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Ireland: Fins not 'desperate' for QB before draft

Posted on: May 2, 2011 10:07 am
Posted by Will Brinson

Lots of teams did lots of things during this past week's draft in order to get a quarterback; most of the "things" were versions of reaching. The biggest moves by some teams, though, was no move at all.

The Miami Dolphins were one of those teams who did nothing, and it seemed odd, because they've done everything short of indicate that Chad Henne isn't capable of running their offense on a regular basis, from benching him for Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen, to expressing interest in every single QB available in the draft. And yet ... Jeff Ireland made it seem like the 'Fins weren't "desperate" for a signal caller.

"I think we'll have to look in free agency if we're going to do that," Ireland said, per Andrew Carter of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "Certainly we'll look at all the quarterbacks in depth. The [draft] board didn't fall right for us to pick up a quarterback.

"I didn't feel like we were desperate for one and so we didn't adjust our board to try to go after one."

So the Dolphins interest in all the quarterbacks on the draft board was just a smokescreen now? And they'll just add a veteran? Come on.

Ireland's right about the draft board to some extent -- Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker and Christian Ponder were all gone by 15, and the only player who really seemed to be tied to Miami was Ryan Mallett.

Obviously they weren't that interested in him. (And the rumors that the Pats simply drafted Mallett to block him from going to Miami? Settle down, people -- Miami had plenty of chances to grab Mallett.)

Whatever, it looks like everyone in Miami is about as confused re: the quarterbacking situation with the Dolphins as everyone out of Miami. Although Henne should be pretty pumped, I guess. If things play out like they did after Tony Sparano was publicly embarrassed by his employer shopping elsewhere, then the Michigan QB could be in line for a big raise.

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Ireland: Fins not 'desperate' for QB before draft

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Ireland: Fins not 'desperate' for QB before draft

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Ireland: Fins not 'desperate' for QB before draft

I think Chad Henne should get another year... and this is not because ima jets fan and i think chad stinks... I think Chad is solid i think Chad could be good and not just bcause his name is chad...
I understnad that alot of phins fans bash him in that he checks down to much and plays it to safe... lets be honest while some of that is a QB its also the system
lets be honest another way... Ronnie Brown looked done and Ricky iis prob on his last legs... neither one of them looked good last year that int chads fualt 
you dont have a great Oline either.... its boardline good 
Now i would admit that Chad didnt progress how one would want him too... so that isnt a good thing
but to give up on a QB
that is 13-14  61% comp 27tds 33ints 6.6 yrds per att 75.3 ratting in two years of starting seems a little harsh... should you bring in a vet for competiation yes you should... but to draft somebody makes no sense to me
lets compare him to mark sanchez
19-12 54.4 29-33 6.6 70.2
but because of his winning in the playoffs some jets fans act like the the greatest qb ever
drew brees was 10-17 his first two years as a starter  higher comp pct then sanchez lower then chad  28-31 td ints

Now as a Chad Henne fan i would say if he does beat the vet out for the jump or has the job given to him... he has to progress
if he is a comp pct guy youd want it up to round 63... he could get away with 59-62 depending on other stuff 
12 year one 15 year two your hope should be 19+ tds year 3... 14 and then 19 ints ... this needs to 12 and under unless u tossin high 20s 30s or 40s u really shouldnt toss 15 ints  
to go back to mark vs chad... the jets have a better oline.. LT and greene are better then ronnie and ricky by how much would be debatable... Marshall would be the best WR on either team.. but Holmes and Edwards would be two and three..  JC n bees a toss up.... I like Fasano but he isnt in the same class at te as Keller ..... 
personally as a jets fan even though im not a keller guy in college i dont want the jets to sign holmes n edwards because in a couple years i do not want to lose keller... anyways 
so why give up on ur QB?i think it was smart that the phins look like they arentwe also have to be honest they might end up tryin to sign somebody we dotn know for sure yet
but i think Chad Henne should be undercenter for the phins whenever the season starts

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Posted on: May 3, 2011 12:33 pm

It's not complicated

Dolphins stood pat in the draft for a few reasons.  One, not a stellar QB class.  Two, they could not have traded players to move up and get any of the guys taken ahead of them, and the Dolphins likely didn't want to give up that many picks, especially since they didn't have a second rounder this year.  Three, next year there will likely be a rookie pay scale.  Why not wait a year and then make a move on a QB in what should be a deeper class anyway so even if the guy you draft is a bust, you're not out $40 million in guaranteed money?

