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NFL statement on players decertifying

Posted on: March 11, 2011 7:07 pm
Edited on: March 11, 2011 9:11 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

The NFL issued a statement following the players' decision to decertify as a union . It's really long and kind of awkward, because it calls the players out and puts what the NFL says is its last offer out to the public.

"The fastest way to a fair agreement is for both the union and the clubs to continue the mediation process," the league's said in a statement. "Unfortunately, the players’ union has notified our office that at 4pm ET it had 'decertified' and is walking away from mediation and collective bargaining, presumably to initiate the antitrust litigation it has been threatening to file. In an effort to get a fair agreement now, the clubs offered a deal that would have had no adverse financial impact upon veteran players in the early years and would meet the players’ financial demands in the latter years."

"The union left a very good deal on the table. It included an offer to narrow the player compensation gap that existed in the negotiations by splitting the difference; guarantee reallocation of savings from first-round rookies to veterans and retirees without negatively affecting compensation for rounds 2-7; ensure no compensation reduction for veterans; implement new year-round health and safety rules; retain the current 16-4 season format for at least two years with any subsequent changes subject to the approval of the league and union; and establish a new legacy fund for retired players ($82 million contributed by the owners over the next two years).

"The union was offered financial disclosure of audited league and club profitability information that is not even shared with the NFL clubs.
NFL Labor

"The expanded health and safety rules would include a reduction in offseason programs of five weeks (from 14 to nine) and of OTAs (Organized Team Activities) from 14 to 10; significant reductions in the amount of contact in practices; and other changes.

"At a time when thousands of employees are fighting for their collective bargaining rights, this union has chosen to abandon collective bargaining in favor of a sham 'decertification' and antitrust litigation. This litigation maneuver is built on the indisputably false premise that the NFLPA has stopped being a union and will merely delay the process of reaching an agreement. 

"The NFL clubs remain committed to collective bargaining and the federal mediation process until an agreement is reached. The NFL calls on the union to return to negotiations immediately. NFL players, clubs, and fans want an agreement. The only place it can be reached is at the bargaining table."

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NFL statement on players decertifying

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NFL statement on players decertifying

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NFL statement on players decertifying

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Posted on: March 11, 2011 9:39 pm

NFL statement on players decertifying

Unselfish, What are you saying? Dude, the money given to retired players are for CURRENT retired players. I find it odd the the CURRENT PLAYERS are not giving any money to the men who helped make the NFL the sport it is now.
I remember Packer players in the 60's and 70's having to work in the off-season. Substitute teachers, selling cars or insurance, or beer distributors. There are a lot of those players who need monetary and medical help and not 'shouts out.' For example Dave Duerson or Jim Otto.
Medical advances help everyone now. Drs are able to find out what is wrong with someone early enough to give them a chance to continue their careers. Art Donovan famously quoted, "We had no such thing as cruciates, Ligaments, back when we played." It is both funny, telling, and sad. Gale Sayers probably could have played longer...........
Anyway, I suggest you look at both sides of the issue here. There are Billions of dollars available because of the FANS. The thing that annoys me is rich, self-absorbed, egotistical fools can't find a away to divide 9 Billion to all make a payday for all involved

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Posted on: March 11, 2011 7:59 pm

NFL statement on players' decertifying

Wow.Tough Language from the owners.

Usually that is a sign that the complaining party knows it was trying to get too sweet a deal. Honestly, if you look at the release basically it is saying the following:

1. We asked for an extra Billion dollars back in any new agreement but we should not have to support why through our financials.
2. Because we asked for a Billion dollars, then the Union should accept an offer to compromise at half that amount despite the fact     &
nbsp;  that  the number may be arbitrary and may have no basis in what the number if any should be.
3. If you give us half of what we want(500 Million) then we will put 82 Million of your money(meaning the owners are still ahead by 418 Million) in to programs for retirement benefits for veterans.
4. If you agree to reduce the rookie wage scale we will give the difference back to veterans(because after all it is costing us nothing anyway-it is a wash)
5. Oh, and the owners are going to make the game safer for the players and so should be given credit for that ,even though for years they ignored serious health issues and would cut players who did not play through injuries.

I am not pro players but if I was a player I would be furious at that release.


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Posted on: March 11, 2011 7:47 pm

NFL statement on players' decertifying

The NFL and NFLPA are like Charlie Sheen thinking that it is they that drive the NFL market.  Well I have news for the 2 sides.  It is neither the NFL or NFLPA that drive the NFL, it is the fans and at a time when many are getting laid off, have to accept lower wages or losing their homes. I wish for one year that every single fan would not buy the jerseys, memorabilia or the NFL cable channels then maybe both sides would make it possible for me to take my family to a game (which I currently cannot do cause it is too $$$). NFL and NFLPA dont call me Ill call you when I want to get back into football cause there is always college.

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