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Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

Posted on: December 12, 2010 8:58 pm
Edited on: December 12, 2010 9:13 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

By the time you're reading this, the words "Sal Alosi" will be trending on Twitter. That's because Sal Alosi is the name of the Jets coach who tripped the Dolphins' Nolan Carroll during Sunday's game.

Alosi, a strength and conditioning coach in his fourth year with the Jets, stuck his leg out and took Carroll down, as you can see below.

"The team is reviewing the situation and looking into the appropriate next steps," a Jets spokesperson told members of the media.

Originally, the Jets took Alosi was "ushered away under security" but the team eventually confirmed he was the guilty party.

Dolphins players didn't take the whole thing too well either.

"That is so dirty," Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby said, before nominating the play for Monday night's "Come on, MAN!" segment.

"They're cheaters -- they do what they do," Channing Crowder said. "They cheat and talk junk and they do all that stuff but we beat the hell out of them today. I tell you the truth, I would have broke that old man's leg."

Carroll himself said he wasn't mad and declined to comment on it (and, seriously, go watch Jeff Darlington's "Miami Minute" with all these quotes. They're hysterical.)

Of course, the Jets have plenty more to fix than just dirty strength and conditioning coaches on the sideline, as CBS Sports' Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts point out below.


Since: Sep 2, 2009
Posted on: December 15, 2010 5:05 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

There is no stupid obligation of people on sidelines, out-of-play, to yield for any reason other than their own well being..

actually,, it IS a rule,, players and coaches MUST stand clear of the wide strip along the sideline...

....Because of Tasker, the league changed the rules, restricting the gunner -- aka the Steve Tasker Rule. On Monday, ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen reported the NFL will send a memo to all 32 clubs as a reminder that they should adhere to league rules that require players, coaches and other personnel to remain the proper distance from the sidelines....


also, as this article states.. NONE of the players along that sideline made so much as flinch, when Carroll came towrds them...   that doesnt seem the least bit odd to you?? or anyone??

Since: Sep 2, 2009
Posted on: December 15, 2010 4:53 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

***he is just saying this isn't the end of the world and there are bigger problems. ***

you mean , like, sayyyy, taping signals form the end zone??Let's face it he was out of bounds because he was too big of a wimp to fight through the blockers who were impeding his path the punt receiver. So he went out of bounds down the sidelines over the hills and through the woods.

wow revisionist history is the best, Vegas Dave.. 10 yards?? .   he was forced out of bounds just before the 25 , and tripped just before the 35.    now consider most NFL players , gunners no less, can run 40 yards in 4.5 seconds.. how much time  does that allow him to, react to being pushed out, make a cut, and get back into the field??   ill do the math for you.   ONE second...  that doesnt allow for much time, esp when someone you arent expecting to do so, trips you. your assertion that he made zero effort to get back into the game is also wrong.he was indeed angling back to the field.

maybe YOU need to look at it again.. he is forced out at 3 seconds of the film, and tripped at 4..

nice try though...

oh not to mention he is now suspended indefinitely by the team, because it is known he had no less than 5 people involved in it, not to mention, people arent even supposed to be standing whrre he was, that white line is supposed to be clear of players and coaches.     exactly which version of the replay were you watching anyways??

Since: Sep 2, 2009
Posted on: December 15, 2010 4:24 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

GoTeamGo, did you really just compare a guy getting tripped to spygate?

well filming a team's signals ( which, again, everyone does, if you think otherwise, you are naive, stupid, or both) isnt going to have a chance to blow someone's knee out and end a career..

Since: Dec 14, 2010
Posted on: December 14, 2010 12:37 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

I played lacrosse against this guy in high school and I will never forget him. He was a great athlete and the best player of the team.  The reason I will never forget him is not because of his ability but because during our game he actually pushed his coach.  
This was in 1994 he played for Massapequa High School.  
Amazing when you think back and say "I wonder what ever happened to that guy, he was a real you know what"...
Well they grow up and they are still a real you know what. 

Since: Aug 22, 2006
Posted on: December 14, 2010 3:30 am

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

suspended without pay for the rest of the year, and i think a 20k fine, or 25k........nice job by the Jets doing whats right!! get that clown off the field!!!

Since: Aug 22, 2006
Posted on: December 14, 2010 3:27 am

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

bgtaylor you are joking right?? either that or you are just an the coaches dont have to move but you CANT INTENTIONALLY TRIP OR GRAB A player. get a clue dude!!!

Since: Sep 6, 2006
Posted on: December 13, 2010 6:42 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

Vegas Dave, I watched the play back on DVR in HD and slow motion. You can go by youtube if you like, but the clarity showed pretty much nothing there. He was clearly forced out of bounds and immediately tried to get back in bounds. Did you expect him to stop and run perpendicular to the field to get back in? When your blocked that far out of bounds, at full speed 10 yards is not much when trying to get back into the field of play. At any rate it's a moot point what he did or did not do, nothing excuses Alosi's action in this, nothing.

Since: Dec 4, 2006
Posted on: December 13, 2010 5:33 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

The Jets will probably handle it like the Braylon Edwards DUI situation. If Alosi can help the team then he is going to be there on the sideline regardless of the ethics behind the situation. My guess is the NFL would have to step in to punish Alosi.

Since: Aug 18, 2010
Posted on: December 13, 2010 5:30 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

For the record, I never said the Jets should fire Alosi, just that they should get in front of this situation.  Suspending him would have worked as well, or not and saying this would be handled internally.  Anything would be better than the beating they are taking in the press for doing nothing.  Everyone knew what Alosi did yesterday, but still nothing from the Jets. 

Since: Dec 4, 2006
Posted on: December 13, 2010 5:24 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

As a Dolphin fan, yes it was a cheap shot, but I am not going to call for the guy to be fired and destroy his livelyhood or his family's. In the heat of the moment people do stupid things and this was one of those things. I mean people are driving drunk or commiting all sorts of crimes and playing in the NFL. He could have hurt the player, but he didn't. He got lucky and I bet he won't be doing it again. I'm wondering why the coaches are even that close to the edge of the sideline when there is a play going on and people running down that side. I mean the coaches are litterally toe to toe with the white out of bounds line leaning over it. I'm surprised this kind of thing doesn't happen more often.

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