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Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Posted on: May 27, 2011 4:25 pm
Edited on: May 27, 2011 4:32 pm
WarnerPosted by Josh Katzowitz

In statements that will surely not make his former teammates (and the rest of the league’s players, for that matter) very happy, Kurt Warner told USA Today that eventually the players will have to cave in to the owners in order to end the labor strife.

"I'm still optimistic that they're going to find a way to make sure there's football," Warner told the paper. "The players have too much to lose. And as much as I hate to say it, at some point, the players have to give in. And, hopefully, they can gain some other things on their side.

"But ultimately, they have too much to lose."

Warner makes an interesting point, and I think he might very well be correct, though some players have questioned why Warner would even say this now. As the summer months roll into fall and players still aren’t receiving paychecks, I certainly could see a huge crack in the foundation of the NFLPA’s supposed solidarity. The owners obviously have larger chunks of money to lose, but they’re also much better equipped to handle it.

You won’t, for instance, see an owner trying to secure a $500,000 loan with 23 percent interest. Instead, they force one-week furloughs on their lowest level employees in order to save money in tough times.

Said Warner: "I always hope, 'Let's get something that's good for everybody.’ (But) just because we have leverage doesn't mean we just screw the people we have leverage on.

"Let's come together and say, 'This is what we need. We need you guys to pull back here, and we want to make it so you can get benefits and you can be taken care of long term.' … That's what I hope gets done. The players have to give a little, and the owners have to give a little, and it's good for everybody in the end. And let's go play some football."

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 3:50 am

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

100% correct.  The next court ruling will be in July.  Camp is already on the cancel list - which means, game will be missed without question.  What is finally coming through loud and clear is that all vets in their last year will not get those last big pay checks.  Millions lost.  That's what he is saying the loudest.  Next, all players in contract years - forget.  Their chance to show they are worth the big pay check is gone.  The Rookies will not like what happens to them at all.  Those big fat checks they were expecting will be significantly smaller.  First, no player out of college who missed a year ever got signed to money better than a third round draft pick.  The longer the lockout, the worse they will be.  So yeah - players are going to lose big time.  

As the players keep losing court battles (the ones that count), they lose bargaining power.  If they don't get something done now, they will get the worst possible deal.  Players will HATE (thank you Rashard - lovely word) the NFLPA and the complete mishandling of the entire situation.  The NFLPA thought they were clever when they decertified.  Nobody knows why they did that as the owners lowered their 1 billion dollar demand all the way down to 300 million.  The NFLPA thought they would get that too and MORE!  Now, with the poorly advised court battle, they will get an even worse deal.  The longer this goes on, the worse it will get.  But as stated earlier, the players are going to screw themselves big time.  

Most owners can close up shop and wait it out.  All those over-spent players cannot.  They have no money control and an enormous life style to keep up with.  ...... ooops.  

I can't wait to see the players go on a crying spree when they stop getting game checks.  That will be the best entertainment ever.  But, nobody really cares about the National Felon League anyway. 

Now that some games are going to be missed for sure, you see the players starting to break ranks.  Already, the grumblings are starting.  The stories of dissatisfaction and complaints from players will start getting louder.  In the end, I wouldn't be surprised if the players got rid of the painfully dysfunctional NFLPA union (currently operating illegally).


Since: Mar 8, 2008
Posted on: May 28, 2011 3:26 am

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Some of you dufuses need to READ what Warner said and not put words in his mouth. Jeez, reading comprehension is obviously not a strong point for many of the posters here. He's not a "scab", LOL. READ what he said (can some of you not read?). LOL. He's basically saying that the players cannot hang with the owners when it comes to handling financial hardship. And that is 100% accurate. Ultimately, the players are going to have to make concessions, as are the owners. But it's also obvious that the owners have less pressure on them than the players do, so naturally...follow along here dufuses...the owners will very likely not have to compromise as much. Warner is 100% accurate in his assessment.  

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 1:49 am

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

I really cant do this anymore.....what the heck am I gonna do on Sundays.....i am an eternal optimist,,,but this doesnt look good...Warner is right though.  It wont be long before some of the players that need those checks in the fall are going to start to flip flop...ultimately you have to take care of your family...and for most guys that will supercede labor strife. Still hopeful.

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 1:45 am

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Now I know why I never liked Kurt Warner. Scab.

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 1:19 am

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Warner is right on the money imo (no pun intended). Once September rolls around--and with it the prospect of losing game checks--you can be sure that "the artist formerly known as the NFLPA" will fold like a cheap suit. 

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 12:58 am

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Both sides already have it great and this mess just dumb. Unions foster an idea that the worker is just about near equal to the owner and it just is not so. Ideas are out there that stadium attendance may become less important, as time goes on, versus TV/Cable/Streaming so how the fans feel about really does not matter. I will still watch it with equal satisfaction on TV but going to the stadiums just gets less and less appealing every year.

Since: Jul 12, 2008
Posted on: May 27, 2011 11:40 pm

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Sorry, what I meant to write is, don't be offended by someone that uses a word that doesn't exist as his name.  So, you have a dumb a$$ trying to call someone dumb.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Since: Jul 12, 2008
Posted on: May 27, 2011 11:35 pm

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Don't be offended by someone that uses a word that doesn't exist.  There is no such word as irregardless, it's just plain regardless.

Since: Oct 22, 2007
Posted on: May 27, 2011 11:06 pm

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Now you really got me irregardless. Displaying your amazing intellect by insulting mine.

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 10:13 pm

Kurt's comments not as bad as I thought

Make no mistake about it, if games are missed it will hurt the owners, as well. They have bills that they have to pay, too. Once a couple of regular season weekends go "bye" without any games the fans will realize that it is the owners that are the cause of their misery.

Most fans look at themselves in the mirror and they see somebody that looks more like an owner than a player. Most fans are into fantssy football and they see themselves as owners. Most fans are jealous of the money that players make. The owners are trying to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to make a money grab.

And then you have the former players who also are jealous of today's players for making the money that they make. The former players could have taken it upon themselvrs to bargain for more when they were playing; but I am thinking that most of them were satisfied with what they were getting at the time. Back in the old days (60's and 70's) there were more white players; and there was a helluva lot of discrimination going on back then.

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