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NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)

Posted on: March 19, 2011 2:08 pm

Posted by Andy Benoit

So this is what our Saturday has turned into. The NFLA wrote a four-page letter in response to Roger Goodell's letter from Thursday. Now, the NFL has written a response to the players' response letter.

Lead negotiator Jeff Pash wrote on

“We are pleased now to have received a reply to the comprehensive proposal that we made eight days ago. The points made in the players’ letter are precisely the kind of points that collective bargaining is intended to address.  Debating the merits of the offer in this fashion is what collective bargaining is all about. But we would note that three facts we have consistently identified over the past week are ignored and we therefore assume acknowledged. First, the proposal called for player costs of between $19 and $20 billion over the next four seasons; second, the player cost figure in 2011 was above the actual cash spending for 2009 and 2010; and third, the economic offer, combined with other elements of the proposal, was a substantial move by the clubs to keep negotiations going and avoid a work stoppage and related litigation.

“This letter again proves that the most sensible step for everyone is to get back to bargaining. So we again accept Mike Vrabel’s suggestion that the union’s executive committee meet with our negotiating team, including Jerry Richardson, Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones, to resume bargaining. If Mike will let us know when and where he and his colleagues would like to meet, we will be there. We are ready.”

If the players write back, we'll pass it along. As annoying as this all is, at least both sides are (sort of) negotiating. Granted, this form of negotiating is almost as childish as it is transparent.

One more note: it's funny Pash would refer to Mike Vrabel's offer to resume bargaining. One of the contingencies in Vrabel's offer was that the players would resume bargaining as long as Pash wasn't involved.

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Since: Jan 11, 2010
Posted on: March 20, 2011 11:23 am

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)


Since: Oct 12, 2009
Posted on: March 20, 2011 9:42 am

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)

Wierd, the players are coming off as a bunch of angry dumb jocks, and the owners are looking like professional businessmen.

The idea that the players can shoose who to negotiate against is beyond ludicrous.

The owners should demand that Ochocinco be the players rep.

Since: Mar 20, 2011
Posted on: March 20, 2011 9:09 am

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)

Billionaires fighting with millionaires over the fans money.

Since: Feb 10, 2011
Posted on: March 20, 2011 9:02 am

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)

It simple, if the players can't have their way they want to destroy the league. The old bites (the hand that feeds you) saying comes to mind. AD had it right, he is a slave, but not to the owners. He is a slave to greed and the almighty dollar. If the Players refuse to bargain in good faith the the owners should be able to void their contracts and bring in players who want to play.

Since: Jun 7, 2007
Posted on: March 20, 2011 4:44 am

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)

 Mybe it is time we all write a few letters to these aholes expressing to them how much they suck and how much fun college fantasy football is going to be

LMAO... exactly~

Since: Jun 7, 2007
Posted on: March 20, 2011 4:42 am

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)

I feel bad for the few out there that really don't care about the money, who are caught up in all of this... it's a shame that they're going to have to deal with having the greed of others, determine their futures...

You really think boys from Gary, IN or Compton, CA care THAT much about a couple of extra bucks?? There are guys in the league who've used their riches to take away the struggle and strife of entire neighborhoods. The joy of the game has set so many struggling youth's free... I find it hard to believe there's not both players and owners who just want this to end.

In the end, everyone will suffer except those who were greedy enough to cause the argument... so we'll get something figured out, patched up... and be at it again in a few years~

Since: Mar 20, 2011
Posted on: March 20, 2011 4:19 am

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)

This is simple, the owners take all the risk, so they make the profits. If a team loses money one season I dont see players offering to split the difference. They sign contracts for what they are worth. If they want profits they should by their own team. A lot of these players own their own businesses on the side I wonder if they split all the profits with their employees? I doubt it. If there is so much money left over give it back to the fans. I would settle for my Sunday Ticket not costing an arm and a leg. Get back to work and stop complaining. You all have great jobs.

Since: Feb 6, 2007
Posted on: March 20, 2011 12:53 am

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)

I'm going to concentrate on Baseball now and ignore the NFL. Since there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, I'll check back in about 5 months or so to see if I need to go to a game or wait for my season ticket refund check from Wayne Weaver. The fans are the ones left out of the equation right now. The only thing we can do is wait until this is settled and make a decision at that time whether the NFL will ever see another dime of our money. I'm not going to waste another brain cell on this problem yntil Augist.

Since: May 25, 2007
Posted on: March 19, 2011 11:54 pm

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)

RE: "gunslinger"  &
nbsp;So in essence, what the owners are really asking for is an additional $600 million,

Florio - the new NBC guy for the NFL, describe it just like you said, except it is a dispute over
an additional 840? M that the Owners are holding with additional tv revenue coming after 2011
and the Players want a BETTER share of that. They are QUIBBLING over ADDED REVS in the outer

They will settle....

Since: Sep 20, 2006
Posted on: March 19, 2011 7:46 pm

NFL writes back to players (3 letters total now)


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