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Carson Palmer is selling his house

Posted on: February 9, 2011 2:10 pm
Edited on: February 9, 2011 2:18 pm

Posted by Andy Benoit

Carson Palmer isn’t messing around. Weeks after demanding to be traded awayC. Palmer (US Presswire) from Cincinnati, the Bengals nine-year quarterback has put his house up on the market. Dennis Janson of WCPO first reported the news.

Palmer has threatened to retire if he’s not traded. The Bengals have said they will not trade him.

Janson writes, “A local Comey-Shepherd representative confirmed that preparations are being made to put Palmer's residence on the market, hopefully by March.

‘He's not coming back’, according to a real estate agent who talked Wednesday morning with the disenchanted Bengals quarterback.”

Palmer’s wife is said to be disenchanted with the Cincinnati area. The couple has two young children (and plenty of money saved up for a post-football life).

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Posted on: January 5, 2012 6:30 am
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Posted on: February 10, 2011 3:39 pm

Carson Palmer is selling his house

Snacks, the timing of the Leinart cut is the issue, he out played all the other QBS in camp, and should have won the Starting Job, now I don't know if he would be any good or not, but 3 of 4 USC QB"S are starting in the NFL, and as you saw Anderson,Skelton and The kid from Utah i'm sorry i forget his name,did not amount to much, Bidwell and Wisenhunt cut Matt to save money, and a team two year's removed from a Superbowl and are wasting the best wide receiver in football, are doormats again! Cincinnati is not far behind, as a clown organization!   

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Posted on: February 10, 2011 3:24 pm

Carson Palmer is selling his house

TJCONEY, your post is possibly the best I have ever read. Thorough and well written Sir.
As a bungle fan I am ready for "concrete shoes" Palmer and Chad the "Dancing  egomaniac" to hit the road.I mean any rookie QB could win 4games and throw 3 INTs every game.

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Posted on: February 10, 2011 2:56 pm

Carson Palmer is selling his house

Palmer possible outcomes:

1.Retire and throw away at least 30m in gauranteed money. Not likely
2. Agree to renegotiate your current deal so that any other team in the league would have a smidgen of interest in the QB that lead the NFL in pick 6's last year. Then expect Mike Brown to accept your actual trade value when he thinks its 2 firsts and a small island of Costa Rica. Not happening.
3.  Put on a show for PR purposes, while moving your family to Cali (where theyve wanted to be all along anyway- the weather in Cincy SUCKS) in hopes that somehow #2 actually comes to fruition but knowing it wont; realizing the OTA's are gonna be shot to hell this year due to the labor dispute giving you plenty of time to complete your move and get your family settled before, by some random act of God the labor situation works itself out by training camp you decide to show up 7 days late just to make them sweat and in the end, your back in stripes for Game 3 of pre-saeson talking about "how much promise this years team has". most likely result

for what its worth, as a Bengals fan, I hope you retire and cite Mike Browns incompetence as your primary reason. Maybe Goodell will take notice then. Also we'll get the funds back from your Gi-normeous contract and be able to sign a Bulger and draft a kid for half what were paying you for about the same results. Sionora!

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Posted on: February 10, 2011 2:46 pm

Carson Palmer is selling his house

First, Carson bought a prime lot to build a house on in Del Mar last September before all these "demands" came up:

Second, you don't have to live in the city you play for (SB Champion QB Aaron Rodgers also lives in Del Mar, as does Steve Mariucci, amongst others). He's from SoCal as well. I would think his parents would like to see their grandkids more often.

This is nothing against Cincinnati, just a guy trying to have a good personal and family life.

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Posted on: February 10, 2011 2:31 pm

Carson Palmer is selling his house

What does this say about the Bengals franchise that a 31 year old quarterback would rather never play football again than to play for this sorry business.

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Posted on: February 10, 2011 1:32 pm

Carson Palmer is selling his house

the cardinals DID have three minor league QB's...sure...but what do you consider matt leinart to be? an all pro? matt leinart getting paid was never the was "do we keep him anround an CONTINUE paying him for nothing? give me the choice of the 4 you describe and ill take anderson and skelton over leinart ALL DAY LONG. matt leinart is a weak little man with an even weaker arm and an even WEAKER spirit. if traded to AZ palmer getting paid is not an issue...he has a contract that must be traded as well. if carson palmer wants a trade he has the right to ask for one....if they say no then he has the right to retire....PERIOD. all of you who know nothing of a pro athletes life (98 % of you) will bash him and talk crap, but who cares? do what you gotta do carson....if the bengals wont trade ya enjoy life at home getting chunky and coaching the kids soccer teams. im sure you werent stupid enought to HAVE to keep playing for $$$$ only.

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Posted on: February 10, 2011 12:57 pm

Carson Palmer is selling his house

Take the money and run.

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Posted on: February 10, 2011 12:41 pm

Carson Palmer is selling his house

Palmer must have really taken a lot of heat last season and I for one also felt he was to blame for many of the Bengals failures.  However, it is easy to see why Mike Brown will not trade him.  Mike still thinks Carson is the savior of the franchise although his best years may already be behind him.

