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Adrian Peterson sounds off on owners

Posted on: March 15, 2011 1:48 pm
Edited on: March 15, 2011 3:09 pm

Posted by Andy Benoit

UPDATE 3:00 p.m. EST: We held off on passing along Peterson's most explosive comment from this interview because there was initially a bit of confusion regarding the validity of the quote. Farrar included it in his original interview, but removed it soon after. But he later acknowledged that Peterson said it.

And what was it he said, exactly?  Referring to the owners' business arrangement with players, Peterson said, "It's modern-day slavery, you know? People kind of laugh at that, but there are people working at regular jobs who get treated the same way, too."

Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner scored a one-on-one interview with Adrian Peterson  just minutes after the NFLPA decertified, which means he caught the Vikings running back in a state of high emotion. Sure enough, Farrar’s interview with Peterson produced some gold.

Here is an excerpt; the whole interview was published Tuesday afternoon:

SC: We're talking about 15 minutes after the NFLPA sent in the paperwork to decertify, so the lockout's on everybody's minds. I've talked to a lot of players about this recently, and I always ask the same question — what is the message you want to get out to the people who love the game and are tired of hearing all the labor talk?

AP: We're business-minded, also. It's not just fun and games. A lot of football players, whether it's Sunday or Monday night — we're out there on the field, competing, hitting each other. But people don't see everything else behind it. It's a job for us, too — every day of the week. We're in different states, sometimes thousands of miles away from our families and kids, and a lot of people don't look at it like that. All some people see is, 'Oh, we're not going to be around football.' But how the players look at it … the players are getting robbed. They are. The owners are making so much money off of us to begin with. I don't know that I want to quote myself on that…

SC: It's nothing that I haven't heard from other players, believe me.

AP: People kind of laugh at that, but there are people working at regular jobs who get treated the same way, too. With all the money … the owners are trying to get a different percentage, and bring in more money. I understand that; these are business-minded people. Of course this is what they are going to want to do. I understand that; it's how they got to where they are now. But as players, we have to stand our ground and say, 'Hey — without us, there's no football.' There are so many different perspectives from different players, and obviously we're not all on the same page — I don't know. I don't really see this going to where we'll be without football for a long time; there's too much money lost for the owners. Eventually, I feel that we'll get something done.

But this crazy idea about an 18-game season … I'm sure they want more entertainment and more revenue, but we're not going to see a pinch of that (the increased revenue), and it's just the business we're in.

SC: It seems to most of the players that if the owners had nothing to hide financially, and if the current business model was as unsustainable as they claim, they'd have no trouble opening the books and showing audited profit and loss per team. Is that your impression?

AP: Exactly! It's like … 'Well, show us.' We want more information, and they want to bull****, going around, saying this and that, just open it up and give us the information we want. If they have nothing to hide, just give us the information. Why not? Obviously, there's a lot to hide -- these guys are professionals, and they're maximizing what they do. But they know that if all this information comes out, the information the players want, it'll be right out there for everyone to see. It's a rip off — not just for the players, but for the people who work at the concession stands and at the stadiums. The people working at the facilities, you know?

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Since: Mar 17, 2011
Posted on: March 17, 2011 3:36 am

Adrian Peterson sounds off on owners

This is about more than AP and Mende and the NFL. You might not get it but this is about our right to organize, which is the corporations and elites latest thing to take away from the people. Most of the world is enslaved to corporations and dont have healthcare. We are headed there Our last real union is the NFL and they are gona bust it up with alot of support from fools who think its cute to say 'Shut your millionare mouth etc etc" or Just leave the NFL if you dont like it all sensationalistic crap! When they get thru w the players you and I are next. When they cut your salary in half and take away your healthcare ,, theyre gona say to you WELL just leave then The world is under seige whther you like itt or not. The people and their rights are under attack, BP/Exxon/Nabisco?Dixie sugar/GM all of em and then some want you to believe that you dont have a right to organize or ask for a raise,, and wildy enough the sheep go along with their masters no questions asked, with vile and hatred they stand with their evil overlords! and it blows my miond!!! What happened to freedom and a fair share of the profits,, Hey guys news flash it is ok to get a raise and a fair percentage of the money being earned, it really is, and no amount of mean talk makes it not so! So wake up and be a real American Love your neighbors and stand up for those who are oppressed and mistreated,, it will make you feel better. I sometimes think the elite pay morons to comment all day and night Because I dont want to believ Americans are so shallow and mean. Be a real person stop being so jealous be happy for a player and quit letting the ownership pimp you out! WAKE UP

Since: Mar 16, 2011
Posted on: March 17, 2011 2:08 am

Adrian Peterson sounds off on owners

i believe the spelling, grammar, and general lack of coherence in that little paragraph you wrote there shine sufficient light on your intelligence level. it is quite impressive though how from someones typed words you were able to ascertain their race, political views, and whether or not they were a KKK member. Whats more odd though is how someone so pro black and clearly anti white as yourself could agree with comments that call Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees slaves? How anyone could agree those 3 are modern day slaves is beyond me but if you agree with Adrian Peterson thats your choice.

