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Vince Young's disappointing Titans career over

Posted on: January 5, 2011 6:56 pm
Edited on: January 5, 2011 9:10 pm
Posted by Andy Benoit

Bud Adams seems to have finally come to his senses.The Titans owner says Vince Young is out in Tennessee. This likely means that Jeff Fisher is in…at least for 2011. His contract expires after the season. (Adams did make clear, however, that the evaluation of the coaching staff is still ongoing.)

In a statement released by the team, Adams said, "I think it is best for the franchise that we move on at this point." Adams is a known admirer of the 27-year-old quarterback (did you see the Titans’ holiday card this past year?). Many around the league assumed that the owner would ignore the myriad calls from his advisors telling them to dump Young. 
V. Young (US Presswire)
But that didn't prove to be the case. By getting rid of Young, Adams not only holds onto a quality head coach, he also saves more than $12 million in 2011. Expect Young to be traded or released by March 10, as that’s the day he’s scheduled for a $4.25 million roster bonus.

Just a few short years ago, it would have been unimaginable that Tennessee would find itself in this position. Drafted in ’06 No. 3 overall and expected to sit his first few years, Young instead started 13 games his rookie season. Titans went 10-6 and reached the postseason in his second year.

Then, in 2008, it all went south. Young was booed by the home crowd in the season opener. He scared friends and family the next day by disappearing (there were rumors of a suicide watch). The Titans turned to Kerry Collins that year and wound up finishing 13-3. Young made his way back into the starting lineup in 2009 and led the team from 0-6 to 8-8. However, his ’10 campaign was pocked by off-field transgressions (the bar fight in Austin, the redundant tardiness to team meetings and, most notably, the shoulder pads-throwing and verbal haymaker he dealt Fisher in the locker room following the loss to the Redskins).

What people fail to talk about is Young’s lack of NFL quality skills. Yes, the Titans were 30-17 in games he started, but that had more to do with a good running game, solid defense and excellent coaching. The reality is, Young was never asked to read the entire field from the pocket. Coaches only felt comfortable with him having a “read 1, read 2, run!” approach. That’s fine if you’re a rookie, but as a veteran, those kind of mental limitations handcuff an offensive coordinator.

There will probably be more than one foolish team out there willing to give Young another shot at stardom (the Raiders seem like the obvious early favorite). Michael Vick’s resurrection in Philly doesn’t hurt Young’s chances. But the difference between Vick and Young is the former can throw and the latter cannot. No matter which way you slice it, Young does not have a great arm (his mechanics and velocity are both subpar). And while it’s true Young can run, there isn’t a defensive coordinator in the league who loses half as much sleep over Young as he would over Vick. Young is more of a scrambler than a running threat. (Think of it this way: if Alex Smith’s running skills reside on the west coast and Michael Vick’s running skills reside on the east coast, Vince Young’s running skills are somewhere in Utah. The guy just isn’t an electrifying burner.)

But again, Young shouldn’t have much trouble finding one team willing to coax itself into loving his skills. He’ll make less money than he would have as a Titan, but he’ll get the fresh start he so desperately needs.

UPDATE 9:08 p.m. ET: Jim Wyatt spoke with Young Wednesday night. Young wished Fisher all the best but said he felt like Fisher never trusted him. ("I was always looking over my shoulder.")

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Vince Young's disappointing Titans career over

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Vince Young's disappointing Titans career over

What people fail to talk about is Young’s lack of NFL quality skills. Yes, the Titans were 30-17 in games he started, but that had more to do with a good running game, solid defense and excellent coaching.

They had the same running game, solid defense and excellent coaching when he didn't start, yet they had a losing record for those games. Explain that, Andy.

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Vince Young's disappointing Titans career over

What planet do you live on where Alex Smith and Jake Delhomme are respected QBs? Jake Delhomme was let go one year after going to the NFC title game, and everyone in Charlotte was glad to see him go. Is this "getting a pass every year"? Alex Smith? How much did he even play this year? Most fans couldn't pick him out of a lineup or tell you anything about his game.

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Vince Young's disappointing Titans career over

It has been said that CJ2K might hold out if they continue with the releasing of VY... Scary

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Vince Young's disappointing Titans career over

I agree marionc.  I just don't think you would ever find out if he was capable of maturing into that QB with the Titans. 

To Vince, Alex Smith is likely to lose his job this year.  Carson Palmer has never been the same since his injuries and is largely overrated.  Jake Delhome had some good years but they are way in the rearview mirror, and was brought in as an insurance policy/backup. 

I totally agree with you on McNabb.  He was a good and sometimes great QB in Philly and got no love.  He took a team that had limited receivers and no interior running game (Westbrook was always more of an outside runner/receiver) to the Superbowl, and to several NFC championship games.  Vick went from basically being an option QB in Atlanta to being a complete QB in Philly.  Some of that was the talent around him.  Some of that was his game maturing.  Some of that was his coaching.

VY has not been able to consistantly stay on the field.  You could blame some of that on Fisher, and the staff.  But the fact remains that he has some growing up to do, and the Titans do not want to pay $12 mil on the chance he grows up.  He may very well sign with another team and come into his own, but it is clear that the Titans are not a good fit for him.

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Vince Young's disappointing Titans career over

This was the move that had to happen. The rift between Fisher and Young could not be fixed and its harder to fix a mediocre QB than it is keep a solid coach. With that said, I don't think this should be seen as the end of VY's career or that VY is the reason for these woes. The team was bad this  year in a lot of ways, not always because of VY's play. The coaches have to get looked at more so than Young, for why a really hot team that ended the year on a 7-1(?) streak did so poorly the next season. 
As for VYs abilities and habits over his career, I think you also have to look at the coaches a bit. I agree with him that Fisher never trusted him. Maybe that's becuase, from the start, Fisher didn't think Young could be a winning QB (maybe he really can't) but Even if that's the case, he should have tried to coach him up more from just a running QB. People say he isn't good becuase he never looks across the whole field at all his options. But I think a lot of that is coaching. He came from a college that relied on him making plays with his legs, its obvious that that would be his first instinct. You have to be taught and coached extensively to break old habits and I think the Titans were fairly relaxed in that aspect. He was putting wins together so they didn't see a real reason to push him that hard. There is a lot that falls on VY too. he has been immature and hasnt taken the personal responsibility it takes to become a good QB, but a lot of that immaturity and self-motivation comes from people pushing you to improve and trusting you, not threatening to take your job away if you make a mistake.
He'll get a shot somewhere and we'll find out if his problems are fixable, but not all his and the titans problems can be put on his shoulders

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Posted on: January 6, 2011 2:27 pm

Vince Young's disappointing Titans career over

What else do you judge a quarterback by except winning percentage and Super Bowl rings? Let's at least be honest in our assessment and hold "ALL" quarterbacks to the same standard. What standards are Carson Palmer, Alex Smith, Jake Delhomme, Ryan Fitzpatrick and for the point of this discussion Joe Flacco held? What's the difference between Vince Young and Joe Flacco or Ben Roethlisberger. All are surrounded by a good to great defense, good to great running game and decent coaching, but for some reason, the fear of the "athletic" quarterback overwhelms logic. Sure Roethlisberger won a Super Bowl in his first year, but was that really HIS Super Bowl. Kinda like if Mark Sanchez wins a Super Bowl, is it because of him or in spite of him. People can now talk about the resurrection of Mike Vick, but that's just media garbage. Michael Vick for the first time in his career is surrounded by talent. He had no where near the same receiving corps in Atlanta as he does in Philly, but that's always conveniently forgotten. Name his receiving corps the first two years in Atlanta. If you're honest and not just some bigoted trailer trash, you can't . Sure, we can look it up, but could you name it off the top of your head. Who was the running back when Vick was the starter in Atlanta and if you know that, where is he now or a better question, what happened to his stats when Vick was no longer with the team. Let me ask you this, do you really think that videotape would have been erased and the bathroom scrubbed if that was Vince Young or Michael Vick in that Georgia bathroom as it was done for Roethlisberger?

While guys like Carson Palmer, Alex Smith, Matt Hasselback, Jake Delhomme who have never won anything and don't have winning percentages get a pass year in and year out, guys like Vince Young,Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb regardless of what they do on the field are constantly scrutinized. When the on the field percentages are in there favor, then you run to the off the field non-sense. Just so you know or in case you haven't figured it out, there are only a few cities where African Americans can have nice homes and nice cars and not be considered drug dealers. Most major cities in this country if you are caucasian, there are plenty of places to hang out if you are a millionaire and you can still hang out with other well-to-do people. Unfortuanately, for Black Millionaires, your options are very limited unless you want to hang out with caucasians all the time. Hence, when you are a millionaire hanging out with the $10 an hour crowd, trouble is bound to erupt when a $10 hour guy has spent half his paycheck on drinks and the lady leaves the club with the millionaire. It's also not as easy to shake childhood friends and family (remember those were blood cousins and uncles that Vick assisted in the dog fighting ring) as people come here and pretend it is to do so. Vince Young and Michael Vick have totally different circumstances than the Manning brothers. The Mannings first have a rich father and don't have the same family members hanging on for dear life to cash a check nor are they surrounded by the same type of women and childhood friends. You can act naive and act like there's not a difference, but that just feeds into your on-going sterotyping.

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