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Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

Posted on: December 5, 2010 12:30 pm
Edited on: December 5, 2010 2:00 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

We mentioned yesterday that the NFL claims they're not targeting James Harrison for personal fouls and/or illegal hits. People, judging by the comments, didn't really agree. (Or maybe they hate bully analogies.)

Well, expect the conspiracy chatter to heat up even more if Harrison picks up another personal foul penalty during this week's game -- CBS Sports Charley Casserly reported on The NFL Today that Harrison is one flagrant foul away from picking up a suspension from the league.

"First of all, I can tell you if [the Week 12 hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick] were helmet-to-helmet, I guarantee you he'd be suspended and not playing this weekend," Casserly said. "Next, this is a correct call, because when you hit with the forehead to the quarterback after he's released and is defenseless and therefore should be fined.

"Another flagrant foul and this guy is going to be suspended. He's also in the position as Roy Williams, who got suspended for horsecollar tackles -- multiple penalties eventually add up to a suspension. He's close to that right now."

Harrison obviously walks a fine line in terms of making some aggressive hits; it's why he's been fined $125,000 this year.

And if anyone were a candidate for the NFL's first illegal hit suspension since they ramped up the fines this year, it's the Steelers linebacker.

People shouldn't necessarily be okay with the fact that Harrison could be suspended if he picks up a 15-yard flag this week for hitting a defenseless player, but they (meaning fans and the Steelers) should at least be prepared. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Posted on: December 5, 2010 12:49 pm

Casserly: Harrison flagrant away from suspension

If he does something to warrant it, fine they should.  But what they have been doing is a witch hunt, nothing more.  He has been flagged and fined for hits that other players are getting away with every week.  Everyone makes a big deal about his comments after the Browns game.  Why, because he said what other physical players have said for years.  Ray Lewis has said he wants to hurt people, other players have said it.  If you listen to what they say, its that they want to hurt, but not injure.  That is important, because basically they are saying they want to get inside the offensive players head, so next time they might pull up instead of go all out.  Fear can be a factor in these games, and yes, even at this level.  Not that anyone is scared to play, but don't want to take a hit that they know they can avoid.  They evaluate quickly if it is worth it.  Media of course as it always does, created this story by only reporting part of what Harrison said.  ESPN put it in bold as a headline, I WANT TO HURT PEOPLE!  That is not what he said, but he is paying for it.  It is total bs.  A league that has made billions of dollars off spectacular hits that they show over and over again is now complaining.  Hypocrates.

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