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NFL explains no fine for Asante Samuel

Posted on: January 1, 2011 9:06 pm
Posted by Andy Benoit

It was baffling that the league chose not to fine Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel for the helmet-to-helmet hit that knocked out Vikings receiver Sidney Rice Tuesday night. NFL spokesman Randall Lui explained to Pro Football Talk why Samuel, who would have been a repeat offender, was not fined:

“Because the receiver had completed the catch with two feet down and possession of the ball, he had protection from a hit to the head only from a defender who launches. Samuel did not ‘launch’ as defined by our current rules because the ball of his right foot was on the ground when contact with the receiver was made. Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8(h) Note states: ‘Launching is defined as springing forward and upward by a player who leaves his feet to make contact on the receiver.’ [NFL executive V.P. of football operations] Ray Anderson confirmed that the NFL Competition Committee will review the rule and the definition of ‘launch’ in the off-season with the anticipation that this type of action will be a foul in future seasons.”

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NFL explains no fine for Asante Samuel

The NFL is so lame. I've seen some of the bowl games in college and there's been some huge hits and there was zero flags. Anyone seen Tank Carder of TCU sack the Wisconsin QB in the Rose Bowl yesterday? I bet if that was in the NFL, the guy is probably going to get flagged along with a $25,000 fine.

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Posted on: January 2, 2011 10:00 am

" ... celebrate a little bit ... "

I'm tired of these "tribal rituals" that some call celebrations.  What's there to "celebrate" anyway?  Doing jour job and being paid BIG MONEY to do it?  How ofter do you head for the parking lot so you can do a stupid "dance" (ritual) after you done YOUR job?  These clowns would probably be happy if they received part of their paycheck in tattoo vouchers.  Ridiculous!!!

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NFL explains no fine for Asante Samuel

Bottom line: The NFL is lame and getting worse each week.  Thanks for ruining our game Roger.

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NFL explains no fine for Asante Samuel

There was no fine because the reciever wasn't defenseless. He was penalized on the play, what more do you little girls want?

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NFL explains no fine for Asante Samuel

Okay....half the fines that the "Protection Police" hand out in the NFL are very loosley based in actual rules being violated.  I could not believe they actually quoted a section of the rulebook.  According to everything I have seen all season Asante's hit was just as "illegal" as a great deal of past hits on receivers this year. If one thing that the NFL is not known for its consistency....this just keeps them consistent and being vey inconsistent on fining players....shots that do not get called fouls are fined out the wahzoo and flagrant hits that get callef personal fouls go without fines.....explain that to me. He led with his helmet and it should cost him some money, if anything to show that the NFL is really trying to make a difference....

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NFL explains no fine for Asante Samuel

I think this is ridiculous...You think all the fines that Harrison received, he actually launched himself? His hit on Brees was absolute nonsense. The crown of his helmet hit his chest, BIG FRICKIN WHOOP. If the QB can't take a love tap he shouldn't be playing in the NFL ..Same goes with the hit on Massouqui, receiver lowered his head and he hit him. Not his fault in my eyes. The hit on Fitzpatrick, ok you can throw a flag for roughing the passer but a fine because it was a legal hit? That's nonsense. I seen how many hits this year where receivers catch the ball and lower their heads to put a hit on a defender and they got fined regardless because it was helmet to helmet. What's the difference on this play? I understand the NFL is trying to make the game safer but there's times in a game things will happen. They need to be more consistent if their going to be fining people or DON'T FINE AT ALL! Easy way to solve this problem, let's play flag football WOOOOO!!!!!

Let me just add this...if a player wants to celebrate a little bit after scoring a touchdown let them celebrate. As long as it isn't like a Georgia/Florida game a few years ago then who cares. Half of the guys playing are young kids. If I scored a touchdown in the NFL I'd be excited as hell and your damn right I'd be celebrating. Especially if its in a playoff game and the game is close.  Like a lot of people say, The NFL = The No Fun League.

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NFL explains no fine for Asante Samuel

sidney rice is the one that should have got the fine.  he lowered his head to hit samuel, so why is it always the D's fault. 

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