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Bowers' knee is causing many questions

Posted on: April 12, 2011 9:24 pm
Nobody seems to know what is going on with D. Bowers' knee. Posted by Josh Katzowitz

There seems to be plenty of confusion about the condition of Clemson DE DaQuan Bowers’ knee. Apparently, he’s been cleared to play by a number of team’s doctors, but others claim that he’s got a degenerative problem that will scare off teams who are looking for a DE.

We know that he didn’t work out at the NFL combine because he wasn’t 100 percent (even though curiously he said he was) , and we know he had to forgo Clemson’s original Pro Day because he wasn’t ready to perform. Then, he had a so-so personal workout that has plenty of teams worried about his future.

Sometimes, the word is that Bowers’ knee is doing great and sometimes, the word is that he might need microfracture surgery and that it’s already arthritic.

So, what’s the deal?

According to Pro Football Weekly, Bowers (along with USC OT Tyron Smith) received low scores during their NFL combine medical re-checks. That’s, um, not a good thing.

"He's talented," an NFL executive told PFW, "but that's a lot of risk to take. You might not get much in Year One and how long is he going to last? Our doctors said he would be lucky to play out his rookie contract. He's a very humble kid. You hope he could overcome it. But we couldn't take him where we are picking (in the middle third of the first round). Someone else might. We would discuss it in the second round."

It still would be surprising to see Bowers slip out of the first round completely – and, in reality, media reports can be unreliable for what a team or teams are really thinking – but if his knee IS degenerative, that’s a big problem for him.

All of it compelled Bowers’ agent, Joe Flanagan, to issue tonight a very long statement in response. You can read it here , but here’s a small taste:

"As to his progress and the feedback from the medical recheck, every team we've spoken to, including multiple GMs, has said that, overall, Da'Quan's knee has shown good healing, has continued to get better since the Combine, and, perhaps most importantly, showed absolutely no acute or remote ill-effects as a result of his April 1 workout (i.e. no swelling, no increase in laxity, etc.). We know of at least two "stations" (multiple doctors) at the recheck who improved his grade from the Combine. In short, their doctors indicated that the fact that the knee didn't swell up after a full pro-day workout, followed immediately by a week of visiting teams via air travel (which can increase swelling) is clearly a very positive sign. Bottom line: if it's holding up from a pounding in April, it should clearly hold up in August.

For the record, in their mock drafts, Chad Reuter has Bowers going at No. 12 to the Vikings while Rob Rang has him at No. 20 to the Buccaneers.

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Bowers' knee is causing many questions

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Bowers' knee is causing many questions

As to the "missing" MRI, not so. They'll have access to EVERY MRI he's had done on the knee. There's no need, nor any good excuse, to do them at every meeting.

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Bowers' knee is causing many questions


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Bowers' knee is causing many questions

Degenerative knee? That's extremely bad news. I would not want to draft him either if it will cost me a high draft pick. He might not get drafted at all. But at least he has his Clemson degree to fall back on.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 8:51 am

Bowers' knee is causing many questions

In this time they say 10% of what you hear is true...and 10% is enough to show concern about the knee...

It's odd that a report came out with a positive medical re-check - but there was no MRI performed...they would do that for me - why wouldn't they do it for Daquan  Bowers...

save some $$$ - I don't think so...

I don't think it's as bad as advertised or as good - somehwere in between which is enough concern to drop him out of the top9-10 picks - but not out of the 1st round...

Somebody is going to get him as a steal in the teens - and he'll have his motivation to drive him to become a the NFL

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 3:26 am

Bowers' knee is causing many questions

The only reason NFL GM's are saying they don't want him or whatever the case may be is because they are attempting to dissuade other teams from drafting him.  It doesn't make any difference at all (no gm will base a decision solely off of media reports) but teams still do it to get any advantage they can.  It happens every single year.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 1:37 am

Bowers' knee is causing many questions

This is just a copy of unattributed quotes from other writers' stories and Bowers' agent's response, and a link to the writer's previous article which was another collection of of unattributed quotes from other writers' stories.

Have a look at how many teams are projected to take DE's, and that Rob Rang has 5 other DE's going before Bowers at 20. Unattributed NFL executives may be saying they don't want Bowers because of injury, but because they're unattributed, we don't know if its a team like Tampa, picking at 20 that's saying they won't take him because they want him.

Instead of analysing the data, we've got a story full of innuendo which would fit better on TMZ.

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