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Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

Posted on: January 3, 2011 11:35 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Judging by the comments coming on the current post about Brett Favre being sued for sexual harassment, not everyone views the Old Gunslinger in a favorable light. (Of course, that could have been said a while ago, but you get the point.)

But has his reputation actually been tarnished? That's a legitimate question, and it's one Kurt Warner answered on the NFL Network recently.

"I think he did [tarnish his legacy],"Warner said on NFL Network (video here). “Not only this season, but the last few seasons, going back and forth [on retirement] and bouncing to a few different teams. I think about it, and I have to really think hard to think back to when he was a Green Bay Packer and when he played his best football and was in Super Bowls and when he became the Brett Favre we all know.

"To me, when I think of Favre, the first thing I think of his the chaos that’s happened the last couple of years. Hopefully, within a couple of years, people will forget that and remember the kind of player he was on the field. I think in the short-term, he definitely hurt his legacy."

So what say, you, kind fans of Favre? Has No. 4 ruined his legacy by hanging around and allowing people not to remember his greatness but his [alleged] perviness and willingness not to sit because of injury?

In case you care, I think he's damaged his legacy, but not so much that people will forget what a great football player he is. Michael Jordan hung around too long and Michael Jordan had plenty of pictures taken with him and young ladies over the years (not to mention him trying to ruin a PAIR of NBA franchises with mismanagement) and while people might think different of him off the court or in the front office, as a player he'll always be great.

After enough time passes, I think Favre gets granted the same consideration.

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Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

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Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

Nice. redskinscott is right on. Except the part about causing(jordan)death of his father. I didnt hear of that. Is it just because of he is is and he had money and bling?
 We should all judge these players for what they did on the field or court. The legacy is in the numbers. It is that simple. When we start seeing more records being highlighted and reviewed, Favre and Jordan tops them all in my opinion. As one poster put it. These guys played with passion that was seen and now will be written about forever. As for Warner.....great player but doesnt come close to what Bret Favre accomplished in the NFL. The guy never got hurt! Warner....didnt ever know when he (dancer)would be taken out. And he never was a backup in the NFL either. Rookie dont count. Once he started he never lost his job unlike Kurt(i'm hurt).
 Warner preaches about our good lord and I believe he'll be better at that than he was a QB. Everyone has a calling if you will. Favre was to be a great QB and he was. Thats his legacy.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 3:37 am

Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

"Favre couldn't carry Jordan's HANES UNDERWEAR."
You must be the guy who charlie Sheen plays in the commercials. Maybe one day you'll get MJ to hold still long enough for you to kiss his royal ***.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 3:28 am

Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

kac824 wrote: "Jordan vs Favre? Give me a break. I don't recall all this drama with MJ."
David Stern to MJ: Mike, quick, get out of Dodge for a year or two. Maybe those gambling rumors will die down while you're away.
Jordan's divorce came with a full dose of serial infidelity on his part. It's just that his friends in the media played it slow. MJ always played that personal game with ego-trippers in the press corps. (Remember how thrilled Andrea Joyce was that he spoke kind words to her when he saw her shortly after her father had passed? Not atypical for him.) It's called inoculation. He got the Jack Kennedy treatment, because the ink stained wretches LOVE him, and loved that he recognized them, talked to them as if he was 'just folks'. The mountain coming to Mohammed.

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 3:17 am

Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

RedRaider89 wrote: "Brett Favre is a selfish person. He played for the Packers for 30 years and retires (who knows?) with our division rivals. Some people think this "sexting" situation isn't that big of a deal but the guy is married. There shouldn't even be a "sexting" situation. Now, when I think of Brett Favre, I think of all his ridiculously slow spoken interviews and those final two sacks that put him out the game. To me, legacy is your image and I believe he's tarnished his image."
Key phrase: "OUR division rivals"  Not HIS rivals. HE wasn't born and raised in Wisconsin; YOU were. HE never even PRETENDED that the Vikings were his sworn enemies. HIS sworn enemy is the guy who patiently, cleverly schemed to move him aside in favor of young Mr. Rogers. Ted Thompson maneuvered things, so that HE wouldn't be blamed if the move to Aaron blew up in his face. Do go back and note carefully where Brett's so-called 'prima donna' act started up. It was quite obviously in response to your GM's tepid movements to retain Brett. (I had been among you cheeseheads for some years, so I had a somewhat unique vantage point. It was apparent to me right off that Thompson really wanted to push the aging veteran off the stage, but didn't wish to have his OWN future too closely tied to that move, so that he might get the usual second chance that GM's get when they fire their first head coach. It must have been just as obvious to Brett.)
As for the sexting thing, don't worry so much about what some millionaire athlete is doing when he's lit the lamp and is feeling bored. Instead, worry about who your kids are sexting, etc. Do you know who your daughter is showing HER goodies to? (Most of you don't, if what kids say among themselves is anything close to the truth.)
"... his ridiculously slow spoken interviews" Really? Wow! So. all the time that you were kissing his ***, you really held him in contempt for his country ways, huh? Hmmm...wouldn't that make you a ******* hypocrite, as well as an ***kisser?

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 2:53 am

Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

The dumbest comment here was to the effect that Favre was unwilling to ride the pine when he was injured. 
P***ies do that. Its the COACH's job to sit you if he thinks that he's got a better option. 

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 2:03 pm

Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

as well as any top profile player everyone parties, gambles and lets lose and has bad nights just  like anyone does..  hard to say that had anything to do with what went down..  Jordan is Jordan. the greatest that played in the NBA not NFL..  But  all said Jordan took the season serious every season.. He joined the Wizards to help them out. He knew he wasn't going to make them a championship team but he knew he could make them better.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 1:59 pm

Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

REALLY?  Favre is still a top contender... Vikings had so many injuries.. sure maybe it would have helped he was in training camp but you can't put it all on Favre..  they had high expectations but come on this is the NFL..  you win and you lose..  i wish Favre would come back for one more year..  They had a ton of injuries that set them back just like it would most teams.. they are great with their starters but not without.  His rep hasn't been tarnished.. he crushed all the records.. too bad they went out the way they did but you can't blame Farve..  he was best choice for QB how could you..  too many haters out their.. Not enough guys play the game with passion and excitement like he did but he gets ripped.. Warner wishes he got the respect Favre did.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 12:55 pm

Warner: Farve tarnished his legacy

WISCGC - it sounds like you're one of those Cardinals fans that cannot admit that Warner lost you the Superbowl against the Steelers as he threw that HUGE pick 6 at the end of the first half. Face it bud, no one is perfect, the Vikings would have never made it to the NFC championship game without Favre, that's why EVERYONE wanted him back. It's too bad the season started with injuries to his 2 best receivers, but nevertheless even you can agree that Favre is a better QB than anyone the Vikings have in their system. Why fault the guy because he can still play the game? Ya, he had one bad year, big deal. If he can play, let him play. Don't drag his personal life into this mess like every other media person. I don't condone what he did, but more importantly it's none of my business. If he wants to play football, let him play.

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