Since: Sep 16, 2010
Posted on: March 17, 2011 1:52 am

Adrian Peterson sounds off on owners

I'm a teacher also and sounds like PhilaPhan has no clue.  I'm sure the Reverend Jesse Jackson is recommending to AP not to subject himself to this humiliating 17 million dollar torture anymore.  The only slaves are us loyal "public servants," all diverse in status, who are paying $100 + a ticket to watch these overpaid, but incredibly athletic fools.

Since: Feb 13, 2009
Posted on: March 16, 2011 11:54 pm
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Since: Dec 19, 2008
Posted on: March 16, 2011 10:55 pm

Adrian Peterson sounds off on owners

Peterson.......... Stick to playing football and shut your million dollar mouth. What would you be making without football? You need to be kissing the NFL's ass for letting you make millions. Like I said before. It doesn't matter who is in the uniform. The games would be entertaining without the current players. Cut every current player that's a stupid as Peterson and get other ones. Remember the re-placement players. Those games I enjoyed just as much. You pull for a team, not a player.

Since: Aug 25, 2010
Posted on: March 16, 2011 9:48 pm

Ban PhilaPhan's Revisionist History Class ...

Well said, Big Bob ... for a CBS smack score of 159. There IS a god in fantasy forums.

Since: Mar 16, 2011
Posted on: March 16, 2011 9:35 pm

Adrian Peterson sounds off on owners

PhilaPhan Dude, You are an epic moron. I pity your students if actually are a teacher. The fact that you defend a multi millionaire that claims he is a slave  simply because he is an african american is wildy disturbing. I shudder when I think of the intolerant slop you spew to your students. The slavery in this country was a disgusting and horrid thing, as was the slavery of jews in ancient egypt, and the disgusting sex slavery that goes on in the world today. And for you to try to talk down to people in lame attempt to make yourself  seem superior to others by trying to say only black people can talk about it is a sad sad thing.Not to mention you try to say the other slaves somehow had it better makes me cringe.  If Dr King heard you talk the way you do he would be ashamed. I am sad ta see you are another philly fan

Since: Mar 5, 2009
Posted on: March 16, 2011 9:07 pm

Adrian Peterson sounds off on owners

right AP.  Slavery.  except you can take your millions and quit any time you want.   You piece of crap!

Since: Mar 20, 2007
Posted on: March 16, 2011 6:20 pm

Adrian Peterson sounds off on owners

At the end of the day the bottom line is that without the NFL the owners would all still be billionaires (or close to it), the players on the other hand would end up being blue-collar workers by and large.  I don't have any exact numbers but with graduation rates in SEC schools (for instance) for football players, I don't think I'm being out of line in guessing that over half the players in the NFL don't have a college degree.
This isn't a which came first, the chicken-or-the-egg scenario.  Without the NFL, there are no players.  Without the players, we go back to the good ol' days when the players played for the love of the game and there was actually some loyalty involved.  These greedy athletes have no idea how good they have it.  Thirty years ago, very few, if any, of the players were even making what is now the league minimum.  It is absolutely shameful that these guys are whining about the money when they're making in one year what it would take most of the population 20 years to a lifetime to make.

And AP, I'm a huge fan of yours but that has got to be one of the most ignorant things I've heard an athlete say in a long time.  You exhibit class and work ethic in almost everything you do, but you need a serious reality check if that comparision even enters your mind let alone comes out of your mouth. 

The one thing I DO think the players have a right to ask for is the medical care (or lack thereof) that players no longer in the league receive.  My opinion is that the NFL, as a league, should pick up complete medical care for life for any athlete that makes it into the NFL.  If they're good enough to make it into the elite of the elite, and the league gets to make hundreds of millions of dollars off of them collectively, it's only right that they take care of them when they're done.  Especially considering the dangers the NFL actually fosters and even exploits in the marketing of the league.  The stories told of past athletes broke and unable to walk or riddled with other maladies (arthritis, back pain, etc.) are also shameful and the owners should have the decency to take care of past warriors of their sport.

If you want my honest, HONEST opinion, what should really happen is that the players take a pay cut across the board, the owners take a profit cut across the board, and they cut ticket prices by about 60% and let the good, honest, hard-working Americans who have turned this into a $9 billion business attend a game with their family without having to take out a 2nd mortgage on a home they're already upside-down in.  Yeah right....

Since: Jan 14, 2008
Posted on: March 16, 2011 5:52 pm

Adrian Peterson sounds off on owners

Wow. Adrian Peterson,  you sir are a moron.

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