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56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

Posted on: January 19, 2011 1:29 pm
Edited on: January 19, 2011 3:23 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Here’s the list of the 56 underclassmen who have renounced their college eligibility and will enter the 2011 NFL Draft. That 56, by the way, is an all-time high.

Which is interesting because of all the labor unrest.

Adams, Darvin     WR    Auburn
Austin, Marvin      DT    North Carolina
Ayers, Akeem      LB    UCLA
Baldwin, Jon        WR    Pittsburgh
Bowers, Da’Quan  DE    Clemson
Brown, DeAndre    WR   Southern Mississippi
Burton, Brandon   DB    Utah
Casey, Jurrell       DT    Southern California
Clay, John           RB    Wisconsin
Claytor, Nick        T       Georgia Tech
Cobb, Randall      WR    Kentucky
Dareus, Marcell    DE      Alabama
Doss, Tandon      WR    Indiana
Evans, Darren      RB     Virginia Tech
Fairley, Nick         DT     Auburn
Gabbert, Blaine    QB    Missouri
Green, A.J.          WR    Georgia
Gurley, Tori         WR    South Carolina
Guy, Lawrence      DT    Arizona State
Hamler, Jamel     WR    Fresno State
Harper, Jamie      RB    Clemson
Harris, Brandon    DB    Miami
Hill, Will              DB    Florida
Houston, Justin    LB    Georgia
Hynoski, Henry    RB    Pittsburgh
Ingram, Mark      RB    Alabama
Jones, Julio         WR   Álabama
Keiser, Thomas   LB     Stanford
Leshoure, Mikel   RB    Illinois
Lewis, Dion          RB    Pittsburgh
Lewis, Javes        DB    Oregon
Little, Greg         WR    North Carolina
Liuget, Corey      DT    Illinois
Mallett, Ryan      QB    Arkansas
Moore, Rahim     DB    UCLA
Newton, Cam      QB    Auburn
Parr, Zane          DE    Virginia
Peterson, Patrick DB    Louisiana State
Quinn, Robert     DE    North Carolina
Ridley, Stevan    RB    Louisiana State
Rodgers, Jacquizz RB  Oregon State
Rudolph, Kyle     TE     Notre Dame
Sands, Robert     DB   West Virginia
Sash, Tyler         DB    Iowa
Siliga, Sealver     DT    Utah
Smith, Aldon       DE    Missouri
Smith, Torrey      WR   Maryland
Smith, Tyron        T     Southern California
Tarrant, Jerrard    DB    Georgia Tech
Todman, Jordan  RB    Connecticut
Vereen, Shane    RB    California
Watt, J.J.            DE    Wisconsin
Wilkerson, Muhammad    DT    Temple
Williams, Aaron   DB    Texas
Williams, Ryan    RB    Virginia Tech
Wilson, Martez    LB    Illinois

As draft expert Rob Rang pointed out earlier today, Lewis was not previously mentioned as leaving college early. It doesn't sound like he'll be drafted anyway.

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Since: Dec 1, 2009
Posted on: January 20, 2011 1:38 pm

56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

These days, this country's full of college graduates who're calculating their orbital mechanics in cardboard boxes, praying that the next job opening in their field doesn't go to some bright-eyed kid from New Delhi with an H-1B visa. That said, maybe Cam did the right thing.

Since: Oct 23, 2006
Posted on: January 20, 2011 8:45 am

56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

Brilliant post there geezer!

Somebody has to say it, Newton with all his baggage is unlikely to have graduated anyway, who would sit his papers for him? Suppose it's grab the money time and sod your edumacation Cam. What happens if it all goes pearshaped and you don't/can't make it in the NFL? Well there's always drug dealing/dog fighting/drug smuggling etc. Wear b yor edumacation thn Nuton? Still I'm sure your dad has plans if you bollox it up in the NFL.

Crazytrucker (Quite well edumacated but haven't figured out how to make me words bigger!)DOH!

Since: Jul 27, 2010
Posted on: January 20, 2011 2:59 am

56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

Normally this isn't news but with the new CBA, I don't understand what some of these kids are thinking?  I can understand running backs.  When the iron is hot, strike with the least amount as carries as possible.  Plus running the ball is basically the same at every level, except as you go onto the next level, guys that are chasing you get bigger and faster, but that's another story.

Since: Oct 28, 2006
Posted on: January 20, 2011 1:28 am

56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

Whatz hilarious is that if they sign a rookie tender, I guarantee they make more money then if they would have stayed in school, blown out their knee and got the diploma. Fo sho

Since: Feb 17, 2010
Posted on: January 19, 2011 9:29 pm
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Since: Aug 21, 2006
Posted on: January 19, 2011 9:26 pm

56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

brownsbob2, you are wrong about that. I have heard numerous times, including out of Roger Goodell's mouth, that the draft will happen as scheduled regardless if a new cba is in place or not. See the old cba just rolls over, but when camp comes the owners will then put a lock out in place if no new deal has been reached. But yea, the draft is in no danger at all, it is going to happen.

Since: Jan 15, 2009
Posted on: January 19, 2011 8:15 pm

56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

instead of worrying about all this let all enjoy the Packers vs. Bears and Jets vs. Steelers followed by an entertaining Super Bowl because this will be the last professional football we will see in 2011...unless the UFL survives!

Since: Aug 29, 2006
Posted on: January 19, 2011 8:13 pm

56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

I says hoo be needin an edumacation? I likes to play da foosball and dee onwy fing i needz to cownt iz my paychek end da skorebored...And my agent....

I read some of the names of the students and it looks as if the parents could use a G.E.D.

1. Jacquizz---really sounds like a bad lay moment
2. Da'Quan---sounds like a ghetto version of a new STD....He got Da'Quan from that nasty ho Shanene' when she Jacquizz'd on him....
3. Javes---sounds like a new form of epilepsy
4. Sealver---sounds like a southern draw trying to pronounce a precious metal.
5. Tandon---sounds like a place where lost animals end up

Since: Sep 27, 2010
Posted on: January 19, 2011 6:51 pm

56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

With no c.b.a. there would be no draft and if there is a c.b.a. there will be a rookie salary cap in place,what it will be no one knows not even them,but it will be there.And if there is no draft they would probably be allowed to go back to school.

Since: Mar 21, 2007
Posted on: January 19, 2011 5:34 pm

56 underclassmen sign up for NFL Draft

The draft will go on as planned regardless of CBA status and any player drafted this year will be signed under the new CBA rookie salary rules.  If the CBA isnt finalized till summer, after the draft, all the teams will hold off until after the CBA before signing their draft picks.

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