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Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

Posted on: January 4, 2011 9:46 am
Posted by Will Brinson

Sure, it seems like we've been talking a lot about Jim Harbaugh these days, but he's so damn hot right now. And given his refusal to speak about future jobs on Monday night, it sure does seem like he's not hanging around Stanford (at least he's not lying about staying though).

However, the Detroit Free Press now reports that Harbaugh is "highly unlikely" to accept the job at Michigan. That means one of two things: he's either coming back to Stanford or he's heading to one of five NFL teams who desperately covet him.

This would mean, based on what we think we saw last night, that Harbaugh is headed to the NFL. The timing would be perfect, too. A slew of teams --the Broncos (John Elway, Stanford alum, now runs things), the 49ers (Harbaugh and likely GM Baalki share an agent), the Raiders (Harbaugh and Al Davis are boys somehow), and the Panthers (he'd probably get to coach Andrew Luck again) -- all stand out as viable locations for the hottest name in coaching.

That doesn't include the Dolphins -- who sent a team of "ownership scouts" to the Orange Bowl Monday night, the Browns or the Bengals. (Have we covered everyone sufficiently? If not, check out our coaching tracker for all the latest.)

Anyway, look, Andrew Luck should go pro. He can get too much money and the timing's too right. And Harbaugh should follow suit in jumping ship from Stanford, because, really, there's not a whole lot of room to grow outside of a national championship.

If Michigan's out the window, then it's NFL time.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 12:17 pm

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

We'll find out soon enough what Harbaugh's decision will be. One thing that concerns me is the air of desperation surrounding Harbaugh. Many think, and at times I've had the same thought, that if Harbaugh comes to UM that all will return to "normal" and we'll be in the running for the Big 10 championship next season.  I like Harbaugh. He's a very fine coach. I hope he comes to Michigan but I am prepared for at least a couple more seasons of struggle  to clean up the RR mess regardless of who the HC is. It is going to be a rough road back to our winning tradition but Michigan will make it. Go Blue.
B. 78 M. 80 UM

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 11:53 am

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

Hey Sparty Lover,

Get your facts straight!  Harbaugh was never offered the Michigan job.  He interviewed with Lloyd Carr for the QB coaching position in 2007. The only candidate who took his name out of consideration last time was Les Miles and only then because the LSU AD pulled him aside 90 minutes before the kickoff  of the the SEC championship game offered him an extension tell him to accept or be fired. Essentially putting a gun to his head before he had an opportunity to meet with Bill Martin. 

I'm not sure if Michigan can lure him away from the $$$ and the sexiness of the NFL, but I sure hope so.  He has often stated that he has dreamed of coaching in Ann Arbor.  The NFL will always be there, but if David Brandon gets it right, the Michigan job might not open up for another 20 years.

Don't let your paralyzing fear of having JH back in AA lead you to sepeculate about something you have no knowledge of. Now get back to delivering pizzas or picking up your welfare check or whatever it is that you Sparties do.

Ross School of Business '88 

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 11:48 am

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

"I think that last sentence was meant to say "The SEC ain't gonna cal, so it's NFL time."

I agree, bsd987. Harbaugh's definitely headed for either one of those professional leagues.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 11:46 am

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

Why do people think the Michigan job is so great (I live in Ann Arbor, not a fan of Umich, State, or OSU)?  Its a high stress gig with unruly alumni (who coincidentally don't like Harbaugh and have told him this), wacko fans, and an impossible legacy to live up to (Bo).  It's just like going to Notre Dame.  If you go 8-3, they will can your ass for not living up to the glory years and if you go 12-0 it's because you are supposed to.     

In no way would I think less of him if he didn't take up the challenge of going to UMich because, whats the point?  He's got a good life at a great school (school not too dissimilar from Umich) in a great area (obviously warmer, but a lot like Ann Arbor).  Why leave except to move up a level to the NFL?

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 11:21 am

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

WHy would he?  If he stays at Stanford- they will be a fixture atop the PAC 10 for the next decade-- after watching that game last night, if you were a recruit- wouldnt you love to play for him?   As far as michigan goes- ouch- a sea of dysfunctionality... and Harbaugh needs to pass on it.  Michigan has become a parody of itsel. If they NFL comes calling- i can't think of a better guy suited for the Niners job... he would be great.  So Michigan fans- dont get your hopes up- it didnt happen 3 yrs ago- it wont happen now. You got Rich Rod- whose offense if dynamic, but they have to defend!!!!  the 3-3 stack does not "stack up" against dominating running teams like the big 10... can u imagine how many rushing yards Nebraska, Wisc, OSU, MSU will grind out against them if it continues? 

SO michigan fans- i would be more concerned finding either a defensive minded coach- or d coordinator!   (marvin lewis may be available!)

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 11:11 am

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

From an outsiders perspective - I don't think Harbaugh was ever coming to Michigan.  He has his sights set on the NFL.   Rich Rod is a bad fit for Michigan and should be let go.  There are lets say 50 NFL caliber players coming out of high schools across the Michigan recruiting grounds - also the same grounds that Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin are recruiting from.   Rich Rod's system doesn't attract those kids because it does not prepare them for Pro football.  So those kids end up going to Ohio State, Penn State, etc and now Rich Rod has to take his system up against top talent every week in the Big 10. His system can work for one game but not week in and week out against superior players. He didn't have that scenerio in the Big East - the Big East doesn't attract the amount of pro talent that the Big 10 does.  If I were Michigan fan I would want him gone and see them hire someone like the Auburn OC or Houston Nutt. 

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 11:11 am

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

If he stays in College which I doubt he should take Michigan job. Only if he wants to be a college coach at same school for decades. if not he goes pro. His brother is successful NFL coach. I bet they are competitive likes brothers can be. He will go Pro and make more money then college as well. He has to in order to match his brother. Too bad Michigan he would make you a winner again. I just don't see him staying in college if he wants to be an NFL head coach. If he does he is leaving for NFL this year. Too many teams want him. I see why if he can win like that at Stanford he can win anywhere. They looked like an NFL offense and defense last night vs a college team.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 11:00 am

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

All this talk is guess work.  I think Harbaugh may come to Michigan because he hasn't said that he wont.  Being a Michigan man he would have let MI know he wasn't coming to allow MI a chance to hire or interview other coaches just as Less Miles did.  He wouldn't want to hurt MI.   To speculate and write that he isn't coming to MI is just writing to get people to talk and probably was written by someone (MI State fan-since Free Press seems to be full of them) who hopes he doesn't come to MI.  Come back to MI Jim!!!!

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 10:52 am

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

Thank goodness RichRod turned down Alabama.  Talk about dodging a bullet.  By the way, hasn't RR been fired yet?

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 10:41 am

Report: Harbaugh unlikely to take Michigan gig

What I find funny about this is a year ago, after the Kansas Jayhawks fired football coach Mark Mangino, all the KU fans and boosters, who saw KU as a newly minted football powerhouse, were LIVID that they didn't hire Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh turns down his alma mater, Michigan, a historic football powerhouse, but KU fans thought they had a shot.  Yeah, right.

It just goes to show the dream world the University of Kansas fans all live in.

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