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De Smith: Players 'resent being lied to'

Posted on: May 13, 2011 2:58 pm
Edited on: May 13, 2011 3:02 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

There's no shortage of vitriol coming from the NFL and the NFLPA during the current lockout. That's what happens whenever two sides are embroiled in a bitter legal battle that centers around the public's interests.

But DeMaurice Smith's comments to WFAN's Boomer and Carton on Friday morning add a whole new level of spiciness to the public chatter going on.

“The players understand the fight that they’re in,” said Smith. “Right now they don’t want to lay down and be forced to take a deal. They don’t believe that it’s fair.

"I can tell you that they resent being lied to. They resent being tricked. They resent the fact that the league has been found now twice to have violated the law. So those are the people that we’re inextricably tied to.”
NFL Labor

Yeah, that's pretty aggressive, but Smith, if you believe that the NFL purposely attempted to save up a "lockout fund" vis-a-vis television negotiations, has a point.

It's also important to note that the players -- again, if you believe what Smith says -- are as unified as they've been in the history of labor negotiations.

And that's unbelievably important when it comes to the future of football. After all, if players started caving left and right once game checks go missing, they don't stand a prayer of "winning" the labor battle. If they truly are unified to the point that they refuse to give in to the owners until they get what they deem a fair deal, we may not be seeing the end of the labor situation for some time.

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De Smith: Players 'resent being lied to'

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De Smith: Players 'resent being lied to'

First, there are at least 3 professional football leagues they can choose to play in.  Problem for them is the NFL is the best of them regarding pay.  So the players limit their own choice to one.

This is 100% the point right here.  My previous sarcasm aside, if a player doesn't like the options he is looking at in the NFL, he has other options.  Just like a regular person, they may not like the options at the highest paid job so they can choose to take a cut in pay where they might like it better.  Seems simple enough to me.

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De Smith: Players 'resent being lied to'

I would have to say screw it all!!! In this case I say bring in the replacement players til the players start realizing that they are completly ridulous in this situation. It is a business the owners have to make money and they should! It's there investment and there money they are paying employees. There are tons of good players out there that aren't even playing football anymore. At least this way the players would get a dose of there own medicine. What drives me nuts is all this talk about more money more money. If they win the arguement they will be fine for a couple of years and do this crap again. I can't believe that people think they aren't getting enough money. Hell they are all millionaires or at least had it at one time. It's not the owners fault that the players don't know how to manage there money. Hell the lowest paid player that is just a straight up bench player makes more money then people that work there ass off day in and day out to support there family's. Now what the players and people do not understand if they win that makes prices on everything go up. The players are just going to end up hurting themselves in the long wrong. What I mean by this is more tax money, higher prices for appearal, seats , pretty much everything. I think this is all a complete joke. Everyone boos goodell at the draft, may I ask for what. He is protecting there investment yet they are all extremely wealthy. They should be we are the one's watching there material and may I say love it. They are the one's that stook there neck's on the line and taking risk with there money so we can watch there sport. I really want the lockout to be over with but in this world today you have to stand your ground. People im sure you all will hate this but go goodell im proud of you.

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De Smith: Players 'resent being lied to'

Are you kidding me? If not for the players we would not have this game? How many players are drafted and how many more still want to play?
The owners have all of the risk - the player - not so much.
Close down the league - the owners could make money on what they are investing in their ownership in other avenues. The player?... Well that education and business degree will pay-off, the salary will be a tad bit less. ... Get real..... the owners have everything to lose and the players are compensated exceptionally well. Don't agree... how about if players take less when their levels fall below agreed upon standards. Each team player is given a the same percentage less in contract pay than the owner  " would have earned if they won the super bowl" Contractually  - Anything less is agreed to be a failure to perform and payment to the owner is due.    Sounds crappy.... but if you demand a percentage you need to share in the loss. Doubt many will agree - the poor player - the victim - .......really???? Get a job, be a solution and make your company better.   A job is a privilege - don't want to be there - quit - ask Barry Sanders - the owner must continue on. 

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De Smith: Players 'resent being lied to'

@ lee3022

The players are NOT demanding the end of the draft, free agency, and the salary cap.  They are simply reminding the owners that that would be the result of NOT coming to a collective bargaining agreement.  This is what got the owners to ink the CBA during the last labor strife in the NFL.  The draft, restricted free agency and no salary cap are the law if there is no CBA.

Why is it that only business owners get to make as much as they can?  Why should employees not sell their skills to the highest bidder? THis is what the rest of us do.  I have a skill set and I try to find the company that will pay me the best for that skill set.  I am not restricted to negotiating with one company.

You have drunk the NFL cool-aid.  Goodell is trying to get you to believe that it will be the end of the NFL world if the players win their lawsuit.  It won't be. What it WILL be is an incentive for the owners to negotiate a deal similar to the one THEY blew up.  The players did not start this by suing the NFL.  The OWNERS started this by opting out of the existing CBA.  The law suits are TACTICS.  The players are using the leverage they have which is that without a CBA the NFL WOULD have to live without salary caps, restricted free agency and the draft.  The players are trying to point out to the NFL once again, that the law is on the side of players ever since the Curt Flood ruling back in the 1970's.     &nb

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Posted on: May 14, 2011 1:55 am

Being lied to

The majority of fans seem to be siding with the players - spurred on by BSPN and not understanding the dynamics of the issues. The players sound like recent politicians. If you cannot win on merit you attack personally your opponent. Who was doing the lying when the players attended mediation having already voted to decertify? Who is doing the lying when the players stop negotiating, decertify, and immediately fund an anti-trust lawsuit against the league? Do you know what the anti-trust suit is about? It is about doing away with competitive balance. They are specifically demanding no more draft. They are specifically demanding free agency with no rules. They are specifically demanding no salary cap. Have they told you - the loyal fan - that this is their aim? If not, is that lying to you?

The NFL game is at the top of all professional sports world wide. Yes, there are piles of money on all sides. What distinguishes this game from all the others? Well in basketball (NBA) there are two teams with most of the trophies and two more with a pile of them. All the rest are canon fodder. So the fans around the county, unless you live in Boston, LA, Chicago or San Antonio are sucking wind. That league lacks competitive balance. Baseball (MLB) is a little better but the New York Yankees have 27 trophies. They annually spend more then two teams combined elsewhere in the country. Both basketball and baseball have luxury taxes whereby the have teams send some money to the have-not teams to bribe their owners into playing when they know they will not win.

So now the NFL players want to blow up the system. They are demanding far more than the owners get. Forget that the owners are few and the players are many. That is irrelevant, as is the owners' need for money. What is relevant it the need for return on investment. If you had $10,000 to invest would you want to invest in an industry where the return on investment is less than zero and the potential for growth is limited by the effective size of the league? No, you would at least put the money in a bank and draw interest. Losing money, the owners will simply transfer their investments to another industry. The players say they are lied to about the need to restore the balance between investment return and labor costs. Perhaps being lied to is what the fans should claim instead.

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De Smith: Players 'resent being lied to'

What fight are the players in at the moment? There is no "union" at this point, so what exactly are these "random people with similar interests" hoping to achieve here? It seems like the basic premise is "give us what we want and then we will recertify" when the players keep saying that they wouldn't be getting paid now anyway. I can't wait to see DeMoron Smith's concession speech/spin session once he has to grin and bear it after agreeing to a deal that gives the owners at least 90% of what they've always wanted.

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