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Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

Posted on: December 12, 2010 8:58 pm
Edited on: December 12, 2010 9:13 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

By the time you're reading this, the words "Sal Alosi" will be trending on Twitter. That's because Sal Alosi is the name of the Jets coach who tripped the Dolphins' Nolan Carroll during Sunday's game.

Alosi, a strength and conditioning coach in his fourth year with the Jets, stuck his leg out and took Carroll down, as you can see below.

"The team is reviewing the situation and looking into the appropriate next steps," a Jets spokesperson told members of the media.

Originally, the Jets took Alosi was "ushered away under security" but the team eventually confirmed he was the guilty party.

Dolphins players didn't take the whole thing too well either.

"That is so dirty," Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby said, before nominating the play for Monday night's "Come on, MAN!" segment.

"They're cheaters -- they do what they do," Channing Crowder said. "They cheat and talk junk and they do all that stuff but we beat the hell out of them today. I tell you the truth, I would have broke that old man's leg."

Carroll himself said he wasn't mad and declined to comment on it (and, seriously, go watch Jeff Darlington's "Miami Minute" with all these quotes. They're hysterical.)

Of course, the Jets have plenty more to fix than just dirty strength and conditioning coaches on the sideline, as CBS Sports' Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts point out below.


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Posted on: December 13, 2010 12:03 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

aww I suppose Ben Roethlisberger is old news then hunh?

Since: Jan 19, 2010
Posted on: December 13, 2010 12:01 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

the guy is a douchebag...he should be fired..if i was jets management i'd be embarassed and turf this loser.. he could have blown the guys knee out and ruined, or atl east hampered his career.. if he was a player he'd be getting a fine, if not a game suspension. since the player wasnt expecting it from a coach it's worse

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 12:01 pm

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

hey big bad sal.. dummy.. what part of " the coach ADMITTED TO TRYING TO TRIP THE PLAYER"  DONT YOU wasnt an accident.. he wasnt " bracing" himself for impact..  he TRIED TO TRIP HIM. end of story

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 11:57 am

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

I had thought that Sal was the biggest douch I had heard of in awhile, but thanks to BigBadSash I now realize there is a bigger one. 

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 11:50 am

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

just look at the picture & watch the replay. Does Carroll even know where he is? What kind of play does he expect to make running out of bounds down the Jets sideline? I think he's the one who needs glasses. Also didn't another Dolphin player previous to this play get penalized for running out of bounds down the Jets sideline & not getting back in bounds fast enough? In a rivalry game if the other team is disrespecting your sideline then it's fair game to "flex" a knee when a player is running THAT close to your coaches & that far away from the play on the field. It's not like he stuck out his leg or anything, he just moved his knee a little before impact. There is nothing classy about the Jets/ Dolphins rivalry, these two teams hate each other & always will. Intentional tripping or not this is part of what a rivalry game in football is all about, and if you don't like it or are highly offended by what happend then go watch gymnastics.

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 11:45 am

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

Rex Ryan may publicly chastise the guy, but privately, he will say "That's my kind of football!"  If the Jets want to rid themselves of the true embarassment of this team, it is time for Rex to go.

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 11:33 am

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

BBS don't be an idiot.  This was a disgrace. As a fellow Jet fan I'll be amazed if this guy isn't fired.  rex is losing control of this group.  Forget about Sanchez being the worst QB walking the planet, it's stuff like this that gives our team a bad name.  Rex has to take control and tell his team that all the smack talk he created and started means nothing now that they are in danger of not even making the playoffs.  BBS - you are a moron.  He was out of bounds and you're right Alosi is allowed to stand there but he's not intentionally allowed to trip a guy.  He even admitted it you fool!  It's dumb comments like yours that give us all a bad name. 

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 11:19 am

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

The guy will be fired for several reasons.

First, he's a low level assistant coach and can be replaced in about two minutes. 
Second, he's an embarrasment and a distraction to an already embarrassed and distracted team that had Super Bowl aspirations and is now on life support. A dirty play by a coach is just a line of questions that Ryan does not want to answer.
Third, Woody Johnson is a class guy and is trying to run a class organization. This is not classy. 
Fourth, the player's union is going to have massive pressure on the Jets and the NFL to come down hard on the guy. The NFLPA has enough to worry about with the players killing each other on the field, that they dont want to have to worry about some bonehead coach.
Fifth, if for no reason at all, is that this guy is a strength and conditioning coach. He should know that a blindside play like that could end a guy's season or even end a guy's career.
Sixth, what possible benefit would the Jets have by keeping him when compared to just firing him?    

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 11:12 am

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

As a Dolphins fan I am sick and tired of Channing Crowder and his mouth.  Hes got nothing but smack talk to dishout during media interviews and whatnot and then goes on whining that other teams are nothing but talk. 

Hypocrite- see hypocrisy -the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform

The Dolphins made Channing Crowder but that turned out poorly in my opinion.  Now they have a average at best player who cannot make big plays but can run his big mouth.  He is a disgrace to the Miami Dolphin oranization.  I as a fan am stupefied to know this garabage represents my team in the media. (no not my my team but my team) 

Thanks, idiot reporters who know to go to when they want S*** quality interviews laced with controversial undertones!

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Posted on: December 13, 2010 10:49 am

Sal Alosi confirmed as Jets 'sideline tripper'

BBS, find the video, and watch the coach flex his knee so he would hit him.  If you don't see that then go to your nearest eyedoctor and get your eyes checked.  Hopefully, you still have funds on your flex spending account.

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