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Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Posted on: May 27, 2011 4:25 pm
Edited on: May 27, 2011 4:32 pm
WarnerPosted by Josh Katzowitz

In statements that will surely not make his former teammates (and the rest of the league’s players, for that matter) very happy, Kurt Warner told USA Today that eventually the players will have to cave in to the owners in order to end the labor strife.

"I'm still optimistic that they're going to find a way to make sure there's football," Warner told the paper. "The players have too much to lose. And as much as I hate to say it, at some point, the players have to give in. And, hopefully, they can gain some other things on their side.

"But ultimately, they have too much to lose."

Warner makes an interesting point, and I think he might very well be correct, though some players have questioned why Warner would even say this now. As the summer months roll into fall and players still aren’t receiving paychecks, I certainly could see a huge crack in the foundation of the NFLPA’s supposed solidarity. The owners obviously have larger chunks of money to lose, but they’re also much better equipped to handle it.

You won’t, for instance, see an owner trying to secure a $500,000 loan with 23 percent interest. Instead, they force one-week furloughs on their lowest level employees in order to save money in tough times.

Said Warner: "I always hope, 'Let's get something that's good for everybody.’ (But) just because we have leverage doesn't mean we just screw the people we have leverage on.

"Let's come together and say, 'This is what we need. We need you guys to pull back here, and we want to make it so you can get benefits and you can be taken care of long term.' … That's what I hope gets done. The players have to give a little, and the owners have to give a little, and it's good for everybody in the end. And let's go play some football."

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 5:40 pm

stay out

warner needs to butt out--he made his millions and needs to let the other players get paid big cash.  A lot of the players are broke during the lockout and need money, ASAP.  How are they supposed to pay all their bills?  A lot of these players have multiple houses, expensive cars, etc. and don't have any money coming in due to the greedy owners holding back.

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 5:39 pm

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

I find it sad that most players can not afford to wait it out because of their life style is so extravagant that they need the absurd amounts of money to keep it going.    You think that some one that is making 250,000.00 or more can live with in their means..oh wait the majority of americans make far less then that and they can't live with in their means so why should Professional Athletes.

The owners are looking out for themselves, and the player are looking out for themselves as well.  My issue is that the owners are taking all of the risks financially however the owners would not be making money if it was not for the players.    The real issue is that neither the owners nor the players would be making any money if it was not because of the fans.  We are the ones that for the most part pay their salaries.

With that said both parties should stop with the pissing contest and come to the table with compromises that benefit the game of football.  The funny thing is that all of this is over money and with no football both the players and the owners will not make any money.  So in all reality if both of them would like to get paid then they should do what is best for football and come to an agreement.


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Posted on: May 27, 2011 5:34 pm

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

ABOUT TIME, and it figures the humble qb from the former arena league to NFL MVP, STILL HAS HIS FEET TO THE GROUND!!! first of all,the players put their bodies on the line,and there are debillitating injuries. remember the owners foot the bills and after all lets agree no matter what side you are on......this is about equity which = $$$money$$$!!! so who takes the biggest financial risk, the owners;remember no teams = no football;and we saw in 1987 any quality of player will take the chance to play for the love of the game! i am a closer (i close deals) and i see both sides, the problem here is the players made the biggest error bringing in demaurice smith over troy vincent when they made their picks'. demaurice smith is trying to play hardball....instead of doing what anyone with "real" mediation or closing abilities is supposed to do. you make concessions and compromises. the irony here is this: every player was told from pee-wee to college, just play to your best ability and the contract/money/incentives/etc. will should take the owners offer that was given with the escalating revenue/tv money over the 4 year period or so(off top of my head cant remember the years offered) and ask for a diverted amount be placed above and beyond into a managed fund acount, and each player who retires gets access to the benefits, if you need to borrow against before your retired,the league gets a piece of the % interest towards charity events. that way the owners can put a few million, like 35 to 75 million above over 2-4 years, and build more money for the retired/disabled. now the current players get a great deal,it did increase,and past and former players get ability to still earn money. no 18 games.....3 preseason games,but keep bigger roster for extra week,so die hard fans can see lower level passionate players make it,or attempt. add 2 more practice squad players, trim the non-active gameday roster by 2 players(meaning 2 or 3 extra dress guys). franchise tags and transition tags both in use every year, limits on 2 years same player or 1 year not consecutive. rookie wage scale,max guaranteed money for rookie deal at 15 million,5 year contracts max and 3 years min. for every pick with guaranteed benefits (post career)and small % guaranteed for every drafted player based on round drafted 1.5% increase year to year. now top draft picks can have escalator clauses based on incentives that will trigger bigger guaranteed money over contract life that way superstar players like bradford,or ryan, jake long can earn those big 50-60 million $ contracts. they get a 30 to 40% guaranteed and base salary slotted top pick gets 15th best avg. from previous years nfl salaries for round 1 picks by position avg.(their signing bonus is based on 5 yr. deal for ex. the 15th best qb. salary slot made in 2010 5 million so 5million by 5 yrs. = 25 million bonus so the team pays 7.5 million to 11 million up front the rest is escalator earned over the next 4 years,with a starting 5 million salary,and cap # would be under 8 million and that is sam bradfords or matthew stafford contract if done prev when drafted. just use position avg. for each player drafted then decrease by round, so 2nd rounder gets 25% top 12 or so picks then 20% last part of round and 20th avg. salary at their position. round 3 drafted get 17% to 15% and 23rd best avg. at position. 4th round 14% to 12% and 25th avg. salary and so on. so now i provided the solution.....lets start the off-season and sign on the line which is dotted.............

Since: May 17, 2011
Posted on: May 27, 2011 5:12 pm

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

Look all's the Fans want I think is to see Football. It is not like  the Owners are hurt (Billionaires), or the Players (Millionaires) so what about the Season ticket Owners that saves all year long to buy for the next year??

Since: Jun 5, 2007
Posted on: May 27, 2011 5:02 pm

Warner: players will 'have to give in'

It's all just an ugly thing.......

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