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Archie Manning talks concussions and quarterbacks

Posted on: December 15, 2010 6:49 pm

Posted by Andy Benoit

The Packers have said that quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who suffered his second concussion in six weeks against the Lions last Sunday, will not practice this week until at least Friday. His status for the Patriots game this Sunday night is very much up in the air.
A. Manning (US Presswire)
Rodgers’ situation casts a bright light on the concussion issues that have taken center stage in the NFL this season. This is essentially the first case of a superstar player possibly having to sit out in what amounts to a virtual “must-win” game.

We had a chance to ask Archie Manning – a man who knows a thing or two about playing with concussions – if he’d want Peyton or Eli to play if they were in Rodgers’ position.

“I’d certainly be concerned,” Archie Manning said. “I think the good news is unlike years ago when I played, I think the league and doctors and teams are on top of this. But it’s just such a concern, I’ve never seen so many concussions. And I know years ago they didn’t call them concussions, they said you were just dinged. They didn’t pay as much attention as they do now. Certainly I’d be concerned if it was my son.”

It just so happens that because the man Rodgers once backed up missed his team’s game Monday night with a shoulder injury, Archie’s oldest quarterbacking son now holds the longest consecutive starts streak in the NFL (205). And the game Brett Favre missed Monday night was also Eli Manning’s 100th consecutive start.

So why is it that the Manning boys don’t get hurt?

“My advice has always been to know what you’re doing so you can get rid of the football,” Archie Manning said after noting simple good fortune. “I think the cerebral part of the game is important. If you hold onto the ball, somebody is going to hit you. The less times you get hit, the greater chance you have to answer the bell every Sunday. But I’m not proclaiming anyone to be an ironman because it’s a tough game out there and anyone can get hurt on any play.”

That, of course, is the main reason there’s so much concern about putting Rodgers on the field this Sunday.

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Archie Manning talks concussions and quarterbacks

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Archie Manning talks concussions and quarterbacks

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Archie Manning talks concussions and quarterbacks

"He taught his boys to get rid of the ball when feeling the pressure."

Most of the time with their eyes closed waiting for the hit that mostly doesn't come. Wussies.

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Archie Manning talks concussions and quarterbacks

I noticed that Rodgers wears the older type helmet with less padding? Rogers after all got his concussion when his helmet hit the ground not a helmet to helmet hit. That seems to prove they need safer helmets or nothing will prevent concussions. I have noticed all the QB this year that get concussions wear the same type helmet the older ones. I remember when Big Ben would get a concussion last year he wore the same helmet older helmet. This year he wears the newer one that have more padding. The ones you see indentation on the top and sides due to added padding. The older ones are smooth all around the outside. Why first of all are all QB's not required to wear the safer helmets? Second why can't they make a concussion proof helmet? I have for example a tempur pedic bed. That foam is it made out of what was created to use in space shuttle seats. To absorb the g force on take off. If a Helmet was lined with it no way they get a concussion IMO. All I keep seeing is new rules for illegal hits etc. Yet no one seems to be creating a safer helment. Plus the ones they already have QB's getting concussions don't use them? I think NFL needs to make more of an effort over the Helmet being safer and not just on how player hits. I see no reason that with better helmets even helmet to helmet hits won't cause a concussion or brain damage? Makes no sense to me why they don't focus more on the equipment as cause for concussions not being prevented. We see so little about the helmets as the cause.

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Archie Manning talks concussions and quarterbacks

I'm a Packer fan, I own stock and I love football in general. I do not want to see Rodgers play under any circumstances this week. I don't care what that does to the playoffs, those were shortchanged when Ted Thompson decided to use 1 running back over the summer.  The offensive line is not good and Rodgers would get killed out there. Fuh-get about it.

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Posted on: December 15, 2010 8:25 pm

Archie Manning talks concussions and quarterbacks

So why is it that the Manning boys don’t get hurt?

Because their dad,Archie showed them some old game film of him playing with those pathetic Saints teams in the 70's with their porous offensive lines. Yeah, watching him getting blind-sided and clotheslined, I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. He taught his boys to get rid of the ball when feeling the pressure.

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