Houston every year, then in nice weather in Tenn./Jacksonville every year as well. Brady gets a Miami game once a year, but otherwise plays 8 games outdoors in New England, plus road games in Buffalo and the Jets. Peyton plays harder divisional opponents, but the stats themselves are inflated.

Overall point, Brady used to have good D and now has a better offense than defense. Peyton has always had a bevy of playmakers around him and now has a so-so defense. So flip the guys around and things are probably about the same. Peyton=stats, Brady=rings.

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