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Urlacher calls NFL fines 'bull' and 'outrageous'

Posted on: December 1, 2010 9:32 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

It's no secret that the NFL's decision to fine players for big hits (and fine them large chunks of cheddar) hasn't been favorably received by the league's players -- particularly the defensive ones.

Add Bears star Brian Urlacher, appearing on ESPN Radio Wednesday, to the list of people complaining, as he lamented the expensive nature of fines handed to players, particularly those with lower salaries.

"I think the money’s outrageous," Urlacher said, via Michael David Smith at Pro Football Talk. "Why can’t there be different levels of fines? A league minimum guy getting fined 50 grand? That’s a lot of money for him. Making 300 grand a year getting almost a fifth of his paycheck gone? I can go on all day about this because it frustrates me when I see these hits and these guys getting fined."

Urlacher did say that the league's decision to issue fines "hasn't changed" what he or the Bears defense do on the field. He also called the process by which the fines were determined "bull" (although he admitted to not knowing exactly how they were determined), and said he thinks there should be "a panel of guys who look at those hits and go over them."

The panel notion isn't exactly a horrible idea -- but more interesting is the idea of fining guys based on how much money they make. Andy touched on this over a month ago (accurate calling the system for fines "outrageously unfair") and it's something that seems like a pretty obvious solution.

If someone makes $300,000 gets fined $50,000, they're having their livelihood significantly damaged; maybe that means that guys who make less money are less inclined to lead with their helmets, but it also gives more leeway for guys with bigger paychecks to avoid changing their style of play.

And while the league has shown some leniency towards players with lesser salaries and better intentions (Kurt Coleman, who makes very little money, wasn't fined for his monster hit on Austin Collie) it simply remains unfair that someone could lose one-sixth of what they make annually on a single play that they're not guaranteed to have any control over.

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Urlacher calls NFL fines 'bull' and 'outrageous'

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Urlacher calls NFL fines 'bull' and 'outrageous'

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Urlacher calls NFL fines 'bull' and 'outrageous'

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Urlacher calls NFL fines 'bull' and 'outrageous'

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Urlacher calls NFL fines 'bull' and 'outrageous'

A person that is "forced" to sign a contract giving up their legal rights in order to be employed or contracted does have legal recourse.

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 5:16 am

Urlacher calls NFL fines 'bull' and 'outrageous'

Urlacher has a point.  The fines are definitely relative.  My question is; are the fines taken in post tax money - meaning if the $300k player get's his net pay after taxes, he's looking at about $180 in net after tax dollars.  A 50k fine is now almost a third of his pay in those after tax dollars.  OUCH!!!!

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 1:24 am

Urlacher calls NFL fines 'bull' and 'outrageous'

He's 100% correct. Half of these helmet hits can't be avoided. its a fast paced game and theres no reason why they should change the rules. Especially QB's... soon they'll be wearing Red Jersey's and flags. The NFL is becoming weak! Just like the Eagles!!!

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