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Tom Zbikowski's boxing not a one-time thing

Posted on: March 5, 2011 5:10 pm
Posted by Andy Benoit

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski has a March 12 boxing match coming up. If that event in Vegas goes well, there coulT. Zbikowski (US Presswire)d be more fights on the horizon.

Zbikowski was asked in a conference call with national media whether there could be three or four fights in his future.

“I definitely think so,” the 25-year-old said, via “I was still a young kid in college and was still pretty impressionable as to what I thought needed to be done being a football player and athlete, which was lifting weights.  That really did not help out my boxing at all.
“Since then, I’ve moved on to being all functional and not really any weight lifting. I’m at about 5 ½ rounds to where I feel like I can fight at my pace without getting tired.”

Zbikowski, a cruiserweight, was an accomplished amateur boxer with a career record of 60-13. While at Notre Dame, he went pro and fought in 2006 at Madison Square Garden, where he recorded a TKO in 49 seconds.

As for what the Ravens think of this? Doesn’t matter.

“They gave me a tender as a restricted free agent, so technically there is really nothing that can stop me from fighting on March 12,” Zbikowski said. “I’ve just continued on training and hope they respect my decision. I think they have and will because they know of my prior experience. They know I was a professional boxer before I was a professional football player.”

Zbikowski said he expects teammates Haloti Ngata, Paul Kruger, Ed Reed, Chris Carr, Haruki Nakamura and Dawan Landry to be on hand for his fight next week.

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Tom Zbikowski's boxing not a one-time thing

Thanks for your clear-headed medical and sports training analysis of the situation.  It is clear that your years in medical school and neurology residence have made your opinion both complete and thoughtful.  Keep up the good work, doctor.

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Tom Zbikowski's boxing not a one-time thing

Not saying this will happen and hopefully it doesn't have to happen to anyone but football players are known to have shortened lives due to injuries and concussions and of course boxers get hit in the head all the time but for a guy to be doing both it just seems like he is compounding the potential for brain damage now and later in life.

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