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NFL Sound Off Week 13: player endorsements

Posted on: December 3, 2010 11:00 pm

Posted by Andy Benoit

In this week’s Social Media Sound Off, we asked out Twitter and Facebook followers this question:

Tom Brady is endorsing Ugg Boots. What other products & NFL players would make a good match for endorsement purposes?
Here were the best responses we received.

Via Twitter ( @CBSSportsNFL

  Jared Allen and Cabela's.

@Bobby_BigWheel  Philip Rivers and Midol

@strictlyCALI  Antonio Cromartie should sponsor the Maury Povich show.

@tomtehr  Brett Favre for Crocs. (And) Philip Rivers for Huggies diapers.

@RevDJChadEsq  Jay Cutler and Summer's Eve?

@jallen14  Cortland Finnegan and Summer's Eve.

@gcmac08  Are you kidding me? Any guy endorsing UGGS is seriously unmasculine-even if it is Tom Brady. First the hair and now this.

@thesteelersnat  James Harrison & Western Union

@DrewUnga  Ryan Leaf and Summer's Eve.

@uh_ohcarlyrae  @mvp86hinesward & Crest toothpaste

(Andy's note: the best idea we received overall if you're looking at it from a pure business standpoint.)

Via Facebook (  )

James Freeman Tom Brady in need of a SuperCuts endorsement, of course that is if Giselle will let him.

Jim Boardman All Dallas Cowboys players- Hoover vacuums

Jason Jacoby Ambrose Cooper Courtland Finnegan; Everlast 4008 80-Pound Traditional Heavy Bag (Punching Bag if you didn't get it)

Stephen Florentz Peyton Hillis-mack trucks

Pat McConnell Rex Ryan – Fatheads
(Andy’s note: Pat got on a bit of a roll and left another clever response: Derek Anderson – Comedy Central)

Kevin Maloid Stevie Johnson (Bills) - Butterfinger candy
(Andy’s note: just plain mean.)

Join in on the social media platforms next week for another intelligent, thoughtful discussion (or sounding board for semi-crass one-liners) about a major story from the NFL.

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NFL Sound Off Week 13: player endorsements

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