However, in Carson's defense, no other franchise in the league puts up with the kind of crap that the Bengals do and it is not just due to Mike Brown either.  His Daddy was the same way and got far too much credit in Cincinnati for being exactly what his son is and that is a business man only.  Sure, anyone wants to win and in Cincinnati that is more of a bonus rather than something the franchise seriously goes after.  Paul might have received too much credit but he sure as heck knew more about running the team than his son or the rest of that pathetic so-called business family.

I still say that when TJ Houshmanzadda hit the market again from Seattle and the Bengals Marvin Lewis passed on him he denied the team someone that had built up continuity with Carson Palmer.  Furthermore, if real sports fans would have been gambling on whether Marvin Lewis would return or not they definitely would have said absolutely not.  However, Mike and Marv basically signed the deal in private and that was that.  No complications if they are willing to take chump change then re-sign them.  That has been a Brown Motto over the years.

Ever wonder why this franchise has so many issues/problems?  Dick Lebeau once was the head coach but Brown and let's also include his pathetic staff of relatives (impersonating scouts) and their lack of talent in judging just that became the best thing in Dick's life as he moved on to a top notch franchise in Pittsburgh.

The Bengals have a roster of players they sign who take ups spots with very mediocre play.  They are not thankful for the guys they happen to get with talent at a steal price, like Cedric Benson.  They would rather draft some nobody like Jerome Simpson and wait three or four years for him to develop, build up a bank account, and then winds up bagging groceries because he apparently doesn't know his left from his right or the difference between a down and out and a post pattern. Shouldn't be too complicated when you had two of the biggest spot light grabbers and mouths in the league in T.O. and Chad last year.  They knew it all.  Of course they thought the best part of a play was just knowing how to catch the ball too.  Neither had to block and Chad should have been happy when they doubled him.  He could take the game off then.

The Bengals offensive line is no good or they could have more than just sparing success running the ball.  The defensive line is mediocre (at the beginning of the game) against the run and lousy the entire game at the pass rushes.  That performance is acceptable in Cincinnati since they have never ever had any kind of pass rush since Justin Smith left as a free agent. Odom had an all pro year going in 2009 but in game six injured his Achilles.  After 16 games he still led the team in sacks though and he went on IR in game six.  Dhani Jones and his P&G Commercial smile (P&G's home office is in Cincinnati) led the team in tackles but was never an all pro or impact player.  As a free agent you can bet he wants all pro money at the ripe old age of what 34.  Where is the veteran now on either side of the ball that is going to set the example?  You still have two very young outside linebackers who have talent but will be looking for another place to play if things don't change.  The secondary is stable but they cannot cover for the length of time it takes the DL to get a little pressure on the QB now.

Maybe Carson is giving way to his brother at QB.  The Bengals obviously made a critical error last season making the younger Palmer the back up.  That basically said "I'm cheap, I'm no good" and either "we sink or swim with Carson."  They sank of course.  Don't look for things to change too much.  Carson is leaving town one way or the other.  He went to school in Southern California and his wife, although I don't know, likely doesn't like Cincinnati summers and certainly not winters either.  Not much in Cincinnati really.  You only need to look at the NFL franchise to figure that out.  Sites?  Where?  A dirty river?  Religious discrimination everywhere.  High School wise even Elder, St. X, and Moeller run the show in the local media.  Every other city has its own Kings Island and they have more attractions and sites.  Many even have much better weather too.  Even the other Cincinnati pro sports team the Reds is a joke.  The Reds were so excited about just getting to post season last year they were swept and completely embarrassed by the Phillies who didn't even make the World Series.  Was that really something as a fan in Cincinnati to be happy about?  The only thing the Reds could beat in post season was themselves.  Fans there may not like it but the proof is in the pudding as they say.  You can see all Cincinnati has to offer in a day if you really want to.

Palmer is gone or at least the most important part of him is and that was and will be his performance on the field in a Bengals uniform.  Think how that motivates the rest of the team, especially them guys in the trenches or running between the tackles or having to make tackles.  Is it worth getting busted up?  If it is cheaper to watch palmer retire than Mike will do it.  That is reality.  For the Bengals fan, winning, is undetermined now.  However, losing has another excuse to add to the piles that already exist for this franchise.  What changes are in store?  Couldn't really tell you there as it seems the only constant in the future is more losing.  You just don't replace a starting QB and expect to be competitive and call yourselves the Cincinnati Bengals.  Bengals fans will continue to flock to the stadium though that is certain too.  After all, what else is there to do in Cincinnati at that time of the year?  Great marketing speech for the Brown's. 

I could say much more but I think I have said it all already.  Over and over again in fact.  Losing fits this franchise and has become about as ugly now as those ugly orange uniform jerseys they wear as well.  I guess if you are going to continue to stink up a place you might as well go all the way!

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Posted on: February 10, 2011 12:21 pm

Carson Palmer is selling his house

I have stuck up for Carson, heck he is the reason I became a season ticket holder. If he is worried about trash on his lawn, that's pretty weak so doesn't sound like him, maybe the wife. I think he should stay 1 more year since he doesn't have to deal with Brat anymore. It completes 2 of my 3 request, getting a great tight, getting rid of the terrible play - calls inserting youth and exitement offensively, and now we just need a great safety out of the draft.

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