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NFLPA announces guest list for its event

Posted on: April 11, 2011 11:45 am
Posted by Andy Benoit

It will be an eventful weekend in New York at the end of April. Despite the lockout and ongoing court battle, all 20 rookies who were invited by the league to attend the draft at Radio City Music Hall have RSVP’d.

On Monday, the NFLPA announced the expected guest list for its separate event (which is being described as a "celebration of legacy, of past, present and future football players coming together to honor those making the journey from prospect to professional” and will NOT coincide with the draft).

Rookies expected to attend (via National Football Post):

Prince Amukamara, Nebraska; Marvin Austin, North Carolina; Adrian Clayborn, Iowa; Marcell Dareus, Alabama; Nick Fairley, Auburn; Blaine Gabbert, Missouri; A.J. Green, Georgia; Mark Ingram, Alabama; Julio Jones, Alabama Cameron Jordan, Cal;Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue; Corey Liuget, Illinois; Von Miller, Texas A&M; Rahim Moore, UCLA; Cam Newton, Auburn; Patrick Peterson, LSU Robert Quinn, North Carolina; Aldon Smith, Missouri; Daniel Thomas, Kansas State; and J.J. Watt, Wisconsin.

This is the same list of players attending the draft.

Current veterans and former players expected to be on hand at the NFLPA event:

Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh Steelers; Cornelius Bennett; Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs; Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams; Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants; Roger Craig; Zak DeOssie, New York Giants; Eric Dickerson; Eddie George; Marshall Faulk; Felix Jones, Dallas Cowboys; Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars; Dustin Keller, New York Jets; Brandon Marshall, Miami Dolphins; NFLPA president Kevin Mawae; Willie McGinest; Brian Mitchell; Warren Moon; Sean Morey; Shaun O'Hara, New York; Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens; Tony Richardson, New York Jets; Takeo Spikes, San Francisco 49ers; Mike Vrabel, Kansas City Chiefs.
The NFLPA event will include, among other things, a dinner and interviews in Times Square on Thursday (before the first round) and a football clinic in Harlem.

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NFLPA announces guest list for its event

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NFLPA announces guest list for its event

Gentleman, exceptional net send. By which might be site's RSS feed?

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NFLPA announces guest list for its event


   Have you ever been in a union? Do you know how unions work? By your post apparently not. Right to work or right to work for less as we call it is a slap in the face to everyone. It is a corporate way of sending us back to the 1920's. DeCert votes only happen if the union has the backing to happen other than that unions stay in place until they either DeCert or your Governor is a douche bag (Yes you Scott Walker) there is no vote every year.  Do you have a job that gives you 40 hours a week? Do you have days off? vacation? insurance? A competitive wage? You can thank unions for all those things that leveled the playing field for the everyday guy.
 Perks are not demanded as you say but have all been NEGOTIATED and AGREED to. American made is not shoddy made. You probably believe the FOX news clip about Wisconsin protests turn violent with palm trees in the background of the protest.( P.S. Wisconsin is a bit to cold to have palm trees!) And if you check recent polls by little newspapers by such as ohhhhhhhhh the New York Times People are actually in favor of unions according to a national poll by them here is the link even

s/01poll.html so you should actually get your facts straight.

  Owners again AGREED to unions being allowed to protect players. Unions are (And I know you will find this hard to believe) for every american. (GASP!) I know unbelievable right? You seem like a fairly uneducated person about unions. I sure hope this little bit of insight helped you out.
(P.S. In 2005, the average CEO in the United States earned 262 times the pay of the average worker, the second-highest level of this ratio in the 40 years for which there are data. In 2005, a CEO earned more in one workday (there are 260 in a year) than an average worker earned in 52 weeks. That number as of 2008 swelled to 465 times more than the employee.)

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NFLPA announces guest list for its event

Well Jmdziuban1..How about all of the perks the unions demand for themselves that they want all of the rest of us to pay for while at the same time continuing to build shoddy products?
Unions open defiance of right to work laws since they know the majority of people do not want the unions around?.
Or how about their pushing for open elections instead of secret or private ballots during uinonizatin votes. So they know who to intimidate who votes against them.
NFLPA is no different. they do not care about anyone but themselves.Why should they get more than the owners when it is the owners who are the ones that caused the NFL to exist. Sign the damn agreement and lets play football
Go COlts

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NFLPA announces guest list for its event

Any news on the NFL lockout?  There hasn't been much written about it lately.  If not, I am going back to watching highlight reels of the Raiders.  Go Lakers!!

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NFLPA announces guest list for its event

I couldn't agree more with everyone else. For a dissolved union they sure are unified. Stop the side show antics and make a deal already.

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NFLPA announces guest list for its event

The players voted to decertify the NFLPA, thus making it non-existent, so what the hell, what the hell is goin' on in the NFL?

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NFLPA announces guest list for its event


 Yeah, its all those unionized bankers that crashed Wall Street, sold fraudulent dirivatives, and got  millions in bonuses for it.  It was all those tax breaks for Union workers(or any workers) that caused the deficit.  All that Union deregulation  that created the Gulf disaster and the Massey Energy mine collapse.  Get a life, turn of the propaganda, turn off FOX "news".

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NFLPA announces guest list for its event

The only thing bringing YOU to its knees is your new cellmate.

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