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L.A. is SERIOUS about wanting an NFL team

Posted on: January 27, 2011 10:52 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) President Tim Leiweke really, really wants an NFL franchise in Los Angeles. And he’s putting up some serious money to do it.

He recently presented to a LA City Council panel the plans for a $1 billion, retractable-roof stadium that would require no public funding and could be built near the AEG-owned Staples Center and L.A. Live.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
columnist Sid Hartman writes today he thinks that kind of complex will attract an NFL team. Leiweke told Hartman, though, he hopes the Vikings aren’t that organization.

"Zygi (Wilf, the Vikings owner) came down and looked at LA Live," Leiweke said. "I think Zygi really wants to figure this out in Minnesota. I personally think he will. ... I think this is the year they're going to do it and I think he's pretty committed to keeping that team and that brand a part of the culture in Minnesota.

"Because we have roots there and we manage the Target Center, that's not one that we get all excited about. We would prefer and hope that he solves his problem there and that still leaves us with another half-dozen teams that, I think, [are not] going to solve their problem in their current local marketplace.

"We're confident enough there will be a team in trouble and a team that needs a new home after the collective bargaining agreement is resolved, that we are proceeding and spending money and going through an entitlement process as we speak.”

If I were a San Diego Chargers fan, I might feel a little nervous at this point.

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L.A. is SERIOUS about wanting an NFL team

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L.A. is SERIOUS about wanting an NFL team

I think you misunderstood me there I was just speaking about the situation overall not my situation. I would gladly vote to fund a new stadium, preferably near the beach or downtown. Im just kind of reiterating what I hear on sports talk radio everyday. I also did not mean to suggest that it is ONLY a town of 'blue collar workers and military', just pointing out it's just as much that as it is white collar.

What I meant is, the City of San Diego, as you point out, won't build the stadium because of their politics and the pension deficit and various other city money management problems. Oceanside does not have the money. The harbor project is the most promising looking proposal to me, but I seriously doubt Chula Vista (no way National Shitty can) will fund the stadium. If it goes to a County Vote it will fail because of the city and township squabbling, nobody living in Carlsbad will vote to fund a stadium in Chula Vista and vice versa.

Again I will vote for a stadium no matter where it goes, but San Diego is very fickle (its sunny and 78 degrees 300 days of the year) and if you have lived here long you know that.

The rest of the things I said about it being a baseball town and beach town was sarcasm. I should have put those things in quotes.

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L.A. is SERIOUS about wanting an NFL team

A nice young fellow created much of the following post on another site, and it was so good I had to save it.  Sorry if it's long, but take a look
and see what you think. 
If a possible relocation to LA is in effect, what would this mean for realignment?  Some case studies:

Jacksonville and Buffalo:

Jacksonville makes sense because they have had problems selling out -
even after tarping off entire sections. There has been a lot of second guessing
having an NFL franchise there when many still consider Florida to be a Dolphins (and more recently a Buccaneers) state.

Three NFL franchises in Florida might be one too many.

Buffalo - If they move, it'll be to LA or full-time to Toronto. May be difficult to uproot all the history going back to 1960 and the start of Ralph Wilson era, whereas the Jaguars were born in 1995. The fan base in Buffalo is strong despite being the 3rd smallest market, in front of only Green Bay and New Orleans.

Toronto could win out in the future but as of now there is no discussion about having the NFL full time in Canada.

In both of these cases, since they're both AFC teams, the Chiefs could be kicked out of the AFC West and moved to, say, the AFC South (if Jacksonville moves) or a new AFC North could exist if Buffalo somehow moves to Toronto - Baltimore would go to the East.

If Jacksonville AND Buffalo are L.A. Bound (two teams could play in LA and share a stadium a la the NY Jets and Giants), here's what realignment could look like since both Los Angeles teams will be separated into different conferences.

AFC East

New England, NY Jets, Miami, *Indianapolis (Reunited with old AFC East rivals)

AFC South



*Kansas City

*Tampa Bay (Back to original 1976 AFC roots)

AFC West


San Diego


*Los Angeles Bills (New division, new name?)

AFC North- Unchanged


NFC South

New Orleans



St.Louis (reunites with old NFC West rivals due to T.B. switch)

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers

Arizona Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks

*Los Angeles Jaguars (New name?)

NFC East- Unchanged

NFC North-Unchanged

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L.A. is SERIOUS about wanting an NFL team

Speaking for an LA Raiders fan who is determined to become a fan of whichever team moves to LA.  I do not want the Chargers to be that team.  I would prefer it be the Jags because there is no Raiders Jags history of note.  We need to bring back the LA Express and build a team like the Raiders but better because there will be no Al Davis.  Until that point I will continue to root for the Oakland Raiders and wait for Al Davis to pass the Raiders on somehow.

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Posted on: January 28, 2011 8:56 am

L.A. is SERIOUS about wanting an NFL team

I would think the Bills would be more likely than the Chargers.  They would get renamed though I'm sure.

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Posted on: January 28, 2011 8:43 am

L.A. is SERIOUS about wanting an NFL team

I'm not familiar enough with the Jags, how often do they black out the games on local TV due to low interest/ticket sales?  I remember reading somewhere that happened, but I don't pay as much attention as I could to teams outside my team's division.  I wouldn't mind seeing them move if there isn't a large enough fanbase to support it, but I don't think the LA Jaguars rolls off the tongue very well.  What are some defunct NFL team names they could throw out there (don't think Oilers would fit)?

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Posted on: January 28, 2011 4:13 am

L.A. is SERIOUS about wanting an NFL team

Speak for yourself you cheap bas****.  The city was at fault not the Chargers.  If the city would have agreed to the Chargers plan in 2004 then they would be playing in a new state of the art facility in Mission Valley.  Qualcomm is a piece of crap compared to other NFL stadiums and is the 2nd oldest now in the NFL.  The Chargers were going to build AND PAY FOR the entire cost of a new stadium (approx. 400 million dollars at the time) if the city would agree to give them a little parcel of city land along the San Diego River bed to build condos and a hotel with shopping.  It was a win/win for all parties involved except that Donna Frye did not want anything done in her district to upset her.  The city had their chance and blew it. The PETCO Park deal turned out sweet for the fans and the city.  The Padres are going through ownership changes still and when all things are said and done I believe they will spend more $$$. We in San Diego are much more than a little Navy town, blue collar town, or beach town as you said we are.  It is time for San Diego to step up and be proud of the 9th largest city in the USA.  Speaking for most real fans, we do NOT want the Chargers to leave and most San Diego fans hate LA.....Go Padres, Go Chargers...Lets keep San Diego America's Finest City!!!ps  F.  U.  C.  K.    L  A.

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Posted on: January 28, 2011 3:31 am

L.A. is SERIOUS about wanting an NFL team

The last thing the people in L.A want is someones castoff team.  Build the stadium and give us an expansion team without some other franchise's culture of mediocrity.  Al Davis is a tired old wore out act and no one wants him except a handfull of jailbirs/chokeland fader fans.  Give us a fresh start with a new team.  Of all the major sport franchises in Los Angeles the only one that originated here is the Kings.  We stole the rest... even the Rams were moved from Cleveland in 1948.


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