Plus you're ignoring free agency and trades.  There's no reason the Dolphins can't get a Carson Palmer, Kyle Orton, or Kevin Kolb.  I don't know where you're getting this smokescreen idea from.  The Dolphins were at 15, there was a reasonable chance Gabbert or Locker could have fallen to them, so it makes sense they'd do their due diligence on all the QBs to see if there's somebody they really liked.

As for Chad Henne, when the are within 7 points, ahead or trailing, in the 4th quarter, Chad Henne's career QB rating is 53.5.  Ryan Leaf's career QB rating is 50.0, and JaMarcus Russell's is higher than Henne's.

Be honest here, how many games do you think a team is going to win when your QB turns into Ryan Leaf anytime you are within 1 posession in the 4th quarter? 

Henne's QB rating in the last 2 minutes of either half was 55.8.  When Chad Henne runs the 2 minute offense he is again only marginally better than arguably the worst QB ever to play football.  How on Earth does any logical person see any of these numbers as promising?

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Posted on: May 3, 2011 2:13 am

Ireland: Fins not 'desperate' for QB before draft

the best thing miami did was NOT draft a QB.  Jeez, you know once upon a time people knew training a qb took time. IT does. Clauson deserves more time. And he may get it because Newton wont get it done as a rookie. Henne has shown flashes of ability, but its not a good team right now and Pouncy while not my favorite OL, was a smart pick, as was Edmund Gates, who will be one of the big surprises of this draft.  You develop a team, you dont reach for quick fixes. Miami has some talent on defense, and now a better line probably. I like them to improve WITH henne. It takes time and all this hysteria about quaterbacks is absurd.  I reckon Mallet does ok, under Bellichek, because he'll have time (they'll probably trade in a couple years actually) and I suspect JT Yates at Houston will develop.   The rest i have serious doubts about.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 9:30 pm

Ireland: Fins not 'desperate' for QB before draft

I don't get why lots of Miami fans want Carson Palmer.  Have you seen him in the last three years?  He looks like a weak-armed version of Chad Pennington.  That sounds funny (like calling somebody Flava Flav's ugly brother), but Bengals fans know it's not funny.  Palmer's arm is toast.  He would cost too much in a trade.  And how much desire do you think he has if he keeps talking about retiring?  Why not try for Jake Plummer?

I agree that Henne does not look like the answer, as his progressions are almost non-existent, and he locks onto his primary receiver all the time (ask the Buffalo secondary).  But I'm not willing to part with more draft picks to get some washed-up former stud QB.  From this past draft, you can see that Ireland/Sparano need all the picks they can get, as they are not great at identifying talent, and have to reach for whoever they want (first two picks this year, no outrageous reach last year, Pat White and Patrick Turner the year before, trading up for Shawn Murphy the year before that).  Plus they keep throwing picks away in trades.  You would love to have them in your fantasy league.

I can only hope Henne improves under a less predictable offense, because if not we will be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes next season, and a new GM and coach will make that pick in 2012. 

Also, I'm glad we didn't use #15 on Mallett or Ingram, but Amukamara would've looked pretty good lined up alongside Vontae.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 5:24 pm

Ireland: Fins not 'desperate' for QB before draft

I know that Henne has played poorly, but the system isn't exactly helping.  They run the wildcat taking him out every other play.  How is a quarterback supposed to get a rhythm going?  How is a young quarterback suppose to develop in that environment.  Throw any rookie QBsin there, they won't fare too well either.  I'm not a Dolphins fan.  But I'd like to see Henne succeed.  Go Blue!

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