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For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

Posted on: January 9, 2011 3:52 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

Saturday night, our own Gregg Doyel wrote a column about the stupidity of Jim Caldwell calling a timeout with 30 seconds left in a game that saw Indy fall to New York 17-16. The premise being that he allowed second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez to regroup, the Jets to gameplan for a big gain, and Nick Folk to attempt a much easier field goal. The premise, by the way, is correct.

And while it seems really difficult to call for a coach's head when he was two wins away from a perfect season/Super Bowl combo in 2009 and won a divisional championship in 2010, it might be time to think about getting rid of Jim Caldwell.

Why? Well, it ties in with a great argument that the guys on the mothership had during The NFL Today about whether or not Peyton Manning can win another Super Bowl in his career:

This is relevant because the Colts will always be dangerous as long as Peyton's on the field. They'll have a chance at winning the AFC South with Peyton and they'll have a shot at the Super Bowl with Peyton. But it's also going to take a much stouter defense (one that doesn't get utterly dominated by the run, a la the second half against the Jets on Saturday) to bump up the odds that Peyton retires with multiple titles.

And Caldwell, who was Manning's quarterbacks coach before replacing Tony Dungy as head coach, simply doesn't bring a defensive presence. Look, you can't argue with his record and the success the Colts have had the last two years, except for Super Bowl wins (zero, but, yes, that's a tough argument).

You can, however, argue that Caldwell serves, at best, as a figurehead for the organization. Peyton Manning calls his own plays; you don't have to be an insider to realize that. And a new coach, particularly one who's defensive-minded, probably wouldn't have a huge issue stepping into Caldwell's role with Indy, beefing up the Colts' defensive scheme, and letting Manning do whatever he wants to do on the offensive end.

It would be awkward as hell, sure, to let Caldwell go given his resume. But time is running shorter for the Colts when it comes to Peyton's career. And since they're about to invest possibly the biggest contract in NFL history in him for the duration of his quarterbacking years, there just so happen to be a lot of very impressive defensive guys (Rob Ryan, Perry Fewell, Ron Rivera or even John Fox) on the market as possible head coaches.

Speaking strictly from an objective point of view, it makes a lot of sense to at least discuss the options that might be available.

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 9:37 pm

For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 4:59 pm
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Posted on: January 11, 2011 2:53 pm

For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

I'm not so sure we need to dump Caldwell, but I definatly think and always have that the Colts need to put more emphasis on the run game. If they don't want to do that then.... In my ever so humble opinion, they need to beef up the defense. It cant be fun to lose in the playoffs so often as we do and I don't think its Peyton who cant win the big game or Coach Caldwell, I feel our team has never been very well rounded, and thats what we need in the playoffs.

Peyton can get us good wins in the regular season, but we need to get our mind made up to make some solid changes in an area other than the passing game.

Sux we arent in the mix still, but perhaps this will be a wakeup call for our organization... I for one miss Tony Dungy, and feel we could and would have better chances with him or someone like him as head coach.

It would be very easy for use to allow Jim to test the market and help him land a job coaching elsewhere, or accept a demotion of his head coaching abilities.

Also, im all for Peyton taking a pay cut so we can afford a team. Its pretty clear we arent winning a superbowl with him, Reggie Wayne, and some duct tape.


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Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:26 pm

NFL Fair Play Is A Fool

1 - Those stats you show prove the Dolphins had one of the league's best running games - beraking 1,500 yards per season five times in seven years makes them such.  Citing that they were behind teams that were not playoff-caliber teams is irrelevant.  The facts remain Marino's Dolphins had one of the league's best running games - and it was MARINO who kept costing them. 

Since: Aug 13, 2009
Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:22 pm

For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

NFL Fair Play is wrong.  He clearly does not watch the games to spout the nonsense he does.

FACT - Brady is repeatedly hit during the season.  Not only does he not flinch, he delivers when the pressure is higher.  The Giants couldn't stop him in the Superbowl, they needed the ultimate fluke to win.

FACT - The Patriots win because they adhere to fundamentals and they outhit opponents.   Teams focus on trying to stop the Patriots short passing game and what happens? The Patriots BEAT the opponent.   "Those three things" you deride are in fact fundamentally sound and no team has been able to stop the Patriots.  Welker takes hits (remember the Dolphins game where they creamed him and he got back up and "hit them with a bigger pool cue") and still delivers. 

FACT - Brady does not ask for flags.  Manning does.  The Patriots do not depend on pass interference, the Colts do. 

This guy NFL Fair Play is a liar, straight up. 

Since: Jul 13, 2009
Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:19 pm

For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

Yeah, let's take shots at the Colts for not getting rid of Caldwell, who counting the playoffs has a 26-10 record since taking over as head coach.  Meanwhile, let's all praise the Bengals for bringing back Marvin Lewis whose team was 4-12 last year.  Man do these analysts know good coaching when they see it.

The Colts always choked without Caldwell, so clearly he's not making the difference.  People seem to always forget that outside of the Colts' two Super Bowl runs, they only have 3 playoff wins since Manning joined the team, two of which came in the same season.  Not too bad for most teams.  But when you've made the playoffs 9 straight seasons, and 11 since Manning took over?  Do the math, and that's a lot of one and dones in the postseason.  Caldwell's not the difference, it's the players who aren't nearly as good as their reputations are.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 6:27 am

For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

3 - Brady is getting hit game after game and he stands up and delivers the ball.
Brady is afraid to get hit and will fall down. He flinches more than any other QB. Especially since the Giants mauled him in the Super Bowl, Brady has been gun-shy

4 - The Colts win with smoke and mirrors, not by hitting.  

It is the Patriots who play the smoke and mirrors game. The core of their offense is "surprise" draw plays, particularly on 3rd and short. Spread the field, make it look like a pass, and then hand off a late draw. Focus on that one staple play all night and the Pats have a big problem. Another core of their offense is "screens". That is another smoke-screen they use as much as anyone, especially in playoffs when other teams blitz. They gain huge chunks off screens. Again, focus on that part of their offense and they are suddenly in 2nd and long, 3rd and long. And hurting. Welker is all smoke and mirrors. Many of his pass patterns are short option routes. Is he going left or right? Put a bigger linebacker on him at the line of scrimmage (when he goes in motion have another LB on the other side waiting). The LB smokes Welker at the line (legal within 5 yards), puts him off track, and then have a DB behind the LB to trail Welker. Play him both sides, front and back, left and right. And voila, the Patriots offense is in shreds. Those 3 things are all based on deception, smoke and mirrors. Play for that and the Pats are dead.

6 - It's called fact.  Pass interference benefits the Colts more than it does any other team.   Manning is the one asking for flags, not Brady.

No one asks for more flags than Brady. He is constantly whining for a flag when a pass falls flat. Every single game he plays. You can't say every game with Manning, who is more even keel. 
Also, the Patriots (along with GB) use pass intefference as a defensive technique more than anoy other team. They get away with it. So, the opposing defense should also grab, pull, hit, smash, put off course Brady's receivers. Brady won't like it. But what's good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Enjoy the games and we will see what the facts are.

Since: Dec 22, 2006
Posted on: January 11, 2011 6:05 am

For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

2 - The Dolphins were the best rushing team in the 1980s - in Marino's first four years they hit 2,000 rushing yards twice.   The run was more than sufficient for Marino.  HE cost the Dolphins in the playoffs. 

#1- You are obviously biased against the Dolphins because you are a Pats fan.

#2 - Did you actually watch the Dolphins in the 80s???

  • 1983 Dolphins 2150 Rush Yards 5th Best in AFC (Baltimore #1 = 2695) AFC Avg. 2076 (Marino's Rookie Year)
  • 1984 Dolphins 1918 Rush Yards 7th Best in AFC (NYJ #1 = 2189) AFC Avg. 1982
  • 1985 Dolphins 1729 Rush Yards 9th Best in AFC (Indianapolis #1 = 2439) AFC Avg. 1999
  • 1986 Dolphins 1545 Rush Yards 12th Best in AFC (Bengals #1 = 2533) AFC Avg. 1899
  • 1987 Dolphins 1662 Rush Yards 13th Best in AFC (Raiders #1 = 2179) AFC Avg. 1859 (15 games)
  • 1988 Dolphins 1205 Rush Yards 14th Best in AFC i.e. LAST (Benglas #1 = 2710) AFC Avg. 1943
  • 1989 Dolphins 1330 Rush Yards 14th Best in AFC (Bengals #1 = 2483) AFC Avg. 1845

You were talking about the facts? The facts = Miami & Marino had one of the worst rushing attacks. 

Out of 14 AFC teams, the Dolphins were WELL below average in 6 of Marino's 7 years with the team in the 80s. Meanwhile, the Bears led the NFL 4 years in 83, 84, 85, 86. The 49ers led the NFC twice and were consistently over 2000 a season. The Rams had a very good O-Line and Dickerson. The Giants had Morris, the Redskins had Riggins, the Raiders had Allen. The Dolphins had nothing with Marino. The facts are not convenient for you. Sorry, but Marino was a great QB. 

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 10:52 pm

For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

Same situation after Bob Knight left IU... Mike Davis inherited a loaded team, and made it to the national championship, and lost. He coached one more season, and no one's heard from him since. If the Colts were to fire Caldwell tomorrow (not soon enough) he wouldn't have ONE head coaching position offered to him in the NFL, I guarantee it. Bring in Gruden....

Since: Dec 14, 2009
Posted on: January 10, 2011 7:56 pm

For Peyton's sake, Colts should dump Caldwell

Did you watch the game PatsRule, the JETS ran the ball down the COLTS throat for most of the second half keeping Manning and the offense off the field,if you really think Manning was to blame you are a true hater,let it go take a couple deep breaths you will be ok no matter how much hatred you have for the guy Manning will go down as one of the greatest QBS in the history of pro football.

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