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Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

Posted on: April 22, 2011 4:32 pm
C. Hovan apparently is not a fan of A. Talib (US Presswire). Posted by Josh Katzowitz

You and I might think it’s utterly ridiculous if the Buccaneers let the off-the-field-challenged Aqib Talib return for yet another chance at playing in the NFL – of course, we’d also say that was simply the reality for one of the most talented cornerbacks in the NFC – but it sounds like former Tampa Bay and current Rams DT Chris Hovan is outraged by the matter.

On Thursday afternoon, he did a radio spot with WQYK (via ), and he let loose.

A sampling of the transcript:

Chris Hovan: How many strikes does Aqib get? I mean, really? He beats up a taxi driver. He beats — I saw what he did to Torrie Cox by hitting him in the head with a helmet. I have never seen that before in my 15-20 years of playing football.

J.P. Peterson: He didn’t do it on purpose…

Hovan: Yes he did.

J.P.: You think he did?

Hovan: Yes he did. He took his helmet off and he whacked him over the bridge of the nose. He knew what he was doing. He has been given too much leeway from Raheem Morris because, I guess, Coach Morris has favoritism towards him because he played defensive back. Again, they are giving this young man way too much leeway. Any other individual would have been cut way before this. But Aqib has so much talent — his talent goes through the ceiling. But you can’t keep having these offseason issues and you can’t keep covering for this kid. They are saying it’s OK for what he is doing and he just pistol whipped somebody in Texas. I mean, how many times does ownership and management let this kid get off?

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Posted on: April 24, 2011 11:32 am
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Posted on: April 24, 2011 10:09 am

Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

Yes more white players are needed.....Im just giving you the obvious answer you wanted to hear.....Racist ???

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 9:36 pm

Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

Dungy ran a clean program and turned the worst franchise in the history of pro sports into a perennial winner.  Morris has his own agenda and he's going to have to live with the results.  Looks like half the team is headed to a front row seat in one of Dungy's prison ministry classes. 

I agree Dungy on TV comes across like a lefty sometimes (and on NBC of all places!) but if you read his autobiography it will help you understand where he's coming from.  We're all a product of our experiences. 

Since: Dec 27, 2007
Posted on: April 23, 2011 8:16 pm

Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

Tony Dungy where are you? 

He's too busy calling out Rex Ryan for cursing, or campaigning against gay marriage. Dungy comes across in the media as some sort of great guy, but he's really a pious phony. He rips Ryan, yet defends Vick. He also supported Moss when he lowered his pants in GB intimating Packers fans were racist. He's driven not by compassion, but by his personal agenda.

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 8:11 pm

Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

i smell the race card coming soon---only a matter of time before michael freeman spews the racist rant about a guy saying what most if not all his team and fans are thinking--guy is a loser--problems or not-needs to go.  too manyh good players in the league to have a clown like this taking a job away from somebody else.  Look like coach reheem has really got things under control in the bay area
 Unfortunately, you're right. He's a white player calling out a black coach, about a black player. He didn't say anything remotely about race, but the haters and master baiters will twist his words and make him out to a racist or God forbid a member of the Tea Party.

Hovan's right. Talib is a low-life. That's the reason he dropped in the draft. He doesn't have character issues, he has no character. This guy should be suspended immediately by the team before the NFL steps in. That would show accountability and control.

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 6:23 pm

Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

Hey tacomeateater, a scumbag is a scum bag, black or white.

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 6:06 pm

Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

So cuda what you are saying is the bucs should get more"white" Players?

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 5:54 pm

Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

I'm not saying it's right. I'm saying thats why he's staying. I'm not defending what he did. He's clearly a terrible person. but the fact is, the NFL is a business. a multi-billion dollar business. and owners are going to give their team the best chance to win, whether the players deserve to play or not. That's just how it works. 

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 4:04 pm

Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

Pistol whipping a man = Torturing and killing some dogs
Do your d*** job, Mr. Commissioner, at the first opportunity.

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 12:49 pm

Hovan rips former Buc teammate, Talib

And to all the people that say that you'd be fired from your job if you did that keep this in mind: are you one of the 20 best people working your position in the world

And to all the people who wonder why it is that so many pro athletes have such an entitlement attitude, look no further than fans who say stupid things like this